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  1. Just have high performance hydrolox tanks - problem solved. No radioactive exhaust, and better performance. (and no massive debate) EDIT: I see you, Nate. Care to tell us your opinion?
  2. Wow, this really shows how out of touch I've been with the MC community... I'm not the only one! I loved the old java launcher! Changelog and everything right there!
  3. What the heck? This is ridiculous. I started playing way back in alpha, long before Microsoft bought it. Nasty ol' corporate capitalism. I would think they'll start doing microtransactions for special skins and capes next.
  4. Thanks IT for the less whitespace change!
  5. I think it uses UTC, so that might cause the late sunsets and sunrises.
  6. I would think water. Either liquid under the surface or way more ice.
  7. Well, some of the parts exist, but the rocket itself has never been assembled, so it does exist, but only partially. SLS: Super Lame Spacecraft
  8. It's already in the bugtracker: https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/25761
  9. So NASA is saying that they have an "exciting new discovery" about the Moon that they'll release in a teleconference on Monday... What could it be? https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-to-announce-new-science-results-about-moon
  10. Comic Sans, you say? I've got something even worse... Do not ever, under any circumstances, allow yourself or people around you, including, but not limited to, friends, family, and other humans, attempt to commit TeRRIblE writing crimes.
  11. KSP development != KSP2 development, simply. KSP2 has way more funding behind it, and more experienced developers right out the gate.
  12. This is way better with the gray background. Thanks to the IT person!
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