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  1. I was telling Howard yesterday about how much love the music has been getting online, and he continues to be his usual humble self. It's so good though! When the drums drop in there at the end... CHILLS.
  2. We're gonna do our best. It's a bit of a tightrope, avoiding spoilers and making sure information gets out in the right order and in the right way! But with @KSPStar on the team now, we do have somebody regularly reminding us to keep our eyes open for good stuff to share.
  3. I feel like there should be a whole subgenre of colony builds that are just competing to see how far off a cliff you can suspend the Metallic Hydrogen Fuel Factory. It sorta turns into sideways Tower of Goo. Nice video! Your enthusiasm is infectious!
  4. Yes, there's a base editor called the BAE (Base Assembly Editor) that allows you to move modules around as you like. You won't need to worry about the logistics of moving parts of your colony around within the build area.
  5. Yep! Colonies can reclaim vessels (provided they're close enough), and those resources can be used to make other stuff.
  6. Oh, we've been above-board about nuclear pulse for a while now. That wasn't one of the two mystery fuels. For that image at the bottom... hm. No comment.
  7. You might not be shocked to discover that they're awesome to work with, too! But don't tell RoverDude or he'll get a big head over it.
  8. As others have said, there's an "easier" path and a "harder" path for building large colony modules. There's nothing (other than physics) stopping you from attempting to bootstrap a colony straight through Phase 1 and deep into Phase 2 by putting a ton of colonists, raw materials, and Phase 1 colony parts on an enormous lander. That's an area where I'm really looking forward to peoples' individual solutions to the interstellar colonization challenge. You'll be able to make some very ambitious colonizer ships that can essentially contain cities-in-a-box. But since you won't necessarily know wha
  9. There are more than four fuel types. There are two fuels we have not talked about yet.
  10. Correct! The three small factories shown here are Phase 1 factories, which are brought to the surface in vehicles (you can tell, both by their scale and their tech level, that these are early-progression parts). The two larger factories can only be built (using very large amounts of collected resources) on-site after you have installed an ISRU module. Some parts are stackable and some are not (we are trying to follow commonsense rules on this). Surface-attachability is still a thing as well, so if you're feeling bold, you can pretty much stick anything to anything. But your mileage may v
  11. I assume there will be mods aplenty to diversify the fuel and resource types. Never fear!
  12. Yep! Good old monoprop. Internally, we assume monoprop is hydrazine -- that's what informed the factory details, anyway. But it works the same way it does in KSP1.
  13. Now that we have @KSPStar, we're going to hopefully be getting these out a little more frequently. Now there's a person whose job is to remind us to record stuff!
  14. I'm excited to see Howard's music getting so much love here. I'm forwarding these comments to him as they pop up. We've already picked out the music that'll be on the next show and tell video! It's really pretty, too.
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