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  1. Hello guys, I have a question about other solar system mods. I have installed a mod that adds several other solar systems (Tau Ceki, KERPIST etc.). However, I do not see a feasible way to visit those systems. Is there a mod for this purpose? By the way, I do not like FTL mods as I think they destroy the purpose of the game. Therefore, my first preference would be a mod that places a wormhole somewhere on our solar system, just like the movie Interstellar. (That is why I think to teleport my vehicles to these starts after getting a specific orbit around Jool, for role-playing purpose
  2. Exactly. I think even if not Kopernicus, devs should add a mod that makes players able to "Create a planet or install a planet from .planet file" or something like that. This way, all the planet packs could be installed much easier. But IDK if that is possible with my limited programming knowledge.
  3. Probably they send the portal to Eve in the rest of the story. Nothing escapes Eve, not even some inter-dimensional one eyed godly evil being.
  4. Managed to escape Eve with a ~200t Eve lander from 5000m sea level. I ran all the tests with the latest Kerbal technology called "Set Position", because delivering the lander was the latter concern. Now it is the current concern. https://ibb.co/pWqhGn6
  5. Another day another question! Hello everyone and thank you for establishing such a great community. I was not sure either this question should be on "Modded" board or not, but I believe it is not because it is a property of the stock game. I recently downloaded "de IVA Extension" and I loved it. The thing is, looking at different directions requires holding right click or toggling it, which makes cursor invisible. Is there a way to make it STILL visible while in "looking around" mode (I don't know what it is called ). Answers are much appreciated. Happy explorations.
  6. Thank you for very detailed answers. What a great community! I totally understood the concept now. However, then how people can determine certain dV s for various interplanetary actions? For example, people say that "You need xxx m/s dV to escape Duna". Is this dV given in terms of vacuum? Or another way to ask, when I calculate if my rocket meets the dV requirement, do I use vacuum constants&parameters? Again, thank you so much for brief explanations.
  7. Hello guys. I am an amateur Kerbonaut and I want to start to calculate dV by hand since it is so nice and fancy to do. When I looked up, I came across this formula: dV = Isp * gravity * ln(m0 - mf) Everything is fine, but when I utilize this equation and check the results with VAB, I get HUGE differences for other planets. Currently I am trying to visit Eve and comeback. My lander should have God knows how much dV. So, for a stage (mid), I put: Rockomax 32 (x1) FL-A215(x1) FL-A151S(x1) Skipper The upper payload is 4.090t. Therefore, according to the equation:
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