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  1. found it, thanks. would be nicer imo if it was named bdynamics since that's what i'm (and probably a lot of people) used to
  2. i've done this already and it's still not there, also as you can see i'm filtering by all so this can't be a version issue
  3. yeah i installed it from github now and it works as intended so i guess you should update your ckan version
  4. for some reason the parts texture doesnt change, its this shiny metal one and i cant change it no matter what (only paint it) also changing shapes of the edges makes them have this weird texture installed from ckan
  5. hey man i cant seem to find this mod on ckan, and on spacedock the version specified is 1.8.1. maybe im just dumb of course. i tried hand searching by author name and sorts of stuff as well.
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