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  1. The turboshaft engine can be used to make a perpetual motion device.
  2. Your Center of mass is very far forward compared to your center of aerodynamic pressure. You could use straight wings instead of swept wings to move the center of pressure forward. This will help the plane fly more level. Your roll issue is caused by having both of your rotors spinning in the same direction. In the SPH, click on one of the rotors and remove it from symmetry, then change the direction from clockwise. Then you also need to change the propellers on that rotor to counterclockwise. With two rotors spinning in opposite directions, this should cancel out their torque.
  3. Contracts are semi-random. But if just wait for a contract to expire, others will show up. The World Firsts contracts like orbit, rendezvous and going to the Mun are more sequential, but all the others are pretty random. They are based somewhat on what you have done before, where you have already been and your reputation level.
  4. @Mars-Bound HokieIt looks like the craft didn't transfer well from my save to yours. I didn't resize any parts or even do anything with the probe core. So here are the basics of what I did. I changed out your rear wings and control surfaces because they were too small. I used RCS Build Aid to balance your center of mass so that it wouldn't shift as fuel is used. This means that I added some mass to the nose of the craft and moved all of the fuel to the rear. The main wings were adjusted to increase their angle of incidence for better lift and give them a dihedral angle for stability. I repositioned your rear landing gear. I attached them to the fuselage instead of the wing. This let me adjust the wings and gear separately and make sure the gear is placed perfectly straight. You used I-beams for your tail booms. I didn't change this, but in general I prefer to use the radially attached air intakes instead because they are a lot lighter. Using the I-beams shifts the center of mass further back and make balancing the fuel harder. As far as the motor size goes, reducing the size in the hanger also decreases its mass. In testing, I found that 10% was just enough to keep the rotors spinning at full RPMs. So, any larger would just have been a waste. Eve is closer to Kerbol, so solar panels work even better there than at Kerbin. The fan blades in general just seem to work better than the regular propeller blades even though the produce more drag. You will not need as many blades to fly as on Kerbin (or to spin the rotors as fast), but you will need more motor torque because of how thick the atmosphere is. Prop planes can work on Duna, but barely. They only are flyable in the very low atmosphere. A nice thing though, is once the plane is on a suborbital trajectory, you won't need any other parts to assist in landing. Here is a plane I made for Duna. I've also made an Ingenuity inspired craft as well.
  5. @18WattI do generally take the VAB and SPH indicators with a large grain of salt, especially since they do not factor drag. I spent some time working with and flying his craft. So, I know that it works well now. And yes, I do understand how the rotor direction works. For simplicity, if I use the invert motor option for pushers. That way my blades and motors will be using the same clockwise/counterclockwise configuration. It can help when I'm copying and pasting parts around. @Mars-Bound Hokie, in addition to understanding how to use the props, it is also important to have a good grasp on the fundamentals of airplane design. I have made a video tutorial based largely on the work of @keptin. Some things in the game have changed - like how drag is calculated - since his work was first published.
  6. @Mars-Bound Hokie, I worked with your UAV. You need to make sure when you place propeller parts, that the striped side is facing forward. I will use the absolute rotate tool to make sure that this is set correctly. This is so that the deployment angle will always be referencing the same point. The second thing when working with a pusher plane like this is to invert the direction of the motor (it's a setting under rotation direction) because the motor is facing backwards. The aerodynamics and center of mass needed lots of adjustment. The center of mass would shift well behind the center of aerodynamic pressure as fuel is used. In the future, try to keep your wet and dry centers of mass in almost the exact same location. So, be aware of the differance between full and empty fuel load. I switched out the propeller blades for fan blades but keep the motor size at 10% I added an action group (translate forward/backward) to control the deployment angle of the blades, but 22-23 degrees was working very well. I topped out over 120 m/s. The tail needed work. Those little wing don't work well as elevators, but I tried to keep the same aesthetics. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AgX4yLy61s3KqR5KrU9Bc5F0s78V?e=KFo6UV Here is my version of your craft
  7. How you place the propellers, and their exact deployment angle are very important. I made this little tutorial to get players started with building and flying prop planes.
  8. You may want to add a set of canards. It will also be beneficial to increase the angle of incidence on your main wings. With four RAPIERS, you will only need one shock cone intake. Looking at your mass, you can probably also remove a couple of the RAPIERS. That will help reduce your mass by quite a bit and move your center of mass further forward.
  9. You cannot do what you are wanting in the stock game. You will need to connect the two crafts with docking ports or use the KLAW. Alternatively, you could use the fuel ducts from KIS/KAS.
  10. When you merge a craft to an existing craft, only the root part of the second craft can attach to the first. In you case, you will probably want to attach something like a cubic octagonal strut on the glider and make it the root part (the re-root tool is near the top left of your screen). Now when you merge the glider to the plane, you can attach one of the free nodes on the cubic octagonal strut to the plane. You'll probably want to attach the glider to decoupler on the plane so you can separate the two. Once the two crafts are attached, you can then use the offset tool (also on the top left) to move the glider where you want it. Attach a strut between the glider and plane if you want it to look like a tow cable.
  11. This sounds like a CommNet issue. It sounds like your probe has limited control because it doesn't have a sufficient connection back to Kerbin.
  12. You can try the mod Rocket Sound Enhancement
  13. For a more maneuverable aircraft, you are going to want the center of aerodynamic pressure to be very close to the center of mass. As is, you can see that your center of pressure is very far behind the center of mass. Try moving your wings forward, then add a small set of elevators on the back end of the craft. I cannot tell exactly where your rear landing gear are either, but they should be just a little behind your center of mass. I like to use a mod called RCS Build Aid to help make planes. It is able to show the wet and dry centers of mass. Then I try to balance the craft such that the center of mass hardly changes as fuel is used.
  14. When trying to relay a signal, only the relay antenna is used for calculating range. Relay and direct antenna do not stack this way. You are going to need some RA-100s to relay a signal from the outer planets.
  15. You can use stock aerodynamic parts (wings or elevons) to make propellers for a ship or submarine. The actual propeller parts from the breaking ground dlc do not work in the water, but using elevons on the rotors works well. You can even change their deployment angle to adjust their performance. If you want to use mods, you can use the engine parts from the life aquatic. They need a water intake and electricity.
  16. Are you able to share a picture of your craft? What probe core or command pod are you using? Do you have any control fins? What engine or engines are you using?
  17. My recent project was creating some of the United Kingdom's first jet aircraft.
  18. Por favor sigue compartiendo actualizaciones.
  19. Your mods help give me a version of career mode that I find the most enjoyable.
  20. I am using The Life Aquatic in my current series. It seems like a great fit.
  21. ¿Tienes Breaking Ground DLC? Usa las hélices.
  22. A special thanks to the modders Caerfinon, Nertea, BahamutoD, Papa_Joe, jrodrigv, ouloul, Next_Star_Industries, inigma, linuxgurugamer, Roverdude, AlphaAsh, ozraven, Ger_space, ryanc55, KSP-RO, Eskandare, SuicidalInsanity, stupid_chris, sumgha, tgruetzm, Angel-125, dundun92, and Linx for the prominent use of their work in these videos.
  23. Here is a helicopter tutorial that I made. It shows how to make three styles of stable helicopters.
  24. Today's mission is a trip to Dres and back. The return got a little tricky as I used the last of my ∆v to get and encounter with Kerbin.
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