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  1. Thanks for the help everyone! The solution was from @Delta Space! But it's a bit laggy? is there a simple way to have a little less lag?
  2. Well i guess i did a heavy ssto to minmus today!
  3. Here i have my ssto! it was hard to design but ok! Some more information of my craft! it weighs 160 tons and can carry 25 tons without boosters! with some boosters it can carry the biggest rocket fuel tank! i'm not sure if it can go to the mun but i think it can! Here is the trip to minmus and back on the runway! i dont have any mods installed except for kerbalengeneeringredux so that's my story i hope it's good enough scincerly prat4545
  4. I'm not sure but EVE is on 1.8.2 they havent updated to 1.9
  5. I hope this helps but where do i paste the configuration?
  6. I got here a picture from a craft in high kerbin orbit Here from the beginning screen And here from the ksc and here is a screenshot from my appdata folder My platform is steam
  7. Hello there!, I'm a beginner because i bought the game 1 month ago! I'm playing stock but i wanted some mods. I installed kerbalEngineer with ckan and it worked fine! I also wanted some visual mods so i tried to instal Astronomer's Visual Pack and the mods needed for it (this time without ckan because i doesnt work) And when i open ksp and i go to the ksc the ocean was white and when i go into map modus i see the around the planet there is a white ring around it. Sooo it doesnt work In advance Thanks for the help! Scincerly Prat4545 (Ps: Sorry for my bad english,i'm dutch and its late in the night)
  8. What did i do today?z Uhhh.. It was my first time going to duna with an ssto and i took me 10 crashes before i could land (i quicksaved dont worry!) And i got back!WITH 3 M/S !!! I was scared i couldnt made it but it was all fine!Only the ssto crashed on the surface of kerbin but the kerbals are ok! I begin designing my ssto that can do orange fuel tanks into orbit and go to minmus. That took me five times to test it and change that it's better to fly! So that was my day Sincerely Prat4545!
  9. So we need to make a ssto and go into orbit and land at the ksc?
  10. I have one but it doesnt cover the whole craft I did the mission again and my tip is that your periapses has to go over laythe orbit or lower! I lowered my apoapses about to the orbit of tylo and did the burn to laythe at periapses (laythe peraipses was at 60 000 m) And that burn costed 400 m/s and into a low orbit 900 m/s so i had 1800 m/s left! This was a better try thanks for the help everyone!z