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  1. I have taken a short break in KSP long time now due to IRL obligations but today I managed to get an hour to do a mission in my RP-1 career. This is just a long duration mission, allowing me to harvest last bit of science from low earth orbit but also injects 600 000 credits into the budget. I have forgotten to take screenshots of the rocket launch which showcased some of the graphic mods from their best side so I only got an image of Gemini capsule orbiting to show. https://imgur.com/5JBYxkR Also KSP 2 needs really to rethink how maneuvering (setting up maneuvering node, intercepting an object etc...) is being implemented. At same time as the mission above I have running mission to land probe on Mars. Setting up mid course correction to intercept mars SOI because initial intercept disappeared after reload, took loooong time.
  2. Today was string of failures and one success . My moon orbiting mission is probably delayed over 300 days or thereabout (and therefore my moon landing mission) due to two failures : In the first launch RD-108 sustainer engine failed to ignite, which meant almost 60 days delay while rocket was rolled back and rolled out again and reserve crew ready trained (In RP-1, you need to train your crew for each mission). Then in the second attempt one of the RD-107 boosters failed catastrophically, careening the rocket of course and disintegrating entire rocket in process when I tried to ditch the boosters prematurely. Kerbals survived, landing safely at Arabian Peninsula so there is that at least.. Moon lander mission was a partial success, since it fulfilled the contract but landed in a already known biome (because apparently flat area of few sqm in middle of Moon highlands is counted as Midlands biome) so no science gain there. I was never tempted to do save scumming as I was then . Meanwhile Venus Voyager reached the Venus SOI and therefore Venus flyby mission objective was fulfilled. By going back to Space Center and accepting Venus Orbit contract and firing remaining fuel at PE, I finished that contract too. Venus atmosphere from orbit, as seen on the image below is boring as hell, so only one picture from that mission.
  3. Today my Mars flyby probe arrived in Mars SOI after 9 months of travel. As final stage, responsible for science gathering and midcourse corrections, I reused the Moon Lander probe I used earlier that year for the exploration of the moon. I almost had the opportunity to gather science from Phobos but however much I fiddled with maneuver nodes, I could not achieve intercept. So I decided to dip into mars atmosphere in order to gather as much science as possible: Unfortunately, I got too greedy and dropped too low, below 80 km of attitude, enough for my high speed to generate friction with thin mars atmosphere and overheat the structure of the probe. At same time planet blocked the "line of sight" for the onboard antenna with Earth ground stations, meaning that data transfer was interrupted before all data could be transferred. Still I managed to get 20-ish science from the atmosphere and perhaps 140-150 science(not counting the Sun SOI science while traveling to Mars) in total from the Mars so definitely a "Mariner 4" aka "Mars Flyby" contract was a resounding success.
  4. Used for first time a Gemini capsule today, mounted on a R-7 style rocket. The contract was to preform EVA and report the findings from low orbit. For our Kerbals it was chance to test the new EVA pack which would be useful for the intended homemade solution for landing on the moon, using the Gemini capsule and garage made lander. The image from above reminds me of certain smiling man meme. Maybe our astronaut is thinking that the capsule was never tested. Or for that matter the EVE pack she is using. Or that the capsule is nearing the Allen belts. Luckily everything went well and the new Gemini capsule is proving much more safer than the Mercury which already has claimed two Kerbal lives.
  5. After two successful moon orbiter missions in my RP-1 career, finally the time has arrived for landing a probe on the moon. Instead of opting for light payload which would make everything so much easier, as training for moon boots and in need of science points, I opted for 500 kg probe filled with science gear. Game bugged out plenty of times for some reason so I had to restart KSP several times. I used mechjeb landing autopilot for first time and I kinda regretted that. Mechjeb turned on and off probe's engines all the time, eventually triggering failure in 2 of 4 engines (thankfully symmetrically so I had control). I did not land perfectly but had to struggle looong time before managing to right the probe. After the probe was righted, science gathering was initiated and after the first report came in, the contract was fulfilled.
