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  1. After longer break from KSP, having done "everything", inspired by "For all mankind" tv series , I have returned to KSP and started new career without revert option enabled and with kerbalism mod (life support, changes to science gathering, reliability, etc) . I did cheat and gave myself enough science points to unlock stayputnik probe because KSP has highly unrealistic (imho) tech tree where player is supposed to design crewed spacecraft before designing uncrewed spacecraft (kerbal life is cheap I guess) . So I am back to simple designs and part testing
  2. 2012 or 2013 but it was me gaming with a friend - he owned the game. According to steam support info page, I got my own version 25th of April 2013. But I did take longer breaks from the game - first time when managing to land on Mun, second time when managing to land on Duna and now when I have managed to land on each moon and planet in the system. Each time when I came back there was ton of new functionality and game play had changed (heat was no issue first time I played and you could use jet engines to reach orbit). So according to steam got 670 hours times played so I haven't clocked in nowhere near the time some players have despite owning the game for long time. Hence the username.
  3. Did you find the solution to this? I have the same problem.
  4. Does anyone know if EVA repair packs are one time use? I had a mission of repairing satellite around minimus and then repairing a satellite around Mun and I used same rocket and crew to take on those two jobs (plus some other stuff). After being done at minimus I headed to Mun and discovered that repair pack was gone...
  5. Yeah, I found walkaround with transfer option by pure chance (there is a thread about that). The problem itself was related to the potential clipping by large scanning arm on a rover attached near the command pod. Hard to explain but if you took the design in VAB and then used menu option to show the scanning range of the arm it would cover the command pod too.
  6. I verified now that clipping is the reason but I as far as I can observe is not the only reason. I am one of the purist when it comes to parts clipping (although sometimes you cannot avoid it) and try to avoid it in order to not offend and summon the kraken. But as you state - parts that potentially can clip may trigger this message. I have section with a rover which has a large scanning arm. When in dormant state it cant in any way clip with the command section below. By detaching the stage with rover from the spacecraft the Kerbals could leave and enter the command pod without problems. SEQ-9 component was definetly not clipping in any way but the rover section above it may be the culprit.
  7. No effect. Even if I removed everything on the command pod, I still get the hatch blocked message. Even if I load the design from VAB (new space craft) I get the same bug. Only when I removed the SEQ-9 container module attached to the top of the command pod, did the message disappear. Reattaching it again in the VAB did not cause the error message again. So this is IMHO perhaps patch related if they fiddled with dimensions of the container modules. Pure speculation by me of course. Only by choosing transfer crew option via menu and then choosing EVA option, can Kerbals disambark. They can enter the command plot normal way.
  8. * Fix inconsistency in the detection of hatch obstruction. Hmmm. Wanted to test this update but first I was hit by "hatch is blocked" message. Wonder whether this is related to this update. Made separate thread about it but writing about it here in case more people notice the same
  9. After short break, I wanted to test new KSP update and I am getting now message that the design below has blocked hatch (nobody can go EVA. On other hand if I use transfer option I can put kerbals on EVA and then they are able to enter the craft normally. See the image of the mentioned hatch below:
  10. After having played this game for over 50 hours since release (spent good chunk of my vacation on this unfortunately) I can say that people should not buy this right now, especially on other platforms than PC. The game is good game with nice setting and I keep coming back to it but it is not really that well executed technically which is more and more apparent the more you play the game. This takes all the bad concepts of MVP approach to product placement to new heights and CDPR (the dev company) has taken a hit on their stock value over 20 % because of this. I rather advice people to buy Deus Ex (if they have not played it before) games which are on sale now if they for some reason MUST play a cyberpunk type of game and buy Cyberpunk2077 once it hits discount bin. Right now, despite me believing that it will potentially be a decent game sometimes in the future, it is not worth the asking price.
  11. Than refund the game if that is important enough for you. If many enough russians do that maybe someone would care. Good decision right now. Generally the Cyberpunk is a game that tries to do too many things at same time so I am not inclined to believe that the overall quality of the game will be increased by patches.
  12. This game has truckload of problems but the one you describe is NOT major one. Cyberpunk 2077 is based on Cyberpunk 2013/2020 tabletop game from 80s and the lore created for it by Mike Pondsmith. So if you are going to complain about these particular names - they are from that lore and setting and you are laying the blame at wrong people's shoulders here. Also want to say that Russians are getting away lightly compared to others when it comes to butchering of their names.
  13. Making rich people richer. Not gonna elaborate on that but it is not stocks or finance related (directly) or within legal sector. Not very proud of it but I got talent for it...
  14. Quoted for the truth - it applies in so many areas of life...
  15. How do you tell how much dv certain amount of monopropellant will produce in 41 ton spacecraft? Also do note that I do have rule of no-reload in this particular career (not when playing/experimenting in sandbox obviously or when bugs cause some issues) as I thought I indicated in first sentence in this post indirectly but perhaps should have done so more explicitly. Maybe this is what is causing confusion. If I dump fuel, see no effect, I can still orginize intercept from kerbin to save 3 kerbals. If I burn RCS for several minutes and see no desired effect then my options are reduced. Now if you reload whenever things go wrong - yep, than you can go back in time and try something else but as you can read above that is against my rules.
  16. Sorry, I don't see what you comment has to do with or that it addresses in any way broader context of my post.
  17. True, especially if you don't have rule against reloading (and dont have other parallel missions which are doing their own intercepts while this crafts is on the way to its maneuver node). The way I play burning RCS would be a guessing game - you are assuming that I knew that dumping propellant from one of the tanks would be enough and could make a plan based on that. My idea was to dump propellant from one tank and see on dV readout the effects of that and follow up with additional dumps if needed or think of something else if it had no effect. Now the remaining RCS fuel will be used to reduce Pe once I achieve the orbit around Kerbal. Or whatever.
