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  1. You sure? I'm talking about the line at the bottom left, where the ring looks werid.
  2. Some rings have very small black lines in them. Is this normal? https://ibb.co/ry3qBSB
  3. Interesting! I am really exited for the Kerbol system overhaul, I often use homeswitches with GU since the stock system has become kinda boring but having new content in the original system is very interesting!
  4. Not too sure if this is a bug that is known, but when I use the kerbmun homeswich, the RND building is gone, as in it just does not exist. Is this a known issue?
  5. Please fix the mk 2 and mk 3 expansions ! 

  6. Interesting! I always wished eve had more moons in the stock game. I also like how gilly has a purple crater, nice touch!
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