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  1. Turns out I'm just bad at sanity checking. The problem was that I whitelisted 1.11- and 1.12-version mods in CKAN, so it installed 1.10 instead of 1.7.
  2. @IgorZ I'm having the same problem on KSP 1.10.1 (I saw the title, apologies if this is a version-specific problem) with KAS installed via CKAN. I have a ton of other mods installed, but RO is not one of them. The end of the KSP.log has this exception which I think is holding up the loading process: I checked and reinstalled MM, but the problem persists.
  3. Pretty much stated in the title. I've had several cracks at it; it just seems to be impossible. The only engine that can provide the dV needed is the NERV, but with the low TWR it doesn't seem feasible without weird aero bug exploitation to get insane altitude and speed without spending fuel. Any ideas or theories? EDIT: Just thought of suborbital rendezvous, but I think TWR would still be a significantly limiting factor.
  4. Slightly off-topic; do any of y'all know of a website/program that can show the celestial coordinates of JWST? Thinking I might be able to catch it in my telescope but so far my google-fu has been without results.
  5. HYPE! that launch is ridiculously early for me but I don't care
  6. It looks good to me. If what's throwing you off is the inclined orbits, AFAIK it's due to being unable to axially tilt Earth and the other planets, so the creators tilted the orbits instead.
  7. How many klicks are there between clicks?
  8. Merlin Abort Day (MAD) -----> Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) Looks like we're looking at a government conspiracy here
  9. Yeah, it probably sounds insane but I actually did it. It took me a couple months of designing and blowing stuff up rigorous testing, but here it is: The mission consisted of a LEO tanker and hub and an ISRU-capable tug/SSTO. The tug/SSTO carried the specialized landers (for Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Titan) to their destinations and dealt with the low-gravity moons. The Venus lander was surprisingly easy - the thick atmosphere made it easy to do airlaunching. The Mars and Mercury landers were very similar, with a single-NERV lower stage and a light upper stage. The Titan lander was essentially a smaller Venus lander. The hardest part, by far, was dealing with Venus and Mercury. Fuel ran low consistently and I had to stretch my design to the limit to get it back home in time.
  10. Nope! It's hard and requires skill and dedication, but you can go everywhere with purely stock parts.
  11. I would check your control point - it may be reversed.
  12. Probably dumb question: those little white- and red-capped thingys on the spacecraft bus are covers for RCS thrusters, right? EDIT: I love how the workers used that gold tape/foil to hold a sheet of paper by the spacecraft
  13. I'd expect so, as it doesn't change the stats of stock parts or add non-stock parts.
  14. Usually it's my alternating obsessions with KSP and Minecraft. I'll play one nonstop for half a month then switch to the other, on and on...
  15. @SiriusRocketry I got it sorta-done. I didn't manage to include everything but the basic mission architecture is still there.
  16. Pretty much summed up in the title. This is a sorta-recreation of the mission in Stephen Baxter's Titan novel. I had to cut many corners in the making of this video, so parts such as the (spoiler alert) are not included. Still, IMO this is the best sorta-cinematic I've got so far. EDIT: Forgot to add that this was by no means taken in one "sequence." For example, the shuttle launch is composed of shots from several different launch attempts.
  17. I had pretty much the same problem last month, but in 1.11. The mechanics were really weird - the universe moved instead of the kerbal when thrusters were activated, the kerbal was in orbit at 0 m/s, and indestructible, quicksaving and reverting didn't fix the problem, and any craft using a command seat also got messed up.
  18. Camera Tools is probably what you're looking for:
  19. Thanks to this, I've discovered I'm not American. (I hardly ever smile)
  20. Likely not the problem, but you may want to check your trim. (lower left pitch, yaw, and roll sliders). You can change it by pressing ALT-(movement key). Resetting them back to the middle of the sliders stops trim movement.
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