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  1. If you almost forget about the existence of Astronomical Units
  2. I think you won't get much science points for that anyway, because the impact speed influences the amount of science you get for it (if I remember correctly, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) and impact speeds are usually quite slow in such a dense atmosphere. But maybe I'll try it, I think I still have a Grand Slam Seismometer on Eve from my manned Eve mission.
  3. When the physics teacher teaches orbital basics (what an orbit is, elliptical shapes, hyperbolic escape trajectories...) and you already know everything before he explains it and he then asks you "But you haven't learned that in school, right?"
  4. Found this video on YouTube today and was like „What? Is this real?“
  5. Well, actually it had lots of fuel in it and it was used during launch. And also, I didn't realize previously that part count matters here and my CN tower is very partheavy and threfore probably not suitable for this challenge. But maybe I'll submit something else later.
  6. I'm not sure if I understand correctly - Is 1000 ton the minimal launch mass or the payload mass? I once sent a 1:1 scale CN Tower replica to Minmus and the mass that I sent to LKO was about 2,7 kilotons (the remining fuel included). Would that be a valid submission to this challenge?
  7. You should post questions that are concerning bugs in Technical Support and not in Gameplay Questions. You can ask a moderator to move the post (only moderators can do that) by pressing "report post". (Report post basically means "Could please a moderator have a look at this?")
  8. Not findig them cute doesn‘t have to mean not having any emotional attachment to them I always press F9 when one of them dies
  9. If I accidentially kill a Kerbal, then I just undo it with quickload or revert flight
  10. Stock 1:1 Scale CN Tower Replica to Minmus This Mission was one of my submission for the "Providence" community project which was part of the Upsilon initiative. The tower's height is about 553 meters, like the real CN Tower. The lower part of the tower consists of fuel tanks and some other stuff. I filled the fuel tanks, then I just had to attach some detachable engines and RCS pods. It seems like this "confused" the game, causing wrong delta V readouts (I had way more dV than what was displayed). Luckily, the delta V readous from Kerbal Engineer Redux were still displaying correct values. Liftoff! I reached orbit with only one stage, so it was technically an SSTO so far, but now I was almost out of fuel and I decoupled the Mammoth engines. Time to launch the refueler! Part count including launch vehicle: about 900 parts Docking a 600 parts vessel to a 900 parts vessel - There was a lag. TAC Fuel Balancer saved the day, because without it, I would have had to refuel tank by tank, clicking on every single one at least once and also worry about balancing the vessel and it would have taken forever. Park orbit around Minmus, ready to land. Touchdown! But for some reason, the tower was kind of... shaky. And for some reason, it was sliding accross the surface. I had to use almost all of the remaining fuel for the RCS to keep it in an upright position while waitig for it to stop sliding. It took a while until I figured out that it might be better to disable SAS. And it also took a while until it came to a stop then. Then it finally stoped sliding. Decoupling the RCS pods.
  11. Then it's probably not the "rocket flipping" phenomenon that I was talking about
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