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  1. Minor bug. They will actually retract like the strings on blinds -- you won't see rods impinging on the nozzle interior like this.
  2. @Nertea is in fact now part of our team (yay!), but since we love doing things backwards, he joined JUST as Jon, Aaron, and Paul were putting the finishing touches on this system. I suspect there will be an ongoing conversation about tuning, as there always is. But we're all very happy with this system in its current form.
  3. Navball is staying at lower left corner for people who want it there, but we're making sure that a navball-center variant also looks and feels good. Your video's great! I'm looking forward to the day (not too long from now) when we get to let the footage do the talking for us.
  4. This flight HUD is entirely deprecated and an all-new one is already underway. As always, a lot of systems are being developed in parallel, and they don't all come online at the same time. I feel really good about the direction the HUD is headed, and it's influenced in many ways by community feedback around the previous version.
  5. This is a good note. Will add to our backlog. Thanks!
  6. There's a size threshold below which we don't intend to calculate collision -- that's still in flux, but we don't want your rovers to rattle themselves apart on apple-sized rocks. But yes, the big stuff is collidable.
  7. Forwarded your question to Dr. Dodd, and here's his answer: "We had to leave out a lot of details on the continuous collision check. One of those details is that it includes a broad-phase algorithm to improve performance. This algorithm performs a low cost sweep of all the objects to rule out pairs of objects that do not collide with each other. The next step is narrow-phase algorithm which performs the detailed and more costly collision checks on objects that are expected to collide based on output from the broad-phase. Thus, if two players are in opposing positions, their vessels collision pair would be removed by the broad-phase algorithm."
  8. Gurdamma is comparable to Kerbin in scale. The Kerbolar planets are the same scale as in KSP1, and we are keeping to the 1/10 rule for new celestial bodies. If you're asking "will the topology be the same for all Kerbolar celestial bodies," the answer is "our artists often begin with the original KSP heightmap but sometimes make significant alterations." In at least a couple of cases, the topology has been radically altered to tell a slightly different story than the original game (if you look at how Dres has changed, you'll see a good example of this). But stuff like the shapes of Kerbin's continents has not changed too much. Of course the masses, diameters, and orbits of the Kerbolar bodies have not changed from the original game.
  9. I think we may dial it back a bit - as other commenters have pointed out, we don't want to spoil too many of the new celestial bodies! This one got grandfathered in because we actually already gave you a peek at an earlier version of it in this video:
  10. The story we're trying to tell with Gurdamma is that it's similar to Earth during the Hadean Eon, relatively shortly after the formation of the Moon. I was actually pretty surprised myself how close the Moon was immediately after its formation: 16 times larger in the sky than today, and just a whisker beyond the Roche limit! To get a sense of how close, check out image 3 in this sequence: https://www.lpi.usra.edu/exploration/training/illustrations/earthMoon/ We are still making adjustments to the distance of Gurdamma's moon, but it'll still be both close and fast-orbiting (and Gurdamma has a very short day). Different star system.
  11. Deformable terrain is beyond scope at release (edge cases abound, especially when you consider multiplayer). This is our best solution at the moment, but could be an interesting area of experimentation going forward. It sure would be cool!
  12. Busted! We have a couple of "safe" craft files lying around that don't show off any unannounced parts. I need to find some spare time to make a few more of these!
  13. Everything on stilts, more or less. There are structural foundation parts that can be attached to the bottoms of colony parts - they work similarly to launch clamps in the original KSP, with height automatically adjusting to reach the ground. The player has full control over them - they come in a range of types and sizes. Keep in mind that resource extraction is a big part of colony gameplay, and once you're making stuff at colonies you're not limited to just landers. These are very heavy, but you can side-mount them on wheeled vehicles that you build close to an area of interest. Or, yes, some of the later engines do make the sort of thrust needed to fly these around. We did place a stack attach node at the top so that one of these could be suspended beneath the center of a stack.
  14. Yes, the runways have been significantly lengthened. As someone else mentioned in the thread, the inspiration for the new runways is the Space Shuttle Landing Facility. In general, we are trying to create more elbow room in a lot of areas, including within the VAB itself. They're there -- the camera just didn't catch them this time. In addition to being able to spawn vehicles at launchpads and on runways, you'll be able to spawn ships at the docks directly from the VAB.
  15. Yes! This is more of Howard Mostrom's original score. He's a treasure!
  16. Yep, test scene. That's just a skybox and a temp terrain. Lots of moving parts, always a few warts on display.
  17. This is an excellent note. Consider that hill deleted. There will be multiple space centers.
  18. Design requirement #1: gotta have some stuff to fly under!
  19. I believe the lion's share of the challenge for porting part packs to KSP2 relates to remaking the assets for PBR. I know that a number of part modders are champing at the bit to get underway on building for KSP2, so we'll release more information regarding asset guidelines as soon as we can.
  20. By all means, send in an application!
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