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  1. i think rss ro should remain free and always be free
  2. immediately install rss ro and see how it runs
  3. i can run rssve 32k with 16k earth i have 16 gigs
  4. im running near future parts and rssve 32k textures so...yeah do you also run rssve on 32k textures? wth 16k earth?
  5. yeah its already gonna be in ksp2 so your wish has come true i guess
  6. i got a great pc, my cpu can handle it, my gpu can handle it but its my ram that cant handle it, i only have 16gb ram and im planning on upgrading to 32 soon
  7. yes im trying to use the RO config with 1.8.1
  8. tried to get kerbalism in ckan but it didnt work so im just gonna have to download it manually
  9. yeah i have rss, i also have scatterer and kopernicus, i also have scatterer and eve configured to my rss savefile, all i have to do is replace rssve with evo right?
  10. im gonna need a tutorial to download this mod because im not really good with handling mods like these
  11. will i need kopernicus to run this mod, also will i also need to use scatterer and eve as a vital extention to run this mod?
  12. yeah i know but i want o know the advantages of having this mod because it was already extremely frustrating to get rssve to work with my 1.8.1 save, what qualities does this mod have that can make me switch over to this mod
  13. so how do i actually use this mod to create ive spaces
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