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  1. Here is my entry for STS-4/STS-4R: Full mission report can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/vKF1wV7 Mods used: Trajectories, KER, EEX, RCS Build Aid DLC's: Both Making History and Breaking Ground I used a robotic arm to capture the other Shuttle. I learned some usefull things about Breaking Ground hinges on this mission.
  2. You can also use Transfer Window Planner or other mods to find the perfect launch window for all your interplanetar missions.
  3. But if you are a beginner, Moho is probably not the best destination for your first interplanetar trip. Both is possible for a manned mission to Duna and back. Apollo style can be easier for some missions, but I didn't use Apollo style for my first trip to Duna and back when I was a beginner and it worked very well.
  4. Do you want to farm science with it? (In career/science-mode) In my opinion, Eve is a little bit harder to reach than Duna because of the inclination.
  5. Landing on Duna with parachutes only is hard, because the atmosphere is very thin which means that parachutes are less effective than they are on Kerbin. Unless it is only an unmanned probe that doesn't need to return. @Relonsk Is it manned or unmanned?
  6. To be honest, I'm not very experienced with flybys for interplanetar travel, but I think there is a tool called Flyby Finder (It's not a mod) that could help you. But that's all I know about it.
  7. I would recommend to avoid building tall and skinny landers in general if possible (I made some bad experiences with such designs). But yes, Minmus flats are a perfect landing spot for more or less every design. Anyway, I'd recommend trying to go to the Mun. Remember that you can (almost) always quicksafe.
  8. @Aniruddh I've just tested it (using Kerbal Engineer Redux), the not-detached part of a radial mounted decoupler does not count as a part.
  9. Yes. I‘m not sure if the not-detached part of the decoupler counts as a part. Maybe I‘ll test it when I‘m playing KSP for the next time.
  10. Here's an advice to reduce the part count of a module: You could place the RCS thrusters on decouplers. And the monoprop-tanks too, if you want. I support this idea. Then I would be able to build my Laythe SSTO seaplane to bring Kerbals from the station to the surface and back. (Only if he station will be in a Laythe-orbit)
  11. Personally I would prefer more parts too (I have a gaming PC), but some of us don't have very good PC's and it is really annoying when the frame rate is too low. And we are 24 Players so far according to the poll. This makes 10x24 =240 Parts. With 15 Parts it would be 15x24=360 Parts. But I honestly dont't know how much a slow laptop could still handle. I think we should only increase the part limit when everyone agrees with it.
  12. Thanks And here is me entry for STS-3: Both DLC's were used. Mods: KER, EEX, RCS Build Aid, Trajectories Imgur-album: https://imgur.com/a/nfXTZKe This is probably the most epic satellite I have ever built. I used the Hubble Space Telescope as inspiration. This mission was a lot of fun.