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  1. In this mod is possbile to do an automatic anex fairing? for eg; put 2 or 3 satelites sequentialy and the structure is automaticly inserted by the mod? just like vanilla
  2. Using in this altitude for testing, only. I use translatron when making fine adjustment, thats why im liquided off, its aruining thousands of landings because sometimes it works the kill horizontal speed and sometimes not! just cut off the engines when i press.
  3. Does anyone knows why translatron sometimes the KILL HORIZONTAL SPEED doesnt work??? Somtimes yes, somtimes not. Am i using it wrong? https://prnt.sc/tsoahp
  4. is it working in 1.10? Looks like it is. But no reaction wheels, i keep spinning like a star. How it should be correctly used in stock ksp?
  5. By the default topic msg, it doesnt work on Tundra addon. Any update on it? Thank you
  6. Is it working on 1.10? SOmeone is using? i really would like
  7. Yep, now on 1.10. After using the docking cam you change the camera view and the text of docking infos keep on screen Thank you linux
  8. @linuxgurugamer thanks for supporting this mod, really useful. After docking with cam, got some buggy cam... take a look, https://prnt.sc/tganqq the text keeps showing and sometimes i cannot back to normal game cam mode.
  9. Yes, KSP 1.10.0 Thank you! But the problem is that even unninstaling procedural fairing, keeps the same error
  10. Now my original STOCK fairings are unable to construct. Anyone with this issue?
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