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    A bird that can build a saturn v in 3-4 min and launch it alot

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    Riding, the US Saturn v.
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  1. oh i already stopped getting the error but thanks for furture refrence
  2. no worries theres no bsods or anything like that just get a error/popup that says it
  3. yes im doing this on a dif pc but im getting a error and it says virtual alloc mapping failed and stuff idk how to fix it ik its a ram issue will it crash my pc? i also have mods installed but that wouldnt do nothing i need a answer before sunday in est stop answering please i cant archive it and i fixed it
  4. i use steam it lets to also i cant update it one mod is gurrenteed to break the game space shuttle system will make it get stuck on verifying breaking ground if i update it
  5. yes i did no one said a fix heres link here [SNIP!] == [end of error.log] ==
  6. im using ckan to install mods so i cant properly install them ik how to manully install just to lazy
  7. Well i need the version for one of my mods ksp had a HUGE unity update from what i heard and i need 1.2.2 for the space shuttle system because it didnt work in 1.10 it got stuck on verify expansion breaking ground it was also late at night so i was to lazy to post the version requirement because it took so long to make the mod list
  8. heya guys so i was loading up kerbal i changed the version to 1.2.2 and not only did i get a discord error the game crashes in the same spot at loading asset bundle definations heres the mods i have star wars lasers mod bd armor continued real plume real solar system real solar system textures-8192 x 4096 b9 part switch rasterprop moniter raster prop moniter core real plume- stock configs bd armory kopernicus planetary system modifer enviormental visual enchancments module manager smoke screen- extended FX Plughin
  9. sorry about the font i was either using1.10 or 1.8.0 but i was trying to get it to work without haveing to change versions but i fixed it by switching to 1.2.2 i just want a fix on other versions
  10. aw man i really wanted to try the mod ;c theres no other mod as realistic as this fasas saturn v also sucks
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