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  1. Is there any chance that compatibility will be provided for up to 1.12.x? As it stands the offset feature no longer works (NVM i forgot to press a button, but can we please get a updated compatibility check on CKAN and other sites)
  2. For effective troubleshooting, can you provide a ksp.log file? This enables the mod developer to check for errors.
  3. @EskandareHate to pester, but any updates on this? Would be great for Equatorial launches not at the KSC
  4. @ZoeilleHow goes progress? Currently creating a kerbal version of the Guiana space centre. Would you think about doing the railway tracks as statics like OSS?
  5. Well the early concept could be kit-bashed if the Fuji capsule from the Fuji mod is used
  6. Now that @DylanSemrau is confirmed to be alive after a hiatus, is there a vague timeline on when this will be worked on? Would love to get a IVA for this one.
  7. Do you have a roadmap for the other features planned? I would love to see HTV-X and other derivatives in flight
  8. Playing with a 2.5x scale system, what Configs would people recommend to get it looking like standard scale again?
  9. Ah ok, The assembly loader giveth and taketh away. Sigma Dimensions was a old ksp resize mod that i used to play in 2.5 times scale. Guess i better find another mod to do that. Thanks for the help.
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