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  1. Wow! That looks amazing! Is parallax the mod causing the purple-ish sun flare? I have parallax, scatterer, and eve redux installed but Im not getting the sunflare.
  2. I think you have to use the scatterer version for 1.3. It should fix it.
  3. how do you use EVE Redux without scatterer? whenever i try to install it with ckan nothing happens
  4. Whenever i try to cheat and orbit around aio, my ship just prints on my screen https://imgur.com/a/WwnimDv Update: 1 Tried orbiting the other moons around aio and it felt at random whenever there would be an imprint or not. Quicksaving and quickloading doesnt help either.
  5. When you say "resource tanker" are you saying that the EL ship should have liquid fuel, oxidizer, electric charge, monopropellant, etc?
  6. I have been testing out this mod in sandbox, and whenever i try to create a craft, it always has no fuel. https://imgur.com/a/UMhHQSK
  7. is there a way i can get just jool's rings? i tried messing with the jool config and ring dss and removing the other files but it just gives me semi-transparent white rings
  8. I'm not sure about your ram problem but fury got an overhaul a while ago which changed its rings and stuff. The thin rings on other planets is probably just design
  9. GPO itself works fine on 1.11 but 1.8.x and on the visuals break
  10. @CirrusifiedEquili this might be a problem with a post processing mod that i have but whenever i zoom close to a planet it gets much darker whenever i use your scatterer. I am on 1.11
  11. what game versions does this scatterer work with? Can it go up to 1.11?
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