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  1. If you are talking about an SSTO spaceplane, I don‘t think SSTO‘s make things easyer.
  2. The camera is by default focused on the CoM during flight. This is helpful to find out where your CoM is. And if you have a spaceplane, you can attach an antenna where the CoL is, then you recognize when your CoM is behind the CoL and safe the day with fuel transfer.
  3. I would try to find out how this could even happen and how to prevent it from happening again. This is definitely not normal.
  4. Or just put a light command module in a fairing. Fairings are way more heat-resistant than any cockpit. You could even put a command seat in a fairing to reduce the mass.
  5. "Has anyone seen my phone charger?" "No but it must be there... somwhere between all those cables" At least there are no cables that are going through the hatch. When the Progress craft crashed into the Mir, they had trouble sealing the damaged module begause they had to remove all the cables first before they could close tha hatch. But you're right, this mess won't make it easyer to find a leak.
  6. Does a relay count as a module or can we make up to three modules and some relay stuff?
  7. Could you hear a leak of this size? I mean there is air streaming out, doesn‘t this produce a sound?
  8. Good thing they have a capsule that could be used as escape pod
  9. But it would still lead to the air cleaning system and not to the leak. And a boiling kettle in zero G?
  10. @sturmhauke I have a question about STS-9: If a Kerbal is riding on the Asteroid during reentry and landing, is it allowed to open the Kerbal's personal parachute? (This would give a little bit of extra lift and look cool)
  11. Nothing that cannot be fixed with a piece of duct tape. Duct tape is advanced rocket science.
  12. @epicfailure2020‘s module is still on the list of modules that @Aniruddh has to bring to Jool, but @catloaf has to dock it first.
  13. I managed to fix it manually now, but thanks for your support. It seemed like same vessel interaction was disabled on one side when the rover was loaded, which is probably a glitch since I‘m quite sure that it was turned on on both sides when I left the rover.
  14. Here's my entry for Mun Lunex 1 and 2. I also had a small scientific outpost as extra cargo for the Shuttle challenge. Because of this outpost, this should also be a valid entry for Mun Lunex 3, but not first class. https://imgur.com/a/pp9JBj1 The rover has a working rocker-bogie suspension using Breaking Ground parts. This method was developed by @vyznev.
  15. Here's my entry for Mun STS-1. The mission is also for the Lunex challenge (Mun Lunex 1, Mun Lunex 2 and Mun Lunex 3). I used both DLC's (MH and Breaking Ground). Mods: Trajectories, EEX, KER https://imgur.com/a/pp9JBj1 The rover is for the Lunex challenge. It has a working rocker-bogie suspension using Breaking Ground parts. This method was developed by @vyznev.
  16. Okay it turned out to be some sort of breaking ground glitch.
  17. @vyznev I tried to use this method of making a rocker-bogie suspension on one of my rovers (not a Perseverance replica, but maybe I'll build a Perseverance rover later) after I saw your post but I encountered a problem: I left my rover on the Mun and when I loaded it again the suspension was... some sort of broken. Am I doing something wrong? Edit: Loading a quicksave doesn't help
  18. Okay, that makes sense. Yes, but as I understood the ending of the movie, the STS-51-G Crew saved them at the end. However, in real life, no Shuttle with an empty cargo bay was launched at this time (says Wikipedia) and the cosmonauts returned with the still working Soyuz. And the refueling station scene in Armageddon doesn't make sense too (in my opinion): If you have hydrogen leaking inside a station and it starts exploding you probably wouldn't have enough time to float back in your ship, close the hatch, undock, and fly away because there would probably be just a fireball like the one when the "Hindenburg" exploded.
  19. That's indeed the official explanation for it as far as I know. And there are guns at the end of those wings. If the guns are further apart, the chance that one of them hits the target is higher. But I don't wan't to say that Star Wars is realistic because it is not realistic. It doesn't even try to show realistic spaceflight. When watching Star Wars I try to not think too much about physics and enjoy it (I like Star Wars).
  20. Salyut 7: If it was Sci-Fi it would be ok, but for a movie based upon real events it should be more realistic in my opinion. In the movie there was a fire on the station (I think this didn‘t even happen in real life, did it?) and they managed to stop it but they said that the Soyuz capsule wasn‘t controllable any more because all the electronics and stuff on the inside were completely burned. And later in the movie, they discussed about the possibility that one cosmonaut could escape with the Soyuz. (Apparently the electronics and stuff were suddenly fully operational again). And then NASA sent a Space Shuttle to rescue them all (in real life the Soyuz was still working and the Cosmonauts were able to return to Earth without problems). I don‘t think the docking system of a shuttle was compatible with the one used on the Salyut station. Edit: I still like this movie.
  21. Armageddon: Two shuttles being launched to land on an asteroid that is approaching Earth. They‘re under constant acceleration from the SSME‘s during the entire flight, completely ignoring orbital mechanics. They made a Moon gravity assist (with SSME‘s still on full throttle) and they were experiencing a very high G force because of the Gravity assist (like 8 G‘s or more). They were also ignoring the fact that the SSME‘s need fuel from the external tank. There were also some ridiculous boosters attached to the shuttle orbiter that were also constantly running. And they also managed to plan the mission and do the entire launch preparations in a few weeks.
  22. Just make sure that the station doesn't make an unplanned Tylo/Vall gravity assist.
  23. Good that you bring that up, we have to make a decision about this soon.
  24. If a mod is made for 1.8, there is a very high chance that it also runs on 1.10, because there shouldn't be so much difference between 1.8 and 1.10. (But the opposite will most likely not work because using mods that are made for a newer KSP version is problematic.) @ShadowZone made a video on YouTube where he shows how you can change CKAN's settings so that it allows you to install a mod that is not yet updated for the latest KSP version. I recommend to check it out.
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