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  1. this is what i mean https://prnt.sc/1042mu9 https://prnt.sc/1042nk5 mod folder
  2. do i need the stