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  1. Its not possible, even in theory.. Land/Takeof takes for most planets more than 2000dV.. on eve it takes at least 8000.. so i guess just these manouvers take ~30.000m/s needing plenty of thrust all the time. adding the transfers you end up with ~60.000m/s.. so nooooo way..
  2. you mean in one flight? impossible! On the other hand - visiting every planet (except Jool) and return has been done already?
  3. Nice video man... but that thing is still 3 times heavier than my ship.. As its at least 3 times bigger than neccesary but there are only a few design flaws - did you try putting a big capsule on top? it might still work!
  4. or you just take a look at my proofen eve-return craft.!-%28-howto-fly%29 it takes ~60tonns into LKO using only 7000kn of thrust.. according to my tables you should need not more than 4000 to get your 36 tonns up there and by the way.. you are telling me you designed an craft that manages LKO->EVE->Return with 36tonns? I've tryed a lot and my smalest design for this counts 50tons. If you so far only checked your dV requirements - then im sure that they are wrong. After dozens of tests i came to the point that you need at least 7100m/s dV just to get an eve orbit. i hope that helps with your calculations.
  5. My eve-return rocket is an easy thing to fly.. i dont need mechjeb for 8 engines.. transfers are still not good enugh in mechjeb.. so there is no challenging thing mechjeb takes from me. its just saving time ..
  6. The video is amazing, but the missionplan is scary.. That transfer was a waste of dV.. and that lander wont come back anyway.. except they find an alien spacecraft that happen to be fully fueld. anyway - a great video.. will surely remember that transmission when aproaching duna the next time.
  7. totally right.. like this you only need ~1000ms dV - just slightly more than for the Mun.. and jey behold of that one - the Mun happens to be in my way everytime
  8. a little offtopic, but can someone give me a sample-caluclation how much dV(atmosphere) is produced by an single-fuel-nuke probe? (5.4 tonns)
  9. @sjwt: If its the transfer home that struggles you? Try burning your way home several degrees before the nightside.. that happend to kill a lot of inclination.. @Tommy: i dont know the actual coordinates .. its the only one with a white dot on this map .. in the south west of the "ring". the 11k+ area is ~ 20km wide.. but it helps a lot to hit the exact top! I'd suggest to put a rover there in the first place - it helps a lot when you're landing!
  10. i tryed again with some chutes - and jet managed to save another ton.. stay tuned for the 3-booster version,.. with way less than 400 tonns :-)
  11. thanks .. a) That nuke engine is neccesary for several reasons. even with 2.25 tonns it provides way more dV than a lv909 of the same weight and even that extra 10KN of thrust are neccesary to escape eve.. (that last stage ist burning since eve/50000m/1500ms..) i just dont have much time to get to orbital velocity. every lv909 attemt ended with way more than 4000m/s loss when leaving. I have designes with a nuke + one fuel tank. and 4*3 tanks instead of 4*3.5.. thats most likely able to reach kerbin (i missed it once just 700.000km). that would be an option. the whole design might be possible with <350 tonns i've tryed chutes.. but they dont work as well as you might think in 11k+ altitude.. i would need ~20-30 to land without powering in that altitude. bringing 3-4 tonns of fuel for a powered landing is just way more easy than placing 3 tons of chutes.
  12. and i did it with an rocket almost half that size ;-)!-%28-howto-fly%29
  13. The requirements were: - get to eve and back with a few liters Spare in each Stage. - use as few engines as possible to both cpufriendly and efficient - look kerbal (added by jeb) - less than 500t This 437t rocket was designed and build like this. The engineers designed almost perfect stages from LKO to Eve and back. Then they were struggeling how to get these into orbit.. they already figured out that it had to be 4 BIG engines. It was a few hours before the next startingwindow so jeb became nervous. He came into the lab screaming "IT CANT BE THAT HARD TO BUILD 4 F*** BOASTERS! ILL DO IT!" Leaving the engineers already thinking about his gravestone (and how to deliver that one) - his design has prooven both functional and kerbal - kerfect! I want many people to achieve this great goal so here comes the detailed "How to Fly": 1. Wait for the right time to start, eve has to be in ~51° behind kerbin: 2. Takeoff! Gravityturn should be around 13000 meters. 3. As soon as the last tank of the last boosters are used drop the remaining 2 big Engines. 4. You should end in orbit still having plenty of fuel in the big bag! 5. Slightly after the edge of sunrise fire your engines. The bag should be enugh to get you on a collision course to Eve. It has some spare liters for inclanationchanges to. As soon as you see a "desired periapsis" on eve try burning in any direction that lowers this desired periapsis the fastest. Like this you can get a collisioncourse using only a few liters to aim. 6. (optional) Pros can use the Mun to save fuel by a swingby manouver.. 7. Once your in the influence range of Eve drop the bag. You should go to the orbial view and focus Eve use (TAB) to find out where you would hit the ground. Thats neccesary to land on the highest mountain on Eve as the atmosphere is already <1atm and the drag is Kerbin-like. If the mountain happens to be on the wrong side just retro/pro-burn a little. since you're still serveral days away that will change the orientation completly when you hit the ground. Attitional aiming should be done by burning 90° relative to proburn. With a little try and error you should hit the desired landingspot +-~3km using almost no fuel. 8. Landing is done powered using the rest of that stages fuel. Only burn below 12,600meters as there is no fuel to hover and stuff. you may savely use 500liters of the next stage to. 9. After landing drop the empty fuel to make room for the ladders. If you happen to have a rover 1.4km away like me go there and have fun for the next ~150 days. 10. Anyways.. 11. Once Kerbin is ~36° in front of you leave Eve. The gravityturn should be 24km bringing the last stage with at least 230units fuel to a stable orbit. 12. DO NOT burn yourself to kerbin like the calculator is telling you! Since your orbit is inclined a lot due to the non-equator landingspot it may help to even burn 10° before the nightside. That takes less fuel than correcting 11° of inclination later. After a few trys i managed to get a Transferorbit with only 2° of inclination. A little more aiming and you are ready to hit kerbin. 14. Now let jeb take care of the nuklear waste - leaving it in space. I still had 20units of fuel left so aiming for KSC would have been easy, but after such a long time even jeb was homesick. "I.. WANT.. HOME.." 15. If you already punched your chute right now your doomed. As we are approaching veeeery fast the atmosphere will rip that thing appart in no time. You will have to wait until you've lost most of you speed. Get the ship here:
  14. yes, it can land and return. landing is done by burning exactly 900m above an 11k+ hill using the stage right after "the big bag" that brings you on a collision course to eve. the 1200l fuel of that next stage are for both, targeting hill and powered landing.