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  1. From build to build, stuff that's under construction tends to come and go -- that's why we try to be up-front about all of this footage being in progress. That said, it's probably worth clarifying that for every celestial body in the game, there is a local space terrain and a scaled space mesh -- the former is the procedurally-generated, highly-detailed thing that you actually land on, while the latter is the simplified representation that is seen both from a distance and in the map view. There is a seamless blend between the two versions as you near the celestial body. In the case of cl
  2. We have honestly not come to any official decision on nomenclature for this feature, and I am famously bad at terminology ("degrees Kelvin," "combustion products"). I may in fact be the only person on the team who calls it Time Zoom. I bet Shana and Tom are crawling out of their skin just reading this. Time warp. Time warp. I'll call it Time warp from now on. Apologies for the confusion.
  3. It's actually pretty easy to tell the difference between the test scenes (like the turnarounds we showed of the fuel factories) and real flight. There are an unusually high number of real in-game shots in this particular video - anything showing a vehicle and a planet in the same shot is in-game footage. I believe this is also the first time we've shown time zoom in action - that was a shot that Tom Vinita (of FRIDAY fame) took during some testing that just happened to look really cool. The surface shot on the Mun is a real PQS terrain, but it was easier to find a pretty spot with good l
  4. Yep! Howard Mostrom is our resident music and sound genius. I hope at some point he gets to do a dev blog, because... I don't think I'm allowed to explain the cool thing he's doing yet. So yeah. Watch this space.
  5. Busted! The shot at the end is a scaled space asset showcase - i.e. the artist just spun it in a random direction to test lighting. Pol in-game has the same orbital properties as in the original game. Good catch, though!
  6. You noticed the docks! I think Manley asked for that one personally. You are correct about the temp terrain - there is some deep new work going into that system right now that's going to knock your socks off. But yeah, if we waited for everything to be done before showing something off, we'd never show anything off! That said, I am really looking forward to the next terrain show-and-tell. So much beautiful stuff coming from both the graphics and art teams. We're finally getting to the part where things get pretty!
  7. We're still getting our materials/reflection probes dialed in. Let's just say the rocket just came out of the car wash, and Jeb sprung for the full wax treatment?
  8. Thanks to all who did my Googling for me! Digging into this now. Cheers!
  9. The space background is just the test scene skybox that Aaron uses to display in-progress effects, so no worries there. But where did you get those last two b/w images? These are INSANELY helpful. Are these from a particular paper? I want to learn more!
  10. We're trying to keep to every other Friday for now, since that's how often we do internal studio show and tells. Since @KSPStar came aboard, we've hit three in a row!
  11. Many of us are huge Nertea fans. In many ways he's been trying to turn KSP1 into KSP2 for years, and I for one am here for it.
  12. Holy mackerel, that's gorgeous! Nice work! Uh... yeah, right! THAT'S why!
  13. Yes indeed. Exhausts look radically different depending on their environmental context.
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