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  1. In KSP2 the size of the ship that you can launch from the Kerbin VAB will be limited to a certain size. Also, the teaser video for KSP2 shows an orbital ship yard. TDLR orbital ship building will 99.9% be in the stock game.
  2. What would be cool is the ability to evenly distribute fuel across multiple tanks. A problem I have is when I've come back from a planet using a small scouting vessel and want to fill up its fuel tanks with the tanks on the main mothership. However when you do this, it usually leaves one tank significantly less full and therefore lighter than the others, throwing the entire ships center of mass out of balance. If there was the ability to select multiple fuel tanks and evenly distribute fuel among them, that would be pretty neat.
  3. ASET Props/RPM. Stock IVA's are hella boring in KSP1 without mods so it would be nice if the IVA's in KSP 2 are more detailed and interesting to add to the realism factor.
  4. Will this mod ever get ASET prop IVA's? I would do it myself if I knew the first thing about modding...
  5. So I am a complete modding novice. I have never touched a 3D game engine, I don't know the first thing about C++ or C#, and I've never created a KSP mod in my life, but I would like to task myself with creating a new custom IVA for some of the Endurance Mod command pods, more specifically; I would like to create new interactive IVA's for the command pods using ASET props. I noticed that when you download ASET props and all the other dependencies, the interactive RPM cockpits for the ships such as the lander, ranger, and Endurance Command Module do not work anymore for any of the interiors, and I would like to create new ASET IVA's for them. However, all the articles that I've look at which try and tell me how to get into modding are 5+ years old, and furthermore, none of them are specific towards ASET props. I know there is a link on the original site but that link does not work anymore. If anyone has any assistance in to helping me get started with using ASET props in creating custom IVA's it would be greatly appreciated
  6. This worked! Thank you so much for the help
  7. if it is possible, would you be able to change my username to sawg or sawg1 if the first option is taken
  8. KSP: WindowsPlayer x64 Hello! Not Sure if this is the right place to post about this, but I'm having a few issues with the ASET props mods and the IVAS not loading correctly. Problem: Every time I attempt to open one of the stock command pods which have the integrated ASET IVA's, the IVA's only load halfway/ 1/3 of the way, with some props not loading at all, or are non functional. An example of this is the RPM displays, which have worked fine and functional for several months before I downloaded the ASET mods. NOTE that the RPM displays only stopped working becuase of the ASET mods and the attempts to alter it (i.e. RPM worked fine and I don't believe that it is the issue.) Here is an imgur link which will show my current GameData folder, showing the current mods installed, as well as a screenshot from in game Displaying the Mk1 command pod, and what the current state of the IVA is: https://imgur.com/a/Ycj9LZU For those who are extra keen, these are the current mods that I have installed: (Mods in Bold are directly related to the "goal" at hand (getting the MAS IVA to work), and the mods in Italics are mods that were required for the other mods to work.) ------------------------------------------------------------------ Click Through Blocker v1.9 Toolbar Control v1.9 ASET Avionics v2.1 ASET Props v1.5 B9PartSwitch v2.18.0 Chatterer v0.9.99 DE_IVAExtension v1.8 Endurance v1.13 RPM v0.31.4 MoardV Avionics Systems v1.2.2 MoardVPlus v1.0 ModularFlightIntegrator v1.2.7 Docking Port Alignment Indicator v6.8.5 Near Future Construction v1.3.1 Near Future Props v0.6.4 Near Future Spacecraft v1.4.1 SCANsat v20.4 Module Manager v4.1.4 --------------------------------------------------------------- For reference, the staging switch works when pressed, and all numerical displays such as the G-Force, TWR, temperature and electrical charge gauges work fine and update to the correct values, but almost everything that is intractable does not work, primarily the RPM displays, and panels such as Attitude (Not even visible in game), action groups, caution and warning systems, and more buttons that should work/appear when loaded, but don't tick either one or both of these boxes. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Build the ISV Venture star from Avatar. Ill use the new truss parts, spherical fuel tanks, and the new propulsion systems to hopefully make a functional and effective ship that will make those trips to the other star systems useful
  10. With the new Spherical fuel tanks, I'm going to try and build the ISV Venture star from Avatar. With the powerful engines aswell, it could (hopefully) be a functional ship aswell travelling to the other star systems.
  11. What are you going to do when KSP2 comes out? Are you going to start a mega city on another planet? Built a space ship that you could never quite recreate in KSP1? Write it down below.
  12. A couple suggestions for the mod: Remove the plumes from the Endurance Deep Space Engines. One of the things I liked about the mod was that the engines on the endurance had no plumes, which was similar to the movie. I liked being able to look at my space ship from the front and not seeing any plumes, but to go to the back, and find these 12 bright engines (with no plumes of course). I do like the plumes on the other craft, but removing it from the endurance would be good. Another comment about the Deep Space Engines - the fuel consumption is ridiculously low. At full power, the 4 engines are using 0.14 Liquid Fuel (Yet they're using 6 figure's of electricity). I feel like this is a bit too low, and doesn't challenge the player to manage their fuel consumption Fix the landing gear on the Ranger. Whenever I use my landing gear on the ranger, the feet clip through the ground and its back to resting on the body of the ship Reduce the amount of electricity used by all engines. It is impossible to use any of the ships engines at full thrust without cheating infinite electricity. Even with all fuel cells active, and all solar panels fully exposed, the engines are draining insane amounts of electricity. This is bad for people wanting to use this ship in career/science mode. IVA's for the crew and med bay module for the Endurance Add lights to the windows of the Ranger and Lander, so when you turn on the lights, the windows light up. Reduce the power of the RCS thrusters on the Endurance Fuel Modules, Ranger and Lander. One thing I liked doing was removing all reaction wheels, and only having the fuel module RCS thrusters on, and then slowly spinning up the ship like in the movie. Now, the thrusters are so powerful, and its not the same anymore. Some people might like this, but I prefer a lower RCS power on the Endurance. Docking with the Ranger and Lander was also a nightmare with the super high RCS power. I understand this is for in the atmosphere to maneuver the ship, but the Ranger would wobble up and down trying to lock on to Prograde because the RCS thrust were so powerful. Maybe integrate docking ports into the bottom of the Endurance Modules so it reduces part count.
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