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  1. Well, after moving all the mods from the GameData folder, and leaving it clean; place the OPM mods (with all the dependencies), then install SVE; And my final conclusion is that, YES, there is support with SVE, and it is satisfactory. I admit that the support of AVP with that of SVE, is something else. But what SVE gives is quite nice and palatable for the game.
  2. Emmm ... I'm confused, does SVE also offer OPM support? I already provided with AVP, but not with SVE; and I am very curious and excited to try it. PD 1: If it could; It would be like AVP, that I only have to have Scatter and EVE updated. Or would it not be necessary? PS 2: the version of my KSP is 1.9.1
  3. I think I know the problem. If you have any mod that is part of visual enhancements, you should remove it. So that the rest of the planets can have the visual improvements you must have only EVE, and Scatterer as dependencies for AVP. AVP offers support for OPM, although I am not aware of the situation with SVE. I suppose it should work the same as AVP, even if it does, just put EVE Scatterer on.
  4. The mod was inherited to @zer0Kerbalo for its future update, but no news has been made, and has been quiet lately.
  5. Quick question, regarding visual enhancements, are there packages that support? As an Astronomer Visual Package, or Stock Visual Enhancements.
  6. Nice!!!. , now I don't worry about building in Stock xd; and I can dock it with the Explorer.
  7. This question is ... well, I don't know how to describe it ... but, did I only update Buran, or is it also Energy included?
  8. I have a question, who is the name of the space-lab (STS misions) on the "GameData/Bluedog_DB/Parts".
  9. Hey @benjee10 I have a question about whether it is possible to make Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit compatible, with the IVA Extension mod (Or is there a patch or something similar). I say this because I really like to press the buttons and levers in the cockpit.
  10. Any news of this mod ?, because I am very curious to test it in 1.8 or higher (with its corresponding kopernicus)
  11. I've been researching and searching, (I don't know if it was mentioned before) but hey, I mention it here. At the moment I found these options to get Buran: First we have a @Pak whit Cormorant Aeronology: This includes Buran. but only to the Orbiter. Energia we get with @Beale in Tantares LV (only): Or AB Launchers (Personally I prefer this than Tantares xd) by @hoojiwana: In the Second; we have a the @Alcentar with: It is very similar to Buran, but also with STS fusion (which makes the perfect balance, personally). And the third; something simpler
  12. I do not quite understand, if you mean to modify the patch or remove it. I do, but the free time I have is not much. Edit: Forget what I said, the problem was solved.
  13. This may be silly but hey, I have to say it (I don't know if it was previously reported) Also clarify that my version is 1.9 I also had a problem with KAS, and the truth is something annoying for me. When I want to use the resource transfer tubes, the option of unless kerbal can grab the tube does not appear; Wow, no menu appears when I right click!. I had other mods like Deadly Reentry, Pathfinder, and MKS, but I removed them from the GameData to see if this error could be solved, but I don't think I was successful. PS: those mods, add the menu other function
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