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  1. Not sure what you mean but everything is where it should be, doing its job when being launched up in the air ? I take pride in building for function only. See - it makes sure nose is pointing the right way when flying up: Examples from Airships: Conquer the Skies:
  2. Today's gaming session is finished with my first crewed orbit in Realism Overhaul. For those not familiar with that mod, you play in real sized solar system, using approximation of the real life engines. Rockets need to be built (takes time) and parts can and do fail. My first attempt was less than glorious.... I reused my lunar probe rocket (I produced two in expectations that the first would fail) which would have more than enough of dV if the damn mod mechanics did not insist on loading the tiny capsule with full contingent of food and water (14 days) despite being told otherwise. The kerbal pilot, Joshua Coleman, almost passed out because the rocket was not human rated. I reached barely an orbit which would have given me a safe decent for the Vostok capsule (had to use RCS to give me last few km). Have to mention that just before the tanks were empty for fuel, main booster engine failed. After lot of close calls and less than ideal start, the Vostok capsule settled in a orbit around earth, where it will stay for day and return with 72 science.
  3. Nothing creative today but more of gaming the system in my RP-1 career - rockets designed in SPH (Spaceplane Hangar) and launched from airfield can be recovered in current version and reused. Since I am bored to death by position satellite X in Orbit AxB with inclination of Y, I have (ab)used the repetitive airplane contract which ask you to launch to height of 120 km for up to 30 000 credits (depending on difficulty and how long since last time you took the contract). This rocket can be turned around in 5 days and relaunched minimizing the time it keeps the build line busy.
  4. TLDR version: To quote popular meme from some time ago, today's mission in my RP-1 career was "Not great, not terrible". I failed to fulfill Moon flyby but succeeded with Moon impact contract in Realism Overhaul. More detailed version: The two contract's, I aimed to fulfill today, are supposed to emulate real life late 1950s missions to explore the Moon - flyby of the Moon and impact missions. In my alternative history, I aimed to fulfill both objectives of these historic missions, coming near enough to the moon to gather data and impacting the moon's surface to do what real life Luna 1 mission aimed to do but failed (Luna 2 succeed to do). Since this was the very first time I was launching to the Moon in my RP-1 career/Realism Overhaul mod, I kinda followed general advice from the net but which all proved wrong. For the design vehicle, I used my previously described rocket just with bigger liquid booster tanks, 13188 dV total (vacuum). First thing to go wrong is that, that one of the RD-107 malfunctioned, careening the rocket to the side and ended up in highly offset (from the desired) ecliptic orbit, shown in the spoiler below. Btw - all engines are single fire only, meaning that they cannot be restarted. Due to the bug in forum software, rest of the post is in the spoilers (sorry for this).
  5. Continuing my little RP-1 career experiment, I built a new rocket generation, finally doing away with post-ww2 rocket engines which fail even more often after latest update. It follows real life R-7 inspired configuration with RD-108 main engine with four RD-107 boosters and finally RD-0501 engine in the top. Is is half of the mass of historic R-7 with 147 tons (but not half the capability). It can lift 3200 kg payload in orbit, limited by the launchpad's current max mass limitations. Not enough for historic Vostok capsule and perhaps enough for Mercury, but plenty enough for a jury rigged Kerbal solution. Second and final stage images in the spoiler.
  6. Congrats. First orbit and first Mun landing is the best moments in KSP. After that, stuff becomes just dV calculation. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Continuing my KSP RP-1 career which had to be restarted due to latest updates of the mod re-balancing much of the early era hardware so it is bit more historically accurate. Since historically, I did not progress that far in the career, it was not that much of revert so here we go again. Early on, the mod got couple of X-1, X-2 etc missions which involve airplane design (this type of contracts can be turned off but I forgot) which I am usually not that big fan of. That being said when asked to produce plane that can reach 30 km up, I had fun with the contract: FFAR analyses tool says the airplane on image below is a death trap for Kerbals and making this design a "safe plane" gives a maximum speed of around 500 m/s. So how about an unsafe airplane design you may ask? You don't ask? Well, I am gonna tell you anyway - 912 m/s or 3283 km/h before engines melt and explode: It is basically 3 Tumansky RD-11 engines with wings attached. Same engines were used by SSSR's MiG-21PF and Su-15 (initially) but never as triplets. Huge canards give better control and shorten the take off distance by half. Engines of the airplane on the images have died because I used up all fuel after 6 min. And since this game is (mainly) about rockets here is one of the early morning launch:
  7. Vacation time over here but not much Kerbal time, so I just had time to mess around with a rocket plane mission in my RP-1 career. Just managed to glide back to the airfield (in RP-1 mod, you can reuse your aircraft after landing them back home).
  8. Hear! Hear! Default camera controls are result of making horrible implementation in order to avoid edge case problems and thereby lowering user experience100% of time.
