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  1. I'm here with Joe on this one - your answers are nearly always well thought-out, informative, and detailed in many ways. It's really great when you take the time to answer interesting questions
  2. Can someone please delete this thread? It looks like my base knowledge was wrong and I don't want it to be spread: Thank you!
  3. I didn't get it from Steam or Epic, so I'm not able to do this. If someone else does and finds that it works then I'll certainly change the title and OP, if not ask the mods to delete this thread entirely so as to not promote incorrect information.
  4. I thought that the PD launcher made it such that you couldn't take it out of normal files. If what you're saying is the case, then I retract my statement in the OP.
  5. Pretty much stated in the title. Buying KSP2 directly from the Private Division store (currently) bypasses all the infuriating DRM content that Steam and Epic seem to have in their installs. Given the experiences people have been having with the KSP1 PD launcher, I expect KSP2 to be annoyingly difficult to separate out from the Steam and Epic control mechanisms, especially when modding comes around. So yeah, if you want to be sure of an easy experience with mods later on, avoid Steam and Epic. Get it directly from PD. Here's the link to KSP2 on the PD store for those interested: https://store.privatedivision.com/game/kerbal-space-program-2 Please note that I am not saying that you should not buy KSP2, I'm just saying that if you do want to buy it, get it through the PD store.
  6. This so much. I'm in a server with several thousand members and I just hang out in one specific channel for VFX artists - that way I'm interacting with maybe 20 people maximum, and they're people I'd like to interact with. Same goes for my own server, even though it's considerably smaller (200+ members) - I just hang out in a few certain channels and sometimes check general chat.
  7. I'm pretty sure that Stationary Mode does not support camera rotation.
  8. Nice! I happen to be in Florida right now so I'm going to go see it as well.
  9. Thank you for the awards! I'll definitely keep on checking in and updating y'all in the coming years as I move through undergrad! I'm glad you guys enjoyed the cinematic - thank you very much for watching and selecting it!
  10. I'm going on the opinions of nearly everyone I've met in other KSP servers, along with content crossposted from Piolet's server that demonstrates an apparent lack of effective moderation or a lack of appropriate rules.
  11. It's a more easily usable chatting platform, sort of like text messaging but on a larger scale and with more people.
  12. It's calmed down as long as you stay out of the KSP 2 channels, those are near-constantly full of random dumb "arguments." You can just search the messages from certain people and sort through the garbage though.
  13. Hi, longtime user of MLP here. First off, thank you for developing and maintaining this mod - it's easily one of my favorite mods of all time. I'm interested in using MLP's part assets in Unreal Engine 5 for a cinematic. UE5 doesn't have a .mu importer, so I'm curious if the base 3d models for MLP's parts are available anywhere. So far, I've been exploring using the .mu import/export plugin for Blender to get these assets out of .mu and into standard 3d model formats, but the workflow is very time-consuming and buggy, so I figured that I'd ask here, as it could save me a lot of time and bugfixing . Thank you!
  14. A lot of KSP Discord servers end up devolving into topics that are borderline and well within NSFW and topics not suitable for this forum. Lowne's and Piolet's are widely regarded to be some of the most extreme ones in this group by the general community. It is, however, important to note that servers like this are not the only kinds of KSP Discord servers. Many content creators and groups have their own, much better moderated servers.
  15. I'm aware of Tweakscale's lack of support for mods in general - I normally write my own configs based upon the Tweakscale documentation but in this case the Daedelus engines simply would ignore my configs. Even after repeatedly consulting the Tweakscale documentation and example configs, I was unable to find the issue. It doesn't really matter to me anyway, as I don't plan on playing much more KSP 1 before KSP 2 releases.
  16. Thank you so much! I'm really happy that you got to see it! I'll definitely keep y'all updated as I progress! I'm glad you liked the mass driver; I put a lot of work into getting that shot as smooth as possible, so I'm happy that you liked it. Thank you very much for your response and good luck with KSP 2!
  17. Just realized that I forgot to hit Submit Reply 9 hours ago , here's a cinematic montage I made as a sort of finale cinematic for KSP 1:
  18. I did multi-instance once for Imagination Takes Flight, but it was pretty laggy from KSP eating my GPU for breakfast.
  19. Basic specs are a Ryzen 9 7950X CPU, Nvidia 3090 GPU, and 128GB RAM (this was due to a mishap xD, I don't need the 128 gigs )
  20. Around 15ish fps. The 3 Daedaluses are a consequence of Tweakscale being buggy as usual xD. I wanted to use one large one, but Tweakscale wasn't having it, so I ended up using 3.
  21. Installing 1.3.1 instead of the latest is no longer necessary as Linx added backwards compatibility in 2.0.6 (not sure about the version number but BC was definitely added).
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