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  1. Ha figured it out. There was a slight time warp going on!
  2. Hi, I’m relatively new at KSP. I’ve been doing sandbox but switched to science mode. When I splash down on Kerbin successfully the EVA button is unavailable. I was hoping to collect some science outside the capsule. I am able to EVA in space. Do I need to unlock EVA on Kerbin for some reason? My capsule is intact and upright. Mk1 Command Pod. Thanks.
  3. I have all of them available and have toyed with them a bit. I did manage to get a Mun encounter a couple of times but then had no idea what I was looking at or what to do with all the stuff that popped up on the map screen and by then I didn’t have enough fuel to make many burns anyway. Good to know. Yeah, it’s crazy to think how much technology has changed. Look at SpaceX’s Crew Dragons touch screens. I’d love to hear Buzz’s reaction on that. Met him at the Air and Space Museum years ago and got his Mars book signed. Pretty cool experience.
  4. A lot to digest in these two posts! Thanks. I’m in sandbox mode do I still have to train my Kerbals? I had no idea which way the hatch faced mattered in how I took off!
  5. Sorry to individually quote everyone! I can’t figure out how to combine everyone’s answers in one post on my phone! But I appreciate each and everyone of them. I actually think it may be a wobbly rocket. I might not have been clear in my description. The roll (and it’s a roll) starts at around 100 m/s with SAS on BEFORE I start my pitch. Just so happens the roll starts when I need to pitch and then I try to correct the roll and pitch and it quickly gets out of control. When my SRBs run out and are jettisoned the craft stabilizes. But I then have a hard time getting to 45° by 15000 feet as mentioned in quill18’s tutorial. I end up burning a lot fuel trying to circularize my orbit because I didn’t enter orbit at the right angle. Then I don’t have enough fuel to burn to the Mun and return. If I try adding more fuel the extra weight slows my ascent and I still run out of fuel.
  6. At this point I’m trying to familiarize myself with the basic controls and mechanics of the game while at the same time having some fun. I’m trying to understand what to push when, then I figured I‘d go back and learn the minutiae of all the various settings etc. I wanted to start with something that works to understand the physics of what is going before I start messing with the variables and introducing multiple problems and get frustrated. I’m playing sandbox so I have all the parts available and don’t have to worry about budgets and reputation and unlocking this and that. I tried the in game tutorials but the Mun one quickly went over my head. Of course it doesn’t help that physics was my worse subject in college 20 years ago and math wasn’t far behind! (Side note: one of my professors went on to be head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission during the semester and then another is friends with Buzz Aldrin). And I don’t use advanced math at all in daily life but I always loved space travel and the recent NASA/SpaceX launch had me on the look out for a space simulator and here we are.
  7. I’m trying to copy the rocket in the video. I do have two radially attached SRBs. I’ve tried moving the SRB up and down the end of the rocket as well as where the decouplers are but the result is the same a roll when I hit 100 m/s with SAS on before I start to pitch.
  8. I’ve tried a few designs of my own and they all have the same issue. Anything that has an attached SRB will start to roll with SAS on at a speed of about 100 m/s before I start to pitch.
  9. Hi everyone, I’m super new to KSP. I’ve managed to get into Kerbin orbit using the excellent tutorial by quill18 on YT. When he moves on to Get to the Mun, he doesn’t get into the rocket design well enough for me to replicate it. It doesn’t help that the designs of the parts have changed between his version of the software and mine (newest). Any rocket I build starts to roll when my liftoff speed gets to around 100m/s when I need start to make my turn to 90° so that I end up being at 45° on the NavBall when I reach 15000m per his tutorial. This is the only way I know to get to orbit so far. Can anyone tell from looking at the rocket what parts he’s built the rocket from so I can stick as close to the tutorial as possible? Here’s the tutorial: TIA for any assistance
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