  9. After yesterday's failure, today I focused on building aircraft. I am not new to the subject - I have built VTOL aircraft in stock (fun but not very practical) - but for some reason, in Realism Overhaul mod I had constant issues with aircraft constantly swinging off the airfield before managing to take off. So I built on a working design I had from somewhere (it is called Peregrine but no idea who org creater was ) which solved the wheels issue. I replaced the cockpit and changed the materials to the ones from RO mod. Also added canards. The engine is based Tumansky R-11, used IRL for Mig-21 and Su-15. In this design it translates in 500-550 m/s max horizontal at 10 000+ meters, around 15 min of flight. Take off speed : 127 m/s (with canards...). It climbs and accelerates OK though. Landing speed: Beats me... I am not taking any chances in RO with this! The mismatch in the colors is due to how lighting affects coloring of stock items (in this picture inline cockpit and landing gear boxes) and procedural items. I could have used more time to get it perfect but....life is too short...
  10. And my desperate attempt on beating Union of Soviet Kerbalist Republics in race to get first man in space failed due to engine failure in last stage.... It started well. The rocket was rolled out of VAB during the daytime in perfect weather, 15:45 The staging went well and despite dropping fairing bit too early, not much dv was lost by it. And then 15 seconds after last stage was ignited, engine failure: As you can see in the left corner, the brownish color on the engine icon indicates performance loss. In Realism Overhaul mod one needs ca 9400 dV, depending on where you launch from, to reach orbit. One can do with less but not that much efficiency loss. Also I have experienced explosions when engine was overtaxed and I was not sure if I was running some additional risk. So I ditched the engine section and coasted back into the atmosphere. Because I was so distracted by the failure above, I forgot to activate/detach the de-orbiting rockets and they exploded from the heat during the re-entry. Fortunately only the reserve chute was taken out but I did not manage to take any pictures during the wild ride that followed. Contact with the pilot, Gerd Hoffman, was lost due to wild G-forces on the aircraft cockpit. Fortunately he recovered 4500 meters above ground and managed to activate the parachutes. 15.4 Science points and 30K+ reward for beating crewed speed record of 5000 km/h was what I got out of this mission but in this alternative history, Kerbal Gagarin will be the first man in the orbit...
  11. After using Mechjeb for first time yesterday, I remembered why I stopped using it in 2013/2014 - the damn thing requires you to construct rockets in special way, especially if you play with realistic sized solar system. In my case 400 kg with extra weight (ullage problems) and extra dV fuel. Seeing that I have effed up my RP-1 career with damaging my facilities which ruined me financially, I did some calculations regarding when my research will be done and ca time to build crewed orbital rocket. I realized that to beat Gagarin to space, I will have to resort to some desperate measures:
  12. After a short break from gaming due to life obligation, today I got time to design next variant (I would not call it a generation) of rockets in my RP-1 career in Realism Overhaul mod. While having unlocked more powerful rocket engines, lack of funds and launchpad limitation makes these kinda useless currently - what is point of using engines which lifted historic R-7 Semyorka into space when your launchpad is limited to 100 tons? So instead I redesigned current generation of my rockets which resulted in a 11 300 dV rocket with 145 kg payload which it can comfortable lift into 700 km circular orbit. This variant can at its max lift 1200 kg into low orbit of Earth, which is more than enough for early missions. Perhaps even just enough for 700 kg Mercury capsule + 1 kerbal and other equipment? Of course any safety feature (I play with no revert) would have to be omitted. If any Realism Overhaul veteran reads this and has any good advice for me, please do share them! I have replaced Scud missile engine (S2.253) of an earlier variant of this rocket with historically more correct RD-0105 (shown on the image below) which was specifically designed to be used for upper stages of rockets in SSSR. It remains to be seen whether it's historically problems with reliability (early on) are also modeled in. Finally due to contracts in RP-1 being balanced around Mechjeb AND me still not having access to maneuvering nodes and orbit info, I have finally relented and for the first time since 2013, I have today launched a missile with it. Of course, one of the RD-101 engines lost efficiency and the damn autopilot slammed the rocket into the sea - luckily it was simulation mode in RP-1 otherwise I would be *issed off at having to wait additional 140 day for the next rocket to be built.
  13. I recommend Kerbalism mod here unless you are stock only guy (which I too was few years back). It adds more depth to the game, also the science part. But expect to lose your Kerbals left and right unless you remove some stuff in cfg.
  14. Got some more time to play and managed to finish the mission in RP-1 career which required to have mission payload in certain orbit for two days. Image of the rocket that delivered part of the payload was linked to before. Now I can detach the science part (packaged in early tech solar panels)of the 331 satellite which will start collecting science (way more difficult in RP-1, which uses Kerbalism system that collects science data over time instead of instantly as in stock version of the game). Mission of the science satellite will last 90 days. The goal is to unlock tech that allows maneuvering modes (so far I have been navigating by navball and MK1 eyeball). Also took second hop into the space for extra money and science. Since I have not unlocked the capsules in my RP-1 career, I am using X-15 cockpit (IRL cockpit belonging to US rocket airplane capable of reaching the edge of space) to send a Kerbal 560 km up in air when fuel tanks are fully loaded. But since I have not heat shields yet, using solid boosters to slow down decent into atmosphere will be necessary when flying so high up.
