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  1. Ummmm.... I think the original comment/confusion is not on the spelling (which is, indeed "Minmus"), but on the fact that the picture showed a vessel in front of Minmus, but the caption stated it was in orbit around the Mun (after having gone into orbit around Kerbol). I don't know where "Minimus" comes from, unless someone's trying to gaslight us...
  2. I built a ring station with so many freakin' lights on it that at 120km it lights up a significant portion of the dark side of the Mun! I imagine I'm going to have to submit an Environmental Impact Statement now...
  3. Thanks for all of the good tips and insights. I'm glad I wasn't missing some functionality (for once).
  4. My apologies, I'm afraid I'm not fully understanding the mechanics. Are you saying I can 'take' all 88 experiments from the Lander Can, transfer them to a Command Pod which I recover at Kerbin, and the high-value experiments will still be on-board the station for me to transfer to the lab for processing when space for their data becomes available? Or, do I need to have two or three instances of a given experiment - one to recover, one to process, and one to transmit? I know that there are diminishing returns for a given experiment being done multiple times.
  5. No problem ... but that's what I'm getting at as the problem ... there's so much data that the lab already has 750 units of data that it's processing (2 scientists are on board), and I've got so much add'l data in the Lander Can that it's worth something like a couple/three thousand more science points once it's processed. So periodically I've been transmitting the science from the lab, then reviewing and adding more data to the lab from the Lander Can until it's full. And that's all well and good. But mixed in with all of that high-value stuff is experiments that show they're worth nothing in
  6. The data hasn't been stored in the lab yet ... it's all piled up in the Mk2 Lander Can that's connected to the lab. When I right click on the Lander Can, I see "Review Data (88)," can click thru each of the 88 experiments to see the green and blue value bars, and either save it, recycle it, send it to the lab for processing, or transmit it.
  7. Is there a way to take only certain data/experiments for recovery on Kerbin and leave others for processing in the lab? I have a mess of data on a station ... some of it is worth boku points if processed in the lab, others are worth more if recovered on Kerbin. I've put a Kerbanaut outside the cabin where the data is stored, so I can 'take the data,' but I don't see a mechanism for taking the one's I want for recovery and leaving others to be processed.
  8. Well I'll be d***! Almost a year of building ships and I didn't know you could use the shift key to do that! Thank you!!! I was referring to the green outline that appears around a part when you mouse over it, and the red outline that appears when you mouse over a part that's been dropped without being attached to anything. Well, I guess that makes sense ... My thanks to both you and @echo_3!
  9. Sunofagun! All this time and I never knew you could use the shift key like that! Thank you!! Actually, I was in the SPH ... I was referring to the way the parts light up green when you mouse over them, or if you drop a part without attaching it to anything it has a red outline.
  10. Yeah, no, that doesn't work for me. I can grab a light or a solar panel for instance, and no matter where I put it on the wheel's frame, the RovMax XL3 lights up green like all is well, but when I drop the light or solar panel, the part I dropped just goes red and is not attached. The best I can do is attach the part to the piece that the RovMax XL3 is attached to, and offset it from there, but that's very limited of course. I've been playing for almost a year and thought I knew how to attach things, but if it works for you, I'd love to know how you do it. I'm on Windows 1.11.2, in the SP
  11. Not sure if this belongs here or in general discussion ... but why can't I attach anything to the RovMax XL3 wheels? They've got all of these great flat surfaces for lights and panels and any manner of gee-gaw, but nothing sticks.
  12. Show off! LOL What is that, Class E? And did you move it into a Kerbin orbit? If so, you gotta show us the ship you used. What's the best way to anchor a structure into an asteroid? I've not tried any myself, but I can only think of using an Klaw, since the gravity is virtually non-existent.
  13. Looks interesting - I'd love to see it from different angles. You couldn't scroll in and get closer?
  14. Looks like it's been entered: https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/26944 ... as of a couple of months ago they thought it was fixed, and it's currently showing "80% done." I'm wondering if it snuck back in with 1.11.2. I added my comments to the bug report along with a link to this thread.
  15. LOL - no kidding! "If G-d hadn't given us the infinite fuel cheat, it would've been necessary for Squad to have invented it" (my apologies to Voltaire).
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