  18. Used it 10 seconds ago and thought of your comment. I had just not enough dv (bit under 100 ms) for insertion maneuver at kerbin and discovered it too late. There are several ways to solve this including abusing game mechanics but I did it using drain valve -dumped the mono-propellant onboard from one tank and it was more than enough. This is not a component I use a lot but I have it on each long journey mission. Another use was earlier in my SSTO using rapier engines (among other things) - I dumped oxidizer when returning to kerbin after kerbonaut rescue mission so that I could have most flying time inside the atmosphere. Did not need it at the end since I had "perfect" entry and could glide to the airfield but still a valid example...
  19. There is no right and wrong in KSP -the only thing that matters is - does the rocket transport the payload where I want to? If yes - It is a great design imho. Wast majority of users on this forums will disagree but that is neither here or there. I don't aim for general TWR value but I want as much as possible TWR at atmo stages below 20 000 for heavy rockets but generally I am more concerned with DV budget. In career mode I aimed for cheapest possible launch which generally translates to lower TWR values - but I have now reached a stage where money is no longer issue (80 million in the bank) and I want cleanest and fastest orbit and this design behaves at its best with 1.5+ TWR up to 10 000 meters (when I tested it before adding last 60 tons on the top). It means I can start turning much earlier and get out of the lower atmosphere much faster than with lower TWR. Some other design would be excellent at 1.1 TWR but than I suspect it would have been more aerodynamic than what I slapped together. This design? I would have spent ages spending DV fighting gravity in lower atmosphere. I see now that you have in your post that your are playing JNSQ mod. Can't compare the designs then, especially if they kept stock components.
  20. The below picture is nothing special compared to what people usually post in this forum - it is unusual for me.... First of all let me link to a chart of rocket sizes: Usually, I launch large spacecraft in several parts to orbit and then dock the relevant parts to each other there. I prefer small to medium sized rockets. But this time, I went lazy and for the heck of it made this monster - 158 meters tall (assembled as three different designs in VAB one time or another and now merged together). It was too tall for for VAB with top clipping the roof and bottom stage clipping the floor, but seems to be ok once on the launch pod. .... Despite it looking as I went overboard with boosters and engines, its TWR is crappy at 1.37
  21. If you have pilot of sufficient skill or proper probe core that can do target tracking then docking is easy mode "set as target" on docking port command given to each space craft together with "control from here" option on respective docking ports if the docking port is offset allows you to dock easy mode. NAVBALL and speed diff gives you all the info you need... Unless in Jool and Eeloo - than fuel cell has it use if you have high energy demand (your way works too there to a point but parts count...)
  22. Well, I haven't really looked for this kind of experience so I cant honestly say that there are or that there are not the mods like that. Probably there are. I know that depending on storyteller setting (setting of Rimworld which decides on how often and how big disasters will come your way) you can make for more calmer setting. I have used stock settings but you can really customize your experience. But if I am to compare Rimworld to other games on strictly base-building or management aspect of the game, it is an OK game but there are many games out there that do this much better with more options and intricacies.
  23. Rimworld is not your type of game, trust me. Perhaps Prison Architect, Workers and Resources Soviet Republic, Tropico (all different games from Factorio but of type "organize stuff and things") is more your type. There are many to choose from. Rimworld is rigged against you as you say, unless you play at the easiest options and disable increase in difficulty. And it is not a base building game primary, that is of secondary nature - it is primarily a disaster managing game. To me it is one of the most fascinating games of this decade (not the best I played but on the top) - then again I unlocked the perfect colonist combo - max 8 people, heavily augmented cannibalistic sociopaths. Same gang on their fourth replay, increasingly augmented in each throughplay but suffer now from age related diseases. Fortunately organ harvesting from pirate POWs keeps the the gang alive and fresh meat from dead enemy bodies allows them to survive the current nuclear winter. But I agree - it is not everyone's cup of tea.
  24. I don't see how Witcher 3 and GTA gets mixed here :-) Cyberpunk in general and Cyberpunk 2077 particular (it has a tabletop game background, originating with something called Cyberpunk 2020) have no touching point with the two games you mentioned thematically . Gameplay wise it is also a quite different game from from the two based on what has been shown so far but I can see where you see some similarities with Witcher 3 (GTA has extremely simplistic combat model). I have bought it since I felt this game is something I could take a risk on. Same as I did on KSP and Rimworld back in time. Do I believe it is going to be masterpiece? Hell no.... I kind of ignored the hype until recently but have last two months "updated myself" on the what marketing has been out there and I feel that the game cant live up to expectations it is putting out there. You cant target both RPG and GTA crowd (to take them as an example) via marketing and expect that you will please both groups. Most people don't complete their games: https://www.reddit.com/r/truegaming/comments/8th8ed/data_game_completion_we_dont_finish_games/ That being said, even if the real life obligations did not intrude on your gaming time - there is an attention span limit/saturation point for every game out there. 35 hours is a golden average (totally unscientific datapoint, just how I feel). Witcher 3 had too much to do. I completed campaign and most of the secondary missions. By the time it was time to start on DLCs (which I got in a package deal) I had to take a break. Not because it was a bad game but because I got fed up by the setting (even a chocolate tastes bitter if you eat too much of it). This comes from a guy that completed 600 hours on KSP...
  25. I think it has to do that they (and KSP) belong to their own genre of games and your average game journalist cant put those in nice fitting categories they are used to. Mars Horizon and BASPM are clearly their own category and KSP falls in another one. But to reviewers all of them have rockets in them. On related note, BASPM has been updated now and then - last time in august last year. But yes both Slithering and developer company have moved on to something else.
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