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  1. But it does have enought TWR to take off from were you tried it or does it flip because the engines are unable to lift it into the air?
  2. It is a well known phenomenon that some rockets are trying to poin themselfes upside down in the atmosphere because of aerodynamic problems Fins can help against that
  3. Are you talking about this rocket flipping phenomenon?
  4. A friend of mine thinks that Kerbals are "cute". I can't really understand that, but I was wondering what other people think about this.
  5. Sounds like it could be a rover design issue. Also make sure to disable the reaction wheels when driving.
  6. @minerbat Yes, I could imagine that Eve's atmosphere is just so dense that the vernors are so inefficient that their effect is negligible.
  7. Can you post a few screenshots please when you added something to the station? I‘d just like to see the progress of the staiton
  8. A landing leg canon?! What's that? Does that work? Yes you can. But don't give up on flying, it's all a matter of tutorials and practice. No it wouldn't.
  9. The station is already in Jool's orbit now Would you like to join our project?
  10. I thought you would fly the tug back to Kerbin orbit, refuel it and use it for other modules in the future. Who adds the next module now? @minerbat Your modules are ready for launch, right? Do you have a slow PC? (because people with slow PC's can go early so that the game doesn't lag that much when docking with the station)
  11. Okay. Funny design by the way. @Aniruddh The save: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ztv1zqb04g7hywj/AAAE5jJS10xpzA_Vn3nRPwK7a?dl=0
  12. The modules of @eee and @epicfailure2020 are now docked together in Kerbin orbit. I didn't break any solar panel, but one was already broken when I recieved the save. @Aniruddh Is the transfer tug ready? And who needs to dock early because of a slow PC?
  13. Thanks. I have a question: The ship called "science ship" that is orbiting Kerbin, is it supposed to become a module of the station?
  14. I tried to download the save that @Space Nerd uploaded, but when I open this link, it says that the file has been deleted. @epicfailure2020 If I remember correctly, you asked if someone could launch your module. I'm in quarantine now, this means I have a lot of time so I could launch it for you.
  15. If you want to reduce the Rapier's drag, you could just attach a Small Nose Cone on it without any partclipping and it shouldn't overheat.
  16. This rover managed to get over 3000m : https://imgur.com/a/UAFf8Zd The idea is simple: It climbs a wall of rocks using both engines, one is pushing it upwards and the other one is pressing it to the surface. The lifting surfaces were also supposed to help keeping it on the ground while driving at high speed, I rotatet them so that they create lift into the opposite direction, pulling the rover down. One of my first attempts... here you can see how good this thing is at "climbing". That was the moment when it run out of fuel and i realized that I didn't have anything to stop this thing from rolling/falling down. I had to quickload afterwards because the cockpit didn't survive the crash and I wanted to return Jeb alive. A few quicksaves later... This time I saved some fuel that I used to get this thing a few meters into the air when it was about to crash, allowing Jeb to escape from it with his EVA-parachute. About 3120m in 16:55 in-game time. And also without staging. I'd say that's enought for today. Here's what has remained of the rover:
  17. When you want to use mods you should try pistons from Infernal Robotics or Breaking Ground and KAS winches attached to them. I think when you have KIS too (which is useful in combination with KAS) you can even attach different types of hooks to your winch. And it also gives you some cool boxes to transport.
  18. I usually just activate „Deploy“ on the propeller blades.
  19. Why even mods? It can be done only with Breaking Ground. Check out @ShadowZone‘s Starship replica video on YouTube to get some inspiration.
  20. If you‘re doing something like a community challenge, this might be considered as cheating. Edit: Sorry, I failed to read the other post properly
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