  6. More elegant than my brute force rocket in stock with 158 meter rocket which was at 700t (I think, not sure 100% regarding mass) with 28 engines in the first stage. I parachuted into the atmosphere and used ISRU to refuel (took ages). And then thanks to EVE buggy surface, my entire monster rocket started sliding towards water (or whatever chemical soup the eve has for ocean) after a game restart. I took off immediately and I think it was Gilly I finished refueling on - not sure though, since this was some years ago but I knew I did not have enough dV in return section to go right home (besides having to wait for transfer window). ----------- Anyway earlier today I was tired of KSP so I just did one launch, starting on my comsat contract in RP-1 career. On the image is the light rocket (I have one heavy and one light design) I use for missions limited to 500 kg payload and LEO orbit.
  7. Finished my daily Kerbal RP-1 session with two contracts. First geostationary satellite : And second moon orbiter contract: Both were delivered by my R-7 derivative rocket which I kinda use for everything (MEO, crewed missions, moon contract) beside small payload deliveries (communication, weather and navigation contracts) to LEO.
  8. Oh yeah, starter sep motors would work greatly as long as you are below 400 (or thereabout) km separation from the moon. These and decoupler boosted to the max force are (were?) bread and butter for caveman cursed rockets The key is to start on totally clear install with no mods. Last versions are working on latest version of KSP so installation process got bit shorter. Otherwise just follow github wiki and don't for moment stray from the procedure: https://github.com/KSP-RO/RP-0/wiki/RO-&-RP-1-Express-Installation-for-1.12.3
  9. I did consider solids but during current run I stick (mostly not hard house rule) SSSR tech. I speculate that I probably could have saved 20t (or thereabout) because of the savings in top stage and in prior stages. A monopropellant solution, considering the light payload, would probably work too. And I agree - RD-0105 is insanely good engine, only reason I changed it to RD-0110 is better TWR in vacuum (I play without Mechjeb piloting - shorter burn times is then QoL improvement imho). But ultimately I play RP-1 career with house rules where I stick to liquid boosters (sure, heavier rockets but I much more capable imho). I am no expert in solid boosters from late 50s but IRL by the time Moon Orbiter and Luna 10 flew, they did not use solid boosters for last burn as far as I know. I suspect that solid boosters back then would be far less reliable after four days in space (have no sources for this, just probably the reason they did not send orbiters around the moon before 1966). I am not advocating how to play RP-1 "properly", it is just explanation for background for my house rules. Everyone should play a game however they want. So I ended up with this configuration: Which solids did you use in your orbiter? - I don't recognise them (you seem to have clipped them into payload so I can't se what they are).
  10. Yesterday I failed to achieve orbit around the Moon in my RP-1 career due to discovering that the mod had fuel boil off implemented. Long story short, the fuel in my tanks evaporated in the travel between Earth and Moon. I had to change to untested American AJ10 series engine in the top stage in order to fulfill moon orbiter contract - it was only restartable engine which used fuels that do not suffer from same problems as kerosine/ liqued oxygen combo that all my other engines use. Unlike yesterday's attempt, this mission went without problems. Images in the spoiler.
  11. Continued my KSP RP-1 career. After successful manned missions around the earth, including the rendezvous between satellite and mercury capsule, I tried my luck on a moon orbiter. And got introduced to the phenomena of certain fuels boiling off in space... From comfortable 900 ms budget, I ended up with 0 in the four days it took to come to moon... I detached it from engine section in order to conserve more electricity and at least get some science back from the failed mission (very little since my signals don't reach beyond the moon). So no good pictures or stories to be had today, since the orbiter slingshoted around the moon and headed in the dark space, forever to be lost to the Kerbalkind
  12. Today I completed two contracts at once in my RP-1 career with first rendezvous coupled with manned orbit (not the milestone but generic contract) with nice boost in cash, finally allowing me to afford 3 mil VAB upgrade. Rendezvous in RP-1 career (without Principia) is similar in principal to the stock except that dV budget requirements are far larger, most engines, definitely in late 50s, can only be started once (mono propellants are your friend) and Kerbalism life support implementation means that you are on the clock. So actually...it is not alike the stock at all when I think about it... The target craft was a science probe that was no longer useful and new S1.5400 engine (engine with large black engine bell at the craft with Mercury capsule) proved indispensable since it actually CAN be relit 5 times. Return home is always exciting since I never really figured out the re-entry profile for Mercury capsule:
