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  1. Huh, not bad. I really like the new changes to the planets. They look wayyy better than they used to.
  2. So uh, Iv noticed all of your planet textures on the surface for all the planets in the light level series have been flickering. I will post it to your github now
  3. Dont worry I already have a experimental 1.10 kopernicus installed.
  4. So iv been playing kerbal space program for a longgg time and i have gotten pretty bored of the stock system now. Is there any good mods that more star systems to venture to?
  5. Oh sweet, Iv always thought of how orbits didnt really decay but know this mod exists. Thanks!
  6. Never mind config file works for 1.8.1 but sadly not for 1.10. great.
  7. What do you mean by a config file by the way? Like a file you make for making a part return to normal or
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