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  1. Finally, I've finished what I consider to be my greatest cinematic: a colonization mission to Proxima Centauri b:
  2. Ballisticfox tracked this down to be due to the frequency being set to 1 IIRC.
  3. Step 1: download the mod and its dependencies Step 2: copy (or extract to in the case of zips) into Kerbal Space Program/Gamedata Step 3: load the game Essentially what CKAN does is this exact thing, but it also ensures that you can easily update your mods and not miss dependencies. It's really not as hard as you're making it out to be.
  4. An aerobraking maneuver at interstellar speeds is really, really scary for sure. I highly doubt that such a maneuver is feasible, but with all the aero and heating glitches going around, who knows what's impossible or not. If anything, I'd expect flybys to work better, but even then since you're traveling at such an insane speed it's unlikely you'll get too much of a slowdown.
  5. I definitely support adding something like that. I've used the stationary camera mode for things like this, but it's incredibly annoying and time-consuming to make sure that the camera isn't clipped into the ground (you can't tell if it is unless it's pointed at a low angle). A landing mode would make it far easier to deal with things like this.
  6. If you're using Subspace time controls, just hit the blue (I think?) double arrow in the LMP tab, it'll sync you and your friend's subspaces.
  7. I'm so happy to finally find someone else whose hatred of Catan rivals my own. Nobody in my family or friend group understands how luck-based the thing is.
  8. Got this through my phone and one lens on my binoculars:
  9. I'm in Florida right now and should be able to catch liftoff pics if this thing happens on time. Hype!
  10. I'm in FL right now for the launch and the weather is incredibly inconsistent. The Starlink launch on the 27th (I think) was really close, there was a gap in the clouds right as they launched with thunderstorms all around. It's insane how much it had changed from just a few hours prior. Standard Florida weather as far as I can tell xD
  11. @DocNappers I've been filming my next cinematic and I've several times needed something like the manual keypad control, but with smoothing. Is this a possible feature that could be added, if I'm not blind and it already exists? Thank you!
  12. I decided to do a quick Artemis I mission before the upcoming launch:
  13. I'm sure NASA won't need to "find" them, I'd expect that people would be lining up for kilometers for such a mission
  14. As far as I can tell, it depends on the part impacting the water somewhat. I had some problems with FFT's tokamak aerospikes, but normal wing connectors didn't have the problem. Now that I think about it though, disabling Scatterer's dynamic water collisions might change it.
  15. Thank you for one of the best summaries of spaghettification I've ever seen (no, seriously I love it). The mod Kerbal Joint Reinforcement should fix many of your drunken part-snake problems. Also, if you end up continuing to play KSP for a while and get some experience, you might want to turn to the Real Solar System / Realism Overhaul set of mods, as they make the game significantly more difficult and realistic.
  16. I grew up under my local airport's flight path, so every day I saw all sorts of aircraft, ranging from the simplest propeller trikes to the occasional Il-76 during hurricane relief. Eventually, I got interested in the aircraft that went higher and faster, which led me to rocketry. I was lucky enough for my parents to take me on a trip to see the launch of STS-125, the final Hubble servicing flight. Watching that launch was incredible for 4-year-old me, with both the epic liftoff and ascent as well as the annoyingly slow countdown clock. A few years later, my dad discovered KSP and was trying to figure it out when I went and tried my hand at it. Ever since, KSP has continued to keep me interested in spaceflight. Now, I'm off to a top-40 US university next year, with the hope to eventually get into spacecraft propulsion! In summary, spaceflight has been one of the most inspiring and interesting things for me and has shaped my life immeasurably.
  17. Yes, that was me, though IIRC I was the 1st person to get verified submissions with a planet pack/mod.
  18. Please delete (or lock if deletion is not an option) this thread: I ended up making a critical inaccuracy and I don't want to end up inadvertently misinforming anyone who comes across it. Thank you!
  19. KSP Recall did not fix the problem for me when I tried using it to remedy the issue unfortunately.
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