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  1. Alright, here's Jool Saturn STS-1: The mission design was actually much easier than the Mars mission's. The hardest part was the ridiculously thick atmosphere - getting to orbit is really annoying because aero drag is still a thing so high up... On a side note, I've been looking through the RSS configs for asteroid size and I think I can rescale them back to stock size. If I do that, I'll be able to do STS-9, as the 'roid colliders won't glitch out. Can I do this and still have it qualify as RSS? Thanks.
  2. Last thing we need is a Bismarck of space industry...
  3. Stock parts to Mars, shuttle style: (this is my first time creating a video like this, please forgive my noob editing)
  4. After much blood, sweat, and overheating computer parts, I present to you the Mars megamission I thought implausible: I filmed this to be like a cinematic; if there's more details needed I can provide them.
  5. FAR seems to be throwing a bunch of exceptions: This may be the cause of the problem but I don't use FAR and so I don't know if it modifies any Space Center things. If removing/reinstalling FAR doesn't work, try clearing your input locks (through the debug menu).
  6. Pretty much stated in the title. Is there a mod that retains the camera focus across docking/undocking? Something like the view/focus part PAW feature but retained across docking/undocking would be ideal for me if such a mod exists. Thanks.
  7. Still having trouble with this - I tried several variations and looked in the wiki and it didn't seem to have any details for this. Does anybody know of a solution to this? Thanks.
  8. Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to create Parallax configs for RSS, but I have a really dumb question: how do I get the stock textures to apply to a RSS body? So far, I've tried changing the name in the ParallaxTerrain config, but it doesn't seem to apply to the RSS body in question. Can anybody give me some advice on this? Thanks.
  9. Thanks! As far as I can see, Minmus doesn't really have a RSS equivalent; no RSS body has the kind of flats that Minmus has. Some RSS bodies, such as Europa and Enceladus, have the icy surface, but none of them really have the Minmus theme of mint and sparkle.
  10. I finished Duna Mars STS-1. I ended up using a massive lifter with a 64-ring of Clydesdales on the first stage and a series of Rhinos and Wolfhounds on the upper stages for the shuttle, and an asparagus'ed version for the support mission (fueling). Liftoff of the shuttle: Ascent: SRB jettison: 2nd stage jettison: 3rd stage jettison: 4th stage jettison: Orbit achieved! Liftoff of the support mission: SRB jettison: Asparagusing: Core jettison: So many stages... Orbit: Rendezvousing and docking: Docked! The shuttle was launched empty, and the support mission was simply a fuel tanker. After the fuel had been transferred, the tanker was undocked: Trajectory to Mars: Burning: Staging the side tanks: Staging of the NERV booster and shuttle engine startup: Bye Earth! Correction burn: Encountering Mars: Aerobraking went very well - the shuttle was very stable and more than enough velocity was lost to capture: Minor periapsis adjustment at apoapsis: 2nd aerobraking pass (it was slow enough to not show any aero effects): Resultant orbit: Periapsis lifting: Circularization: In RSS, the Martian atmosphere extends to 125,000 meters ASL, so the 70,000 meter mark for Commander can't be used. I assumed that the point of that restriction is to have the station in low orbit, so I put it in a 126 km - 126 km orbit just above the atmosphere: Deploying the station: Return trajectory: Burning: Final trajectory: Bye Mars! Hi Earth! Aerobraking: Resultant orbit: Periapsis adjustment: Another aerobraking pass: Inclination adjustment to make it easier to land at Kourou: Atmospheric entry was really sketchy - I misbalanced the no-fuel CoM, causing a borderline lethal interesting landing sequence: Luckily, nothing overheated, and I was able to regain control and use my remaining fuel to barely make it back to the runway: Landed!
  11. Thank you! I just returned to KSP and this is a great surprise! Mars mission is in the works...
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