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  1. Hi i am receiving an error, meaning that all crafts do not connect to the constellations. I am playing on KSP ver 1.9.1 when i try to set an antenna over to a constellation i get, Specific cast not valid log file is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nkAyGT31srX0DlO9xXE0PfMDfRzKuC62/view?usp=sharing
  2. I can respond to myself here, It can safely work up to at least KSP version 1.8.1
  3. Hello? does anyone have an update on what ksp version this mod can go up to? Really want to get it.
  4. @Commodore_32 Thank you for the knowledge, I will now promptly install these mods!
  5. Just found this mod again, Does anyone know if this works in 1.8.x? As this still shows 1.7.1
  6. @Zoeille This mod looks fantastic! I have a question or two though. does this this mod integrate with Tundra Space center? Or Does it create a new space center? Is there any photo's of this mod in action? like when you see the launch pad when you go back to space center.
  7. Greetings to all of this forum. During my ksp adventures i find myself wanting certain parts that no mod had created as of yet. I want to be able to create more creative rocket designs, which aren't in the wholy kerbal style of strapping on moar boosters. Such part ideas include, radial, surface attached heat shields. Kinda like the curved solar panels from Near Future Solar. And maybe an upgraded version of the mk1-3 command pod, I would like to see one with more kerbals crammed in as the current internals allude to lots of space available. I had the idea for the upgraded mk1-
  8. Ok the only thing is that it must be the correct ratio and a png. Doesn't matter what px size it is
  9. I have recently got into creating flags for my KSP saves. I followed the tutorial and kept it to 256x160. I saw a post somewhere saying that you could increase the size to 512x320. I want to know how big can the flag size be. Just it just have to be the correct ratio?
  10. Sorry for that hope https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MpOgQZ-132u4GGOaYZCclCtHaRFVmzri/view?usp=sharing helps. This is the Ksp.log file. If anything spontaneously happens on my end i'll let you know
  11. I am having a problem currently installing this mod. As per the install instructions, i place the Contents of the " Gamedata" folder Into My ksp Gamedata. However when load into the game I cannot find the parts. I am playing on ksp 1.8.1 Thanks, i would like some assistance.
  12. This Update looks amazing, it will be great to have stock decals, without the use of mods!
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