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  1. I think it would not be just a patch, you need to make textures for the planets and moons of the mod.
  2. Asking @linuxgurugamer to adopt it, and even be able to optimize it, or someone else, since having half a Giga of a couple of Pieces in the game is not a pleasure for nobody.
  3. @Brainpop14I'm sorry for the delay, but I already have the answer to your question. Let's say it works 8/10, mainly because it is designed to be used in RO, and not in Stock. There is no VAT in the cabin, and what I just mentioned to you. https://imgur.com/IKKkUbi https://imgur.com/ulo3Y6j https://imgur.com/lmAumJH https://imgur.com/ryHrFcH
  4. Can someone close this thread please?
  5. It should work, since they are only parts, (and some textures), I doubt there is an Inventory system. Let me try it, and I'll see. https://github.com/DylanSemrau/Space-Shuttle-System/tree/master/GameData/SPACE_SHUTTLE_SYSTEM
  6. It will work in any version of KSP, just have Firespitter and Module Manager well updated (for your version of KSP).
  7. No, With regard to RSS, there are no configurations; (it is not compatible); Regarding the KSP version, see a post above, I show an updated version of the mod.
  8. I add that SOCK also has a canadarm, it only keeps the arm binder and that's all.
  9. Just right click on the mk-3 cockpit, in the menu you should see the option to "change texture". Click twice to look like Buran
  10. Do not hesitate; EVE and Scatterer even work for 1.12; if your dependencies work, SVE will do it too
  11. I also had that problem. How to solve it?; just load a saved game and everything will come back; but beyond that I have no idea.
  12. This is an answer for questions in the future, about Boulder Co and OPM, there are no texture files, nor settings for that mod. If you want clouds for the OPM planets, you can go with AVP, or SVE (with the case of SVE I already discussed it in the thread). And maybe there is one hanging around there, but most likely it is very outdated and the links are ... just useless. The best thing would be if @blackrack may agree with @Poodmund to be able to create configurations, or revive the old mod for OPM. (as collaborative work)
  13. sorry for the late reply. It should work in any version of KSP, since SciFiVE only needs EVE as a dependency. Of course, with Scatterer I do not recommend it, since its settings are completely different.
  14. Probably a configuration for two Mods, regarding your request: Real plume Waterfall
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