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  1. Where can I buy such cars? I want the second one - I'm sure I'd get a lot of attention when I'd go to the drive-in or anywhere else with it
  2. This reminds me of the time when I was a beginner. I recommend to learn how to do a proper "gravity turn", there are lots of great tutorials for beginners. But if your orbit is a little bit excentric, we'll find a solution, so don't worry.
  3. Welcome @probe137! You can still add a module to the station, since @Aniruddh is transfering modules from LKO to the station for people who aren't familiar with orbital maneuvering.
  4. But maybe with props and mono? Maybe I'll try this challenge later - but not to Eve, maybe to the Mun. And why do you give more points for Minmus than for Mun? Mun takes more deltaV.
  5. Do you mean your ksp.exe file? It should be in your KSP folder and you should always know where this folder is. In my case, it is in "Documents". But if you don't remember where it is located, don't worry, try to use the search-option to browse your files.
  6. Land the entire Mun on Kerbin, just to make sure you don't forget any Kerbal on the Mun. Safety first!
  7. What's about @epicfailure2020's module now? @Aniruddh suggested that we dock it together with @eee's core module that is already in LKO and then he'd send them to Jool together.
  8. Project Aquiline, a CIA project from the cold war: A small drone that was supposed to spy on the Soviet Unions terrain, powered by some kind of an RTG that would make it possible to stay in the air for up to 30 days. It was designed to look like a bird and the plan was to also fly like a large bird so that it could hide in plain sight. A landing gear was not included, it they would have had to capture it with a net. It should have stayed over the area that it was spying for a long time and send the data it collected to U-2R spy planes. It could also drop small payloads. https://www.google.ch/amp/s/www.popularmechanics.com/military/research/amp33565112/cia-nuclear-bird-drone-spy-communists-declassified/
  9. Many of my RSS launches look like this Well, at least you didn‘t miss the target.
  10. Well, I still like KSP and I‘m looking forward to KSP 2.
  11. Do you mean the parts as we know them from KSP 1 with „large pre-built parts“? If yes, why do you think that it is sliding towards obsolescence?
  12. Here are some spaceplane fails. More below the spoiler.
  13. No. It‘s starting to turn from a collaborative station to a Upsilon-inintiative clone. But that makes it just more interesting. We‘re just expanding the project.
  14. Anyone else who is always trying to maximize/minimize any window (Word, PowerPoint...) by pressing ALT + ENTER?
  15. Maybe there will be some kind of 3D-Printing for base building in KSP 2. This is only speculation, I do NOT have ANY information that supports this idea.
  16. Introducing: The Kangoroover More pictures: https://imgur.com/a/1rmnvsE Unfortunately I couldn't fix the speed issue. Maybe big metal kangoroos aren't the best alternative for rovers, but hey, I built a working big metal kangoroo in KSP.
  17. My RSS/RO install has around 50 mods, but usually I have much less mods
  18. I always bring my Kerbals back myself, but I could imagine doing one or two rescue missions for other people.
  19. If you post something in the wrong forum, you can press "report post". When you report a post, you can add a reason why you reported it (in this case that would be that you posted it in the wrong thread) and then a moderator will look at it. Moderators can move posts from one forum to another. Some people think of the report post option as something negative that is meant only to report content that is against the rules, but that's not the case.
  20. Okay the kangoroo can already jump, but it‘s very very slow (not much faster than a Kerbal). I‘ll try to improve that by adding pistons to its legs (as far as I know, real kangoroos don‘t have pistons, do they?)
  21. I always press „Revert flight“ when something like this happens This reminds me of the feeling when you realize that you have been holding F5 instead of F9... (The reason I do a lot of named quicksaves too)
  22. I'm working on a monorail system, but I wouldn't actually call it superior to rovers since it needs rails and well, if I would actually start assembling a rail system on a planet the part count would get incredibly high very soon and the lag would probably even make it unplayable before I would manage to build a kilometer of track. Here's a picture of a prototype (This isn't my actual submission to this challenge yet since it is an unfinished project): Maybe I'll try to build some kind of a mechanical kangoroo that hops over the terrain tomorrow.
  23. It was just the newest door fashion at the shire.
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