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  1. No, @Nertea has already said that he will wait until 1.10.1 releases to update his mods. Also, please don't pester the mod developers for updates.
  2. It depends whether air resistance is accounted for or not. If not, I think it's about assuming the sum of gravitational potential energy and kinetic energy is equal to zero.
  3. No luck here either. Clouds were completely obscuring the entire sky. Unfortunately for me I live near the equator, so the sun sets later, and thus, I have a smaller viewing window.
  4. This would be amazing. I spend far too much time switching between the map and vessel views during maneuver execution. If you don't have 2 monitors, the window could be put in front of the main window, and still be used. If you don't want that, it could just be a toggleable setting.
  5. The Ancient KSP Commandments Of Entropian Commandment 1: Never play a 1.x.0 version. They're almost always buggy. Commandment 2: Take 1.x.1 versions with a grain of salt. Wait until mods have been updated.
  6. That would be nice, but I think a toggleable option would still cause problems, such as in challenge rules and ranking. It has been experimentally proven that water does not remain in its liquid form in a vacuum. I also went to the MH2 thread and found your citations. I didn't know MH2 had been experimentally proven to be unstable at lower pressures. KSP isn't all about realism though. Look at the density of Kerbin!
  7. All of these are good points, but all of them are based on current physics, and humanity's current understanding of the universe, which may change over time as we discover new things about the universe. Also, not trying to be rude, but can @Bej Kerman and @KerikBalm please take this discussion to another thread? This is kinda derailing the topic... This may be useful for players that like more complex game mechanics, but as far as I've seen, the main player base does not want that.
  8. I went outside right before dawn, but there were clouds to the northeast and they completely obscured ~15 degrees of altitude. Luckily I can see a wide azimuth, so I can look at dusk and dawn. I got some blurry photos of the moon though: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7ibwlmqjq2gty6u/IMG_5705.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/8qy1tyy6tfl9vwj/IMG_5727.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/fat1yboro5pqlhr/IMG_5734.JPG?dl=0
  9. I got that kind of view in the deserts of New Mexico as well. When there's no light pollution, the sky looks really beautiful. It really shows how there's so many stars that you can't see in developed areas.
  10. I went out with my telescope this morning, but there were clouds on the horizon and it obscured the comet. I got a few glimpses of it in between the clouds though, so I'm going to try again tomorrow morning.
  11. I knew it was way too expensive, but that really puts it into perspective.
  12. Yeah. NW after dusk (not for a few days), NE before dawn.
  13. My fusor (WIP) started producing x-rays. Time for some lead shielding...
  14. I'm trying to get a look at it, but the clouds here are really dense near the horizon. It's to the northwest at dawn and dusk in the northern hemisphere, right?
  15. A mod called Scatterer should help with that.