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  1. now this is a great idea because the stock ksp game doesn't have life support, but it would be really cool if ksp2 had life support systems put into the stock game, i know it would be more of a challenge to maintain your craft by monitoring your food water and oxygen but the thing is that cramming kerbals with nothing to eat is pretty unhealthy for them but if they had self sustaining bases or motherships then it would be amazing to build but hey, its just a suggestion, hopefully take two sees this and considers putting this into the game. Now, this is not pressuring take two to put something into the game or a demand but merely a suggestion.
  2. after you've mastered minmus and mun, try and send a lander or a rover to eve
  3. i mean.....we do have this
  4. ngl i was kind of annoyed at the fact that ksp will have saturn v parts locked behind a dlc paywall and the rotors, i still loveksp and i have both the dlcs but still i was livid when they locked the saturn v parts and the electric motors behind a paywall
  5. do you have making history?
  6. no error message, no crash log, no nothing it just stops working when it says ''expansion loading complete'' i have alot of mods installed but it wasn't a problem ever since i installed rssve, but that crashed my pc so i uninstalled it but the problem wont go away, is there any way you guys can help? here is my mods list: i have been up all night trying to solve but nothing is working, i think i might go to bed and try in maybe a few hours, i hope you guys can help me out with this save.
  7. neartea i just came here to say that you are the greatest modderr that ksp have to offer, my favorite one is restock btw, godspeed neartea

  8. jesus...have you even been on 1.10 or even 1.9?
  9. your still stuck on 1.3.1? what mod is causing you to do that?
  10. Dont get me wrong, 1.10 is a great update...for most people but for me it has spiralled me down a long path of complications managing mods that ive installed and switching between save files like from my rss to my stock it takes FOREVER, i dont know if anyone else is having this issue but the thing is that 1.10 has been forcing me to go over hurdles and hurdles and hurdles eventually hitting a dead end, ive lost all my crafts in my save file multiple times only to go over more hurdles to get it back, you may call me a script kiddie but the thing is that i just barely know about installing mods manually and most of them corrupt my save file forcing me to go back and do it again, i miss restock, i miss space station expansion pats redux, i miss airplane plus, i miss all these mos but i cant install them because of 1.10, i cant wait untill these mods get updated because that'll take a long time and i cant go back anyway because ive joined the upslion initiative. Im sure ill figure out a solution but the thing is that i need just a little more time to figure out the works im not sure how long it'll take but ill figure it out, wish me luck guys also btw ckan says that space station expansion parts redux isnt compatible with 1.10 but it works fine
  11. hey there's an issue with this mod, it deletes the fairings on 1.10 and removes the magnometer boom, i cant play the ariane 5 or it crashes my game is there any way to fix this