  15. Got little time to play today (only an hour in the early morning and now 15 minutes to post this). Moved my RP-1 carrier forward by fulfilling two contracts (navigation and weather) together and adding small science satellite of mine own. 1200 kg of payload plus additional gear in a slightly more expensive Earth orbit was delivered by adding additional liquid fuel boosters (IRL favored by SSSR, while US went solid booster path) to the earlier design I posted about here in the thread. Picture below shows the moment of separation of the liquid boosters (sharp eyed will notice that this was post fact run - simulation part in RP ). The original "Koralev cross" was perfect...
  16. Got some time to play Kerbal today too. Continuing my RP-1 career, I am taking on First Weather Satellite mission. This one is easy compared to the rest of the satellite missions which are obviously balanced around people using Mechjeb (nothing wrong about it - I just prefer not to do that). This is same rocket as the one used for Sputnik mission, just that I added half of the Korolev cross configuration with two RD-101 engines acting as liquid boosters. Middle stage is highly unreliable S2-253 engine (Scud rocket engine) with final stage being powered by single Airbee engine. I am looking forward to the more modern engines which can be throttled AND turned on and off more than once.
  17. With certain mods, the visuals in this game (provided you don't look too closely) can give many modern games run for their money.
  18. Well after earlier disaster that ruined the bank account of the space program (no revert, ironman save mode) which almost put the end of my RP-1 carrier, finally success: First man-made object is about to be put in the space (in 1956 in this alternative reality): Putting stuff in orbit around Kerbin is a child's play - this lady is powered by ancient tech where you never know how much dv you will get out of the engine before it seizes up.
  19. Earlier that day on the press conference before the announced launch of the worlds first satellite: "The last decade progress in the automation and rocket science allows for synergy between the two, opening for new and exciting opportunities in space exploration, totally safe for Kerbals" Later that same evening. "800 casualties and climbing as one of the the rocket's four booster engine failed and rocket slammed into the VAB factory instead of going to the stars...."
  20. May I say that this game has been the best buck for the money game in my life? If you measure "dollar per hour played" at least. Today, I attempted the 3000 km range rocket milestone in my RP-1 career. Below we are seeing 3 stage rocket with first stage booster provided by Soviet era RD-101 rocket engines being run beyond its stated runtime and two spin-stabilized upper stages being powered by US Aerobee engines. Despite fearing of having too little speed and finally losing control of the last stage, the tumbling warhead reached 3000 km milestone:
  21. First casualty in RP-1 carrier (part of Realism Overhaul mod)... Jimmy Walker was knocked out due to high-g maneuvering under high speeds. RD-100 (improved copy of V-2's A-4) was powerful enough to push the rocket above rated height of the X-1 cockpit . RIP....
  22. What to do in Kerbal when you have done all in stock version? After short foray into Kerbalism mod, I restarted the game with realism overhaul mod with newest RP-1 express install (https://github.com/KSP-RO/RP-0/wiki/RO-&-RP-1-Express-Installation-for-1.12.3). I also ignored all the established knowledge about mix-maxing early sounding rocket - This is 380 km AP capable rocket (in Earth atmosphere) powered by early 1950 tech RD-100 with 400 L cargo with 3 internal science experiments integrated) with 148 days building time (after 2 points invested in VAB build times). Earned 60 000 on the very first flight. Is this impressive in KSP? - nope. Am I still immensely proud after my first foray in RP-1? Yes, I am...
  23. You make Eve landing and ascent capable spacecraft capable of bringing 3 kerbals + science equipment from Kerbal to Eve and back. Due to clipping issues between ladders which are too narrowly placed and your lack of testing of exactly that feature, your kerbals detach from ladder 10-15 meters from the ground and cannot climb back into the spacecraft because they detach from the ladder at exact same spot regardless if they are climbing up or down.
  24. After completing stock career (that is to say, I have done everything), I installed the kerbalism mod with Simplex tech tree with no-revert career but I had too much of KSP and took longer break from it. Today I fired up KSP again and decided to try a Mun landing. Apparently part failure is feature of the mod (on purpose I decided to not read up on all features of the mod). The engine decided to die on my just as I was about to lift up... Since the sole occupant of the lander is Bob Kerman (scientist dude), he cant repair the darn thing. Fortunately, I stocked up with extra food and oxygen, so I got time to mount rescue mission. This will kill my budget...
  25. Seeing the pilot image, I can imagine Jebediah thinking, "They did not see that one coming!"
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