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  1. I do not think so, but I might be wrong. Probably best to not use it, since I don't have the mod and I think some others might not.
  2. Still open, we're just a bit backed up at the moment. If you post a submission I'll review ASAP
  3. Test Pilot Review: @panzerknoefs P-201A Cloudsurfer Figures as Tested: Price: 25.244.000 Fuel: 1100 kallons Cruising speed: 298 m/s Cruising altitude: 7000 m Fuel burn rate: 0.17 kal/s Passengers Carried: 32 Range: 1900 km Review Notes: Pre -flight checks: As the Cloudsurfer Prototype was delivered to our ground crew, they thought the plane looked good. A long, slender body with large, non-swept wings and engines mounted just below those. One thing surprised our ground crew about the engines, they didn't use an open engine, but a co
  4. @panzerknoef I can't find your craft file page, did you delete it or did something else happen?
  5. Thanks for the Co-Op, no need to apologize. I calculated a 100000km range once because I was stupid.
  6. Are you sure you calculated/documented the correct figures on your submission? Even while using the figures from your original post, I calculated a range of 2570 km. This is my calculation: 4720/0.47*256/1000=2570
  7. Test Pilot Review: @Sarion Kermans A7-1100P "Astral Plane" Figures as Tested: Price: 174 078 300 Fuel: 4720 kallons Cruising speed: 218m/s Cruising altitude: 5000m Fuel burn rate: 0.46 kal/s Passengers Carried: 60 pax Range: 2247km Review Notes: Pre-flight checks: The A7-1100P was first anticipated to be a cargo aircraft by ground crew due to the lack of windows, but it turns out the cabin just didn't have them, something almost unheard of for commercial passenger aircraft. Along with the high-wing and T-tail, it looks differe
  8. Test Pilot Review: @Mars-Bound Hokie's B-343 Supersonic Transport Figures as Tested: Price: 138,804,000 Fuel: 10700 kallons Cruising speed: 1000 m/s Cruising altitude: 14000 m Fuel burn rate: ~2-3 kal/s Passengers Carried: 24 Passengers Range: 3566-5350 km Review Notes: The B-343 Supersonic Transport is a special craft with quite a unique appearance. It has quite stubby fuselage, made up by a small cabin, a fuel tank and a cargo ramp to form the tail. Using doubled canards with a quite crooked swept mid-fuselage-wing along with a spa
  9. AirTrain introduces the new and improved 737-200! A verison of the AirTrain 737, but in a low-wing configuration to increase the comfort for passengers. It cruises at 6000 metres, burning fuel its 14485 kallons at a slow rate of 0.85 while going 235 m/s. This gives it a range of around 4000 km, carrying 144 passengers that can now enjoy the flight more due to less noise from the engines, and a great view from the cabins. The plane takes off at just over 50 m/s, and it reaches that speed quickly due to the powerful engines. It has capacity for some cargo, but the bays are mostly stock
  10. AirTrain 737 This is the AirTrain 737, built by AirTrain, a long-haul medium-capacity airliner with a recommended cruising altitude at 7700 m and travelling at 200 m/s with a cost of $400 729 000. The fuel capacity is 14485 Kallons with a burn rate of 0.69. Takeoff speed is around 60-80 m/s and with those powerful engines, it reaches that speed very easily. Having a capacity for 144 passengers to travel in comfort even though the wings block some of the sights, an on-board entertainment system is installed, making sure everyone can have a good time while they cruise in luxury.
  11. My range is over Long-Haul but the cruising speed is in short haul. What should I classify it as?
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