  13. Yes, yes and yes. And the last sentence is my current plan.
  14. Continued my RP-1 career with a science gathering mission which entails kerbal orbiting Earth in mercury capsule for 10 hours. This may very well be first Kerbal to die in this career. For some reason RCS does not work and I can't rotate the capsule in order to orient the de-orbiting rockets the right way
  15. Continued my RP-1 Career. Today the mission was to achieve Molniya orbit. Spent lot of time burning mono-propellant to get final period time demanded by the contract. Point of this orbit (summary totally not taken from wiki) was for SSSR to solve problem of spending lot of dV launching into geostationary orbit from Baikanur. Another issue this orbit solution was solving was the problem with energy demands on a satellite in geostationary orbit would have to spend transmitting to SSSR's territories (which for most part are on higher latitudes).
  16. Ugh...I remember that struggle from stock. One of those things in KSP that may work 5 of 10 times and I avoided using. LIfe is too short for that struggle.
  17. Continued my RP-1 career (this is third restart due to updates to various parts of the mod) - preformed my second Moon impactor mission (Emulating SSSR Luna 2 mission and US Ranger missions). Due to RO mod not implementing time zones, I launched at 10:30 local time but it was pitch dark. As usual something had to go wrong and the main engine, RD-108, seized up but I lucked out on timing and I only lost 100 dV. I build my rocket with lot of spare dV so it was not a critical failure. Image above shows third stage finishing its burn, finalizing the orbit around the earth. Below the last stage, including the impacter payload can be seen flying over Africa. Impacter pluss avionics section on the way to the moon: Unfortunately no images from the moon since I landed on the dark side. Resulting image would be pitch dark and no point in posting that. I enjoy the early tech in RP-1 mod, since I find the age of space "firsts" to be most fascinating. Kerbalism? With all features on?
  18. From rocket design to aircraft design in RP-1. Fulfilling speed contract.
  19. Mass. You think that Sergei Koralev would not design 60t launch vehicle for Sputnik 1 if he could? 8K71PS launch vehicle (R-7 Semyorka variant), capable of 500 kg to LEO, was bit shy of 270t. It makes beating the historic dates somewhat easy in the mod (nowhere as easy as in earlier versions where people were launching kerbals in orbit by 1952 or at least by 1953 on normal difficulty).
  20. Redesigned my previous rocket design with new tech I unlocked in my RP-1 career. Went from 149 ton to bit under 57.8t. This is where RO mod is not entirely realistic. It would be bit hard for such design to be made in late 50s, using existing tech, but whatever: Total dV budget: 10806 dV with no cargo Can lift 540 kg to LEO. 3 parts (stages) with RD-108 main engine and two RD-0105 engines in the middle and top.
  21. We all were there at one point of time...next phase is landing on Mun but not having enough dV to get back.
  22. Nothing impressive today, just finished one more mission on restarted RP-career (Advanced Biological Suborbital Experiment). Laika died just like in real life due to her not fitting into Sample return box - but we got the data we needed.
  23. While most posted content in this thread is about the projects that go well, this game is at its most interesting when things go to hell in the true Kerbal way. After taking up X-plane contracts in my RP-1 career (basically make a plane, reach a height or hold a speed for certain time, not that much variation bar the design challenge of course), in what should be a boring contract, I managed to get my plane in a spin, for the first time since I started playing KSP: https://imgur.com/sXebuZEI dropped from 50 000 -60 000 m to 21 000 m before regaining control, losing one of the canards in the process, which can be seen in the image under: Unfortunatly, the aircraft turned too much to the left during the approach to the air strip and I had to use the noob landing procedure (parachute) in order to land the aircraft. Due to graphical glitch I cant show how close I am to the home base in the last image (max 200 meters)
  24. Reinstalled the KSP (bi-monthly ritual - because there is nothing like it out there) and managed to break the sound barrier in my RP-1 carrier with subsonic tech and hold it there for 30 sec. Nothing special, many have done this before, but it was the first time for me. Image taken on the way home (so technically mission was not yet over, I had to land)
  25. This. And it does not only apply to this game's steam forum. ----------- Would I like it to come out earlier - sure... But I haven't paid anything for it yet so I couldn't care less. Now, if they had opened for preordering, taken the money and then communicated postponement of the game , the case would be different (typical for 50% of early release games on steam).
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