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  1. ok it will but cmon man i cant wait 3 years for something to come out but what choise do i have? im just angry ok?
  2. lets just get to the point, im not going to be more verbose the more i argue but im going to say this one FINAL time i bought ksp...twice and if i did then the money goes to take two, i never said that they are obliged to give me ksp2 but i have every right to be mad at take two for delaying ksp2 i gave them money end of.
  3. i never said anyting about take two being OBLIGED to release ksp2 but when they spend thier time making a epic trailer and being featured on gamescom 2019 along with the top AAA games only then to destroy star theory and then delay the game 3 years i have every right to be furious at take two, i know theres nothing i can do about it but the thing is theres nothing stopping me from calling out take two, ive made a thread explaining on why i dont trust take two making ksp2 and my opinion still stands today, I bet that once ksp2 finally releases, ksp1 will have nearly as much features as ksp2 and
  4. no i didnt buy ksp 2 i bought ksp 1 and take two owns ksp so therefore i gave money to them, not only that i also bought thier merchandise so that makes me a contributor to ksp
  5. what do you mean i havent even paid a dime to anyone on the team I. BOUGHT. THE. GAME. i have bought thier merchandise along with all the dlc's so yeah i have given my money to the team, you have nothing to say anymore so you resort to insults and i am going to say this one more time. If take two promises me a game that is set to be released in 2020 then delay it to 2021 fine ill wait as long as the game will be polished but if they knew full well that the game wouldn't be finished in the first place and delay it again to 2022, i have to wait 3 YEARS for this game to come ou
  6. i never said the team owes me anything but if someone promises me a game and then delayes the game by 3 years then i have every right to be mad
  7. there is a mod called space station expansion parts redux if you want to check it out
  8. if a game that i have been waiting for over a year now because of a delay has been delayed again then i have a right to be mad, ksp was supposed to be out already jeez cyberpunk is gonna come out before ksp does i should be playing this game right now but its been delayed
  9. im gonna make a prediction here and say that 1.11 will have better optimisation, new science equiptment, and hopefully space station parts because oh my god if we do have space station parts then this update will be HUGE what do you think will be for ksp 1.11?
  10. after branching off from simplerockets 1 i decided to buy ksp and i IMMEDIATELY shot for the moon, i didnt know what i was doing but i actually got off the ground the first time, now i didnt know about sas but when my rocket started veering right too early i tried to manually steer it but it was too late, the rocket disintegrated in the lower atmosphere and i spammed the spacebar but button to detatch the command pod and save jeb...i forgot a parachute ksp 1.2
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