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  1. Yep, this is correct. The BAE is just a VAB for colonies, and colonies can be built on the surface or in orbit. As has been speculated elsewhere in this thread, the BAE has its own parts palette that is populated based on various constraints (tech tree advancement, colony population, presence of nearby not-yet-unpacked phase 1 colony modules, presence of various construction-blocking capabilities like ISRU). On the surface, the BAE includes the local topology as a building constraint.
  2. The mushroom buildings are among the largest of the phase 1 colony modules -- i.e. they are brought to the site by vehicles, rather than built out of local materials. Basically very large space tents. The rectangular buildings you see on the right are examples of phase 2 habs that are much heavier-duty and made on site. So you're right on the money here -- as your colony matures there will be less inflatable stuff and a lot more heavy metal.
  3. Either Coop has clandestinely added some kind of Terminator Kerbal, or he added a point light behind the camera to get a nice highlight.
  4. 3D Artist Jonathan Cooper set up a test scene to review some of his colony parts, as well as to play with some team color and lighting variations. Coop spends a lot of time obsessing over detail and consistency, and I love how it's paying off as the modules are used in combination. The two structures immediately behind the Kerbals are Xenon fuel factories. I have no idea why you'd want two of these. These Kerbals must be really excited about tiny space probes.
  5. This was a ton of fun to record. Thanks for taking the time to put together such great questions! Now I need to figure out where at KSC to put the dive pool...
  6. It's a good question. The short version is that the navball at the center of the screen, especially at lower screen resolutions, covers up a significant portion of the scene -- including the bottom of your rocket (and more importantly, the rocket's shadow on the ground, which many players use to gauge altitude during the final phases of a propulsive landing). We tested multiple (and by that, I mean dozens of) HUD variants, with both players of the original game (like me) and new players. Anecdotally, players who had not played KSP before liked the less-cluttered presentation of the navball at
  7. By popular demand, there will be a navball-center option available for the flight HUD.
  8. Every week. I just had my ears re-blown out by Tom 20 minutes ago at this morning's standup.
  9. Quick note about that shot of Ovin doing a backflip: yes, axial tilt will be a thing. No, that's not how Ovin rotates. That's just us showing off the nice ring shadows in a test scene.
  10. Hello all, It's Friday, the day that our team does an internal show and tell to see all the best stuff everybody's been working on. We thought it would be cool to share some show and tell highlights with you all (there are definitely a few big reveals in this footage). We showed a version of this footage at PAX East in the Before Times, but there are some new shots mixed in here for people who may have caught that presentation. Hope you like it!
  11. This is an extremely important point, and sums up the whole challenge of building tutorials for this game. If we over-focus on the goal of minimizing TTM (Time To Mun) as a success criterion, we can reliably get new players up there in a couple of hours. But in doing that, we rob the player of what for many was the most gratifying moment of achievement in the game. So our goal must be to expose concepts in a way, and in an order, that provides the player with a framework within which they can still exercise their own creativity. A slower progression, earned through trial-and-error, is the Kerb
  12. It's right there, south of the ridge. Must be a trick of the lighting or something, as we would never do something as silly as forgetting to add Dres' most recognizable feature!
  13. Dres is coming along nicely, isn't it? Courtesy o f our talented environment artist, Sung Campbell.
  14. This is pretty accurate! I'd only add that you can use delivery routes to automate resource collection missions, as well.
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