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  1. Not too sure if this is a bug that is known, but when I use the kerbmun homeswich, the RND building is gone, as in it just does not exist. Is this a known issue?
  2. Please fix the mk 2 and mk 3 expansions ! 

  3. Interesting! I always wished eve had more moons in the stock game. I also like how gilly has a purple crater, nice touch!
  4. I like how your revamping and adding to the stock system, not only does it make the early game more fun and interesting, but it also nullifies the difference between stock planet textures and modded planet textures
  5. Nevermind it does not work for 1.12, I am now in denial of it not working
  6. Update : Works fine with 1.12 as well! Please note that with planet mods that change the home planet, the planet is still called "Kerbin" in the files so keep that in mind when using this mod with home switchers
  7. Hello! I understand that this mod is not up to date with 1.12 [Duh] However I was wondering if you could have a small patch to fix a bug with this mod. Specifically, a bug where landing gear and wheels bounce uncontrollably off of mesbin's surface. Thanks!
  8. Please fix the textures with this amazing mod as well as the mk 3 one!
  9. I need some help here. When I downloaded this mod, some of the engines are pure white. Same with the mk 3 expansion. I use 1.12, any help?
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