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  1. is there a way i can get just jool's rings? i tried messing with the jool config and ring dss and removing the other files but it just gives me semi-transparent white rings
  2. what does "flatMinmus" in global settings do?
  3. I'm not sure about your ram problem but fury got an overhaul a while ago which changed its rings and stuff. The thin rings on other planets is probably just design
  4. GPO itself works fine on 1.11 but 1.8.x and on the visuals break
  5. @CirrusifiedEquili this might be a problem with a post processing mod that i have but whenever i zoom close to a planet it gets much darker whenever i use your scatterer. I am on 1.11
  6. what game versions does this scatterer work with? Can it go up to 1.11?
  7. is there a way i can add clouds to the bodies without using AVP or SVE? because OPMVO only adds clouds to tekto
  8. Is there a way to increase the size of the altitude, periapsis, etc. for high resolution displays?
  9. how much would we need to change our dv to land and ascend?
  10. i am using the latest 1.10.1 version but my kopernicus keeps on not working. I have reinstalled the game twice. MODS: OPM OPMVO Parallax GEP Duna restoration project Kolyphemus system All of these mods were installed via ckan except for kolyphemus. Ckan says to update kopernicus and i this is all on a recently built computer. (how do i upload my log and my MM config cache?)
  11. Im pretty sure that before kerbin takes place before the stock system, as the name implies.
  12. Gateway's ground and oceans are completely invisible https://imgur.com/a/ec6rXVa
  13. Thank you so much! The sunflare has a bit too much debris and is a bit too big for the sun
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