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  1. Aaaaargh! It was disabled ... so of course as soon as I enabled it life was grand and glorious again. Thank you!
  2. I used MechJeb2 last night on a vehicle I landed on the Mun; this morning the MechJeb2 menu isn't appearing anywhere for that one vehicle. It appears as normal for other vehicles in the same game, as well as the VAB/SPH, and in the default game. I've tried restarting KSP as well as reinstalling MechJeb2. The only settings I've changed between sessions was some EVA controls, and that was only impacting kerbals on EVA (duh). So what did I set for that vehicle that's hidden MJ from me altogether, just for that vehicle, and how do I undo it? :-/
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I've turned off the EVA auto-rotate option, as well as cleared the 'orient to view' button in the Kerbal controls in Settings. I have only NumLock 7 mapped for UP and it works, but it also spins the Kerbal around 360 if I hold it long enough. Not sure what else I'm missing. <later> Not sure if there's a better way to do this, but I set 'Orient to View' in the Kerbal control to NumLock7 as well as UP in the Jetpack controls, and that seems to give me what I'm looking for.
  4. Whenever I'm on EVA, the kerbals maintain their orientation when moving forward/backward/right/left/down. But as soon as I want to move up, they re-orient to face another direction. It makes getting them back into a ship without a ladder virtually impossible. Am I missing something? Or is this just part of the standard gameplay?
  5. Yes, I am as well ... orbiting Mun at ~50km (KSP v1.10), with the latest version of MechJeb2 installed (just did so today), and it's taking me to the opposite side of the Mun from where I want to land. Been looking around for a solution without luck. This seems to be a recurring issue w/ MechJeb, as I've seen lots of posts dated several years ago. Good to know it's not just me, right now... <8 HOURS LATER> I've been trying to find the boundaries of where MechJeb2 works and where it doesn't. There seems to be a valid 'box' where MJ2 works properly (on the Mun) in the region of 27N/17E; 25N/25E; 11N/, 11E; and so far I've been able to land as far west as 10N/35W, but nothing in the South. There may be other variables involved, but I'd be curious to see if anyone else has similar results, where there's a zone of viable landing areas. My ship is starting at: Ap: 72.7km; Pe: 52.5km; Period: 55m 13s; Inclination 163.5; Ejection: 17.0; LAN:280.1; ARG PE: 316.7; Eccentricity: 0.0385 Hopefully some of this information is of use in trouble-shooting this excellent mod. Any comments, suggestions, observations are welcome! <A FEW HOURS LATER So maybe it looks like you have to be within a certain range of the landing site when you active the Landing Guidance. I got down to a low orbit of ~15km, and within 35 degrees of the landing site, and the guidance worked fine.
  6. So of course right after I post my question I find the answer: I had a probe core mounted in the center, and didn't change the control point. Once I set the docking port as the control point, everything worked just fine. I'm leaving this up in case anyone else runs into this conundrum.
  7. I have a set of tanks aligned horizontal to the ground, on wheels for a base I'm building. I want to land it, then drive it around to dock with the core. I put the wheels on in mirror symmetry in the SPH, but when I take it for a test drive, the wheels turn in opposite directions. I.e., when I want to go left, the wheels on the right side turn to the left the way they should, but the wheels on the left side turn to the right. So the beast ends up going nowhere. What am I doing wrong?
  8. I have a contract for a base on Gilly and it requires that the base be on motorized wheels. So I built the base, and regardless of whether I take it out to the launch pad or the runway (to check to make sure I've met all of the requirements of the contract), the program won't recognize that there are motorized wheels on the base. The beast even starts rolling around. I've tried all three versions of the motorized wheels. There's batteries and solar panels galore to provide power. What am I missing???
  9. Your solution worked perfectly. I'd attached the the docking port to what normally would have been debris - it was just a bunch of fuel tanks and an engine that I'd decoupled earlier, and had no command part associated with it. I figure the port became the root part when I docked a vessel to it. Thank you very much for your assistance!
  10. I think I've been playing KSP too much. This morning the Windows splash screen on my computer showed a gorgeous picture of Mars, from NASA, and my first thought was, "Whoa! Why is Microsoft showing me a picture of Duna????" LOL
  11. Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve been offline for several days so I’ve just now seen your posts. I’m still a day or two out before I can give them a try. I’ll post the results. Many thanks!
  12. No, I undocked from the port, and all of the previous times I worked on it (disconnecting from the original, attaching it to the transport vehicle, then reattaching to the new vehicle) had only the one Kerbal to move it. When I try to grab the port, even though I have only the port highlighted in green, when I hit 'G' to grab, the entire ship it's now connected to lights up in green.
  13. Earlier in my game, I was able to use an engineer to grab/detach a docking port from one vehicle, attach it to another, move to a third vehicle, and attach it. Now, I want to move the same docking port, using the same engineer, in the same mission, to another location on the vehicle. But when I try to grab the docking port, I get a 'too heavy' message, as it seems to think that I'm trying to grab the entire vehicle. Restarting the game didn't change anything, and I'm trying to figure out what is different, and (most importantly) if there's a way to 'fix' it so I can detach the docking port and move it. Any suggestions/explanations will be welcome.
  14. A while ago I installed the "Docking Port Alignment Indicator" mod, but did not find it very useful, so I've uninstalled it. Now all of my ship files in the VAB that have a docking port on them appear in the 'Open' menu with the error message "Unknown Parts Module" under the part count and cost line. If I select and load one of these files, I get a 'Confirmation Needed' window stating that the vessel has the following problem: "<vessel name> is missing part module ModuleDockingNodeNamed" with OK and Cancel buttons. If I hit OK it loads the vessel, and in the Open menu that vessel no longer appears with the Unknown Parts Module error. I suspect this is an harmless error message I'm seeing, but I'm hoping someone with more experience and knowledge can validate that for me before I go further.