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  1. Does this just stack neatly on top of all your existing mods as they were? Ok, that's a slightly awkward way of putting it, but what I'm trying to say is would it work to install this on a decently progressed save, whether smoothly or a little bit janky (lots of mods, though a large percentage are yours anyway, but compatibility with other mods is a separate issue that I'm not really worried about. I largely assume if a mod works with all your mods at once, it will most likely play nice with this one), or would it be more advisable to start a new save for it? Either way, thank you, this i
  2. Fair enough. Thinking about it, the reason I went here was that I was making a station that size with a bunch of your station parts and it was the one thing that wasn't fitting in. Also, what I had in my head was essentially a PPD-TRUSS or PTD-C from this mod or the ECR bays from NFLV, just sized to 3.75.
  3. I've been recently been making an effort to check out all the IVA's on the parts you make and, holy crap this doesn't get said enough, they are absolutely ridiculous. Not just the quality, but all the little touches: The notes, the actually animated swimming fish, everything. I just saw the holographic planet in the 3.75m cupola. Bloody awe inspiring.
  4. I apologize if I'm just blind and missing something, but it seems like the 3.75m size is a bit lacking for cargo/payload units (Pointing the finger at squad, not you). I acknowledge that there are lots of them in the MK3 airplane form factor, but it looks a bit funky (and can have gaps) if you just slap them together, and the only adapter is a rather inelegant big fuel tank (There is the service tank as while, but there isn't that much actual storage space in there). I mean this not as a criticism, but a humble request/suggestion, that a true round 3.75m service bay/cargo bay would be a great
  5. I have a (potentially dumb) question for anyone who wants to field it: At the deep end of the tech tree (With CTT and all of Nert's mods and more), the choice of engine gets a bit overwhelming (and here comes FFT to make it even more so ). When there are a bunch of ion, lithium, plasma, and nuclear options, plus the regular engines, it starts to get really hard to differentiate enough to know what to use and when. I was hoping for some knowledge so that I am able to make actually meaningful choices, that would be much appreciated (or if some of it is for flavor/realism/variety). Y
  6. 1. Input locks. it's great that you can fix it easily (alt F12 menu), but I have to go clear them out far too often, just to be able to do basic things (getting locked out while you are switching stages mid burn is super fun). 2: The cameras. The SPH camera is totally fine; but instead of being the same(ish, at least), the VAB camera is this whole other thing where you have to constantly fiddle to keep things centered and get the angle you want. The in flight camera is mostly fine (at least usually), but when docking it is a nightmare to get the angle and position I want. And on larg
  7. Edit: Most of what I put was either something there is info about, or venting about some of the bugs & quirks that bug me with KSP now. I wasn't really adding anything useful, so I deleted it. Edit: Long burns: When you get into the matter of high efficiency engines and long trips, burn times have the potential to get rather egregious. With more futuristic engines and interstellar distances, this problem seems set to be much worse. So either long burns must have a way to warp through, or be able to automated so that you can do something else in the game while they are going on.
  8. On one of my mun missions, Jeb apparently got Possessed; or maybe revealed his true identity of Count Jebula. (look at the portrait)
  9. Did Captain Jack Harkness happen to be clinging to the outside of one of your flights? Edit: and yes, I definitely failed to anticipate that possibility. I guess I should have had an "other" option
  10. In a save, when you move to the interplanetary phase of things, the time it takes to get anywhere skyrockets (pun semi-intended) and you either have to time warp in much larger amounts, or just nickel and dime your way through with smaller stuff to pass the time. I tend to avoid overly long single time warps and I'm curious as to how people approach this in regards to play-style.
  11. I can pretty confidently say that the underlying issue has not been fixed; trying to warp above x50 through a SOI change is exactly the kind of thing that was going on when I've run into it.
  12. That makes sense with the way ReStock's name redirection method works. Anytime squad changes a part/node name it will break the chain. I didn't make that connection because it was "stock" fairings, forgetting about ReStock's redesign and replace thing. On the bright side (I think, not a programmer) if it's just messed up pointers, I would think it would be a pretty easy fix. Yeah, the magnetometer and grabber jr they added, I already had from mods. I'm pretty underwhelmed with what they added, especially with the consequences of breaking my mods. Though I'm only talking about the stuff t
  13. I've run into a bug from time to time where if you warp really fast, sometimes it totally borks your flight path. Not even complaining, as long as you save reasonably often (bugs like this and the spontaneously exploding surface bases are why I will never play without quicksave enabled), but it's kind of bizarre and a little funny. I just sent the first chunk of my eve space station. Burn went fine, intercept only needed a little tweaking. So I warp to get out of Kerbin's SOI, to make the adjustment easier, but it stops the warp halfway through; then, when I complete the warp, all of a sudden
  14. I'm surprisingly not doing too bad on 1.10 (I updated it without even really thinking ) on my save with tons of mods.. the main thing for me is fairings are now broken: can no longer build them at all, stock or mod based ones. I suppose I'll just go back to my unmodded save for a while until things catch up. Edit: In a truly strange twist, 1.10 broke my unmodded save, but not my heavily modded one. That said, all I had to do to fix it was re-verify the gamedata Edit: It is weird to play without part mods now; CTT and Nertea's stuff, especially, add so much depth to the
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