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  1. Brainwashed by what? "The media?" The same bunch that's criticized military spending since I was born? My schools? Television? Don't think it's a reasonable conclusion to make? So, I'll ask you this. If military development has no effect on scientific development, how come it took until the Gulf War for GPS networks to actually take off? How come it took until V-2s started hitting Britain for the idea of rocketry to spread around and become what it is today? How come it took a rivalry between the USSR and US for either power to develop good rockets? Surely everyone shares the same ideali
  2. An excuse to overthink a videogame? I'll take it! I have doubts that Kerbals are solely responsible for their own successes. It's not because they "act too stupid" to be space-fairing. It's not because they're biologically maladapted for space transit. Though I still laugh at the Wiki article that says Kerbals just developed the ability to walk. The way they act and are doesn't seem to line up with their technological sophistication. I get that they aren't human. Still, you see a few human traits in them that makes me want to say they are pretty close to humans. The way they c
  3. Oh, definitely in this community base... Well-armed and equipped military forces are not a threat to international stability and peace. They're actually a requirement for peace and stability. Si vis pacem, parabellum.
  4. To be honest, I've actually played Career mode with that kind of stuff from the start because I've tried to see if you could profit from ISRU in stock KSP (results were disappointing). Also, true sandbox feels "hollow" sometimes. No rewards screen, even when rewards don't truly matter, makes the game feel hollow. I get that sandbox is for testing. It makes sense. But, seeing your tests work and then having absolutely nothing else to show for it feels empty to me. Bringing Kerbals back in one piece is nice. But that's the expectation (someone did most of this IRL without killing someone after a
  5. At 40m/s, all you'll really have is an expensive rover that doesn't even drive on the ground. You're looking for quick, long-range transit, right? You'll definitely hit the long-range factor with an electric aircraft. At least you'll have good endurance times. But, that's not fast. You could keep it if you realize you really need endurance more than speed. If you go for a faster, rocket-propelled aircraft, you could still get range, but not for very long. You may not endure well with rockets because of the way rockets are. You also may want to consider "payloads" if you may. An elec
  6. Basically, I have a lot of multi-role machines in orbit or on the ground. I've gone pretty far with this "multirole" stuff to be honest. Even as far as to build an amphibious scientific research vehicle (no lab, I didn't think to incorporate one) with vehicle recovery ability (robot arm with Klaw). After finishing my amphibious science machine, I started to wonder if I was feature creeping my designs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feature_creep (Yeah, Wikipedia. It's just for a simple definition.) I mean, less can definitely be more, but Swiss Army Knives sell well for a good reason
  7. Well, that's actually quite legitimate. With requirements like that, I don't see much else that could deliver. Have any "drafts" yet?
  8. Not as viable as on Kerbin or Laythe. Duna's atmospheric pressure is really low compared to Kerbin's pressure. Less dense atmosphere = less optimal for flight. You can do it, but you'd need large wing area or a lot of thrust. Before we can tell you if the ends will justify the means, what exactly do you need a fixed-wing aircraft on Duna for that other solutions can't achieve?
  9. Well, thanks for the advice. It sounds like helicopters are kind of a dead-end in KSP... What about a Ka-50 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamov_Ka-50) style helicopter? It's not a compound helicopter but it does use the coaxial configuration you namedropped. No jets or propellers, just the rotors to hover around with.
  10. Ion engines are weak. Comparatively quite weak actually. That's because they aren't supposed to be what gets you to the stars. Rather they are what pushes you around while your in space. Real-world examples of ion engines are mounted on "lightweight" spacecraft. NASA has an article on the topic. I can't out-science NASA so here it is: https://www.nasa.gov/centers/glenn/about/fs21grc.html. The long and short of it is that you will never take off with an Ion engine. You can, however, use one at your "end stages" and use them to keep your spacecraft/ satellite/ probe moving or to kee
  11. Even with small, local particle systems, that's GPU-consuming for not much of an effect.
  12. I want the effects and all, but I have to go along with @K^2's idea of having it be controlled by difficulty settings. Weather effects completely fit the description of modifying/ complicating gameplay. It should be optional or at least semi-controllable based on difficulty. I'd want effects to be so far as preventing launches, or at least forcing you to do something about the weather. Actions like applying de-icing agents to flight surfaces, shoveling/ plowing snow (I'm a New Englander, snow = get shovel to me), and even dealing with the damage to buildings done by weather. Of course I'd
  13. So, I got this DLC wanting to make helicopters. I found out pretty fast that metaphorically bought the tool, but not the skill. Yet. The DLC has a few stock "helicopters" which are just ducted-fan VTOLs and flying platforms. However, I'm trying to make a "conventional helicopter" so to say. A helicopter with a main rotor and a smaller tail rotor. So far, my results have been far from desirable. My first rotor-tail rotor helicopter design (image links below) was awful. All it did was break itself. https://prnt.sc/tsxyu0 http://prntscr.com/tsxz61 What's t
  14. Thanks a lot. I never thought to use servos in place of hinges.
  15. Is it possible to obtain hypersonic flight in KSP? The highest airspeed I've achieved with an airplane yet was somewhere around Mach 4, but can you go any higher?
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