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  1. If you want to reduce the Rapier's drag, you could just attach a Small Nose Cone on it without any partclipping and it shouldn't overheat.
  2. This rover managed to get over 3000m : https://imgur.com/a/UAFf8Zd The idea is simple: It climbs a wall of rocks using both engines, one is pushing it upwards and the other one is pressing it to the surface. The lifting surfaces were also supposed to help keeping it on the ground while driving at high speed, I rotatet them so that they create lift into the opposite direction, pulling the rover down. One of my first attempts... here you can see how good this thing is at "climbing". That was the moment when it run out of fuel and i realized that I didn't have anythi
  3. When you want to use mods you should try pistons from Infernal Robotics or Breaking Ground and KAS winches attached to them. I think when you have KIS too (which is useful in combination with KAS) you can even attach different types of hooks to your winch. And it also gives you some cool boxes to transport.
  4. I usually just activate „Deploy“ on the propeller blades.
  5. Why even mods? It can be done only with Breaking Ground. Check out @ShadowZone‘s Starship replica video on YouTube to get some inspiration.
  6. If you‘re doing something like a community challenge, this might be considered as cheating. Edit: Sorry, I failed to read the other post properly
  7. Use autostruts and also add some regular struts.
  8. How am I supposed to make jokes about something that only exists on paper?
  9. Why are there no moons in the poll? (Of course I understand that you can‘t add every single moon that exists in our solar system due to their number, but I‘m talking about the big ones)
  10. Maybe they could use the gas giants for flybys to slow down.
  11. I don‘t really have a specific spaceship in mind. It could be anything. But if it would emit a radio signal that we could detect with SETI we‘ll probably find it anyway, so let‘s assume it does not emit any signal.
  12. Let‘s imagine that an alien spaceship or probe is coming in our solar system from interstellar space - How close would it have to be that we would be able to detect it and which methods could be used? Is there even a chance that we discover it until it has almost reached earth?
  13. On the other hand, „planet“ is just a word that we humans have invented, and whenever we call something „planet“ or not doesn‘t really affect it. But a clear definition that doesn‘t allow different interpretations that lead to different conclusions would be useful.
  14. As far as I know, some astronomers made a democratic decision if Pluto is a planet or not and the result was no. And that‘s supposed to be science.
  15. I think what might happen is that the decide to take it out of service (returning the crew to the surface and deorbiting the station)
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