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  1. Remove "RO_Angara_DecQ.cfg" file from mod folder and try it again .
  2. I did it but then realized commonly used parts in different folders exist! Well, That’s just my thought, not a request! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
  3. Man, This mod is huge! If we could have light versions which assets separated into them, you name it Atlas, Delta, Titan, etc...family rockets, Then for sure it would be useful for many who are interested in some special parts of this beautiful mod! Anyway, the most detailed model of the Delta IV Heavy rocket I saw around was in your pack, By using the Orion crew module from REdirect got my own EFT-1 Cheers
  4. Yep i have same problem, Atlas V in most configurations is very unbalanced... even SAS doesn't help either and can't stabilize the rocket at certain heights!
  5. Was looking for the Titan IV rocket and got what i wanted, Big thanks for this beautiful mod! Found no issue with fairing , You must switch attachment mod to the triple nodes i think
  6. So i need to have a tool that can shows me most economical needed ∆v /burn time /flight trajectory for injecting my desired payloads into the my desired orbits When i'm making my rockets!
  7. So the Lockheed Martin X-33 is still Alive ?
  8. With 1.9.1 version Proton rocket Upscaled to the real size i think , But only first stage! or I'm the only one who has this problem? By the way this mod is fantastic,love it
  9. Are you saying stock mod without any modification just works fine with 1.9.1. version?! would try it .
  10. My game version is 1.9.0 and Angara rocket doesn't appear in game at all not even a single bolt !
  11. Angara A5 seems so cute and unique ! The only problem here is ... this mod don't work anymore !
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