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  1. If I can figure out the cfg files, yes. It's kind of hard to figure out the volume and mass ratios of the real propellants without B9PartSwitch helping me. But if someone else wants to write RO cfgs, feel free to submit a pull request
  2. Hydrolox gets balanced by using it for very efficient upper stages that are much lighter, requiring a smaller first stage (a la Atlas V) using it as a low-thrust, high efficiency core stage that's boosted by cheap solids (a la Ariane V) not giving a damn about cost because you're that rich (a la Delta IV)
  3. v1.0 is HERE! I just made a Release Thread and will be handling most of the questions/support there now that it's in full realease Changes: SpaceDock Download, CKAN support Moved Methalox and O2 ISRU Modes to a ModuleManager Patch I don't have RealFuels support because the cfg files for it are breaking my brain
  4. Melantu Atmospheric Harvesting v1.0 Tired of lugging around heavy mining equipment for your Interplanetary ISRU? Looking for a compact ISRU for your Single-Stage-To-Laythe Planes? Have no fear, for now you can create fuel from the air around you! Melantu Atmospheric Harvesting (MAH) is a small mod to complement the Stock ISRU with atmospheric harvesting and converting. Specifically, it is designed to turn Carbon Dioxide in the atmospheres of Duna, Eve, and Laythe (and Kerbin, though I'm not sure why you would need it) into Liquid Fuel and Oxidizer. This mod is inspired by Mars Direct (its chemistry), The Martian (its power requirements), and the MOXIE experiment on the Mars 2020 rover (its form factor). It is a repurposed Atmospheric Fluid Spectro-Variometer, that can turn a small liquid hydrogen supply into a large amount of Liquid Fuel and Oxidizer using less power than the PB-NUK RTG. Sounds too good to be true? Well it takes a really long time, and only works in atmospheres. It Takes about 33 hours to fill up an FL-T100, 88.5 Kerbin Days to fill up a Rockomax 16, and 354 Kerbin Days to fill up a Big Orange Tank. In addition to the Basic LFO, there are more specialized ISRU Modes including Methalox, Water, and Oxygen, designed to play well with mods like Life Support and Rational Resources. (note: at this point, RealFuels is not supported) Dependencies This mod would not be possible without other mods doing the Heavy Lifting. Specifically this Mod Requires Community Resource Pack by Roverdude (included in Download) ModuleManager by sarbian and Ialdabaoth (included in Download) Recommended Mod CryoTanks by Nertea (separate download) (the best way to get Liquid Hydrogen Tanks, required for the sample craft) Future Plans 1.1: Proper Agency implementation, Contracts to bring back samples of CO2 1.2: Larger/Faster/More Expensive Parts with integrated tanks (aka I have to learn how to model and texture) 1.?.?: RealFuels support (I look at those cfg files and my brain just breaks) Licensing My cfg files are licensed under the MIT License Bundled Mods are licensed under their own licenses Download Primary: SpaceDock Secondary: GitHub A look at the included sample craft, a Duna Ascent Vehicle, as well as the basic MOXIE stats The Sample DAV on Duna at night, slowly processing CO2 and LH2 into LFO More images of the Sample DAV and an Example Mission: https://imgur.com/a/ff7WDuG
  5. Oh yeah, I was hoping this would get updated. Are you planning on adding the Red, Grey, & Blue Texture or just the Orange?
  6. The Deployable Science (especially the seismometer) is the main reason I bought it. No other mod (that I'm aware of) has that. I'm sure I'll figure out the robotics soon enough.
  7. Did some more work on my first mod (it's basically CO2 ISRU), and went to Duna to properly test it: https://imgur.com/a/ff7WDuG
  8. v0.3 is Live! Changes include: Replaced stock science experiment with cool new one Rebalanced ISRU Modes for Water and Oxygen Now includes Sample Crafts: Duna Ascent Vehicle (with and without RTG) and a full launch vehicle for it (with and without RTG) Fixed the incorrect localization version number The next Release will probably be a full public 1.0 release (for CKAN/SpaceDock), which should just be making Life Support, RealFuels, and Rational Resources compatibility patches.
  9. The 5m KW parts are further along the Tech Tree (Which I personally think is better, but that's just me).
  10. It's a less efficient reaction, yes, but I haven't quite nailed down the balance I want yet. I was thinking it as a slower reaction so it doesn't use all the CO2, but now that it think about it, the built-in load system should just be fine. I'll scale the CO2 usage to the LFO level in 0.3. Speaking of which, I spent a bunch of time last night coming up with funny science messages, so that should be out later today/tomorrow
  11. v0.2 is live! Changes include: NEW TEXTURE LET'S GO (it's red instead of blue) Added ISRU Modes for Water, Oxygen, and Methalox I tried making a Duna SSTO as a sample craft but apparently I'm terrible at Duna Planes
  12. I wanted to make sure that it could run on a Stock RTG. Update: I got the new texture working last night, and am currently finishing up the cfg files so v0.2 should be out today.
  13. There’s no real use for O2 in stock KSP so I just used the name because it was free and I’m still planning on adding a science experiment. And technically it’s the Fischer–Tropsch process, since it makes Kerosene not Methane Sure thing, I’ll add it to the 0.2 release which should be soon
  14. Are you interested in making this mod compatible with Nertea's CryoTanks? I could write a patch to let them play well together, and reportedly he's working on Methalox engines of his own. I definitely haven't already written it myself for my save