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  1. Performance tuning is one of the top priorities for our team, and it's an aspect I've stressed since joining up on KSP2 just over two years ago. Our engineers are working on runtime performance as part of every feature that goes in the game, and I'll have more to elaborate on this at a later date.
  2. I built and manage the engineering team for KSP2. I didn't work on KSP, but have played it for around 700 hours.
  3. Agreed, a great way to spend a Saturday morning. Thanks for having us!
  4. Hello! This is Paul Furio, the Senior Manager of Engineering at Intercept Games. We're well underway developing Kerbal Space Program 2, the followup to the smash orbital physics hit game developed by Squad. We're looking for a talented engineer with graphics expertise who can help us bring the visual polish to the next level, across a variety of platforms. If you consider yourself a GPU Shader expert, have experience shipping games on desktop and consoles, are a team player, and are interested in working with cutting edge technology, we'd love to speak with you! Apply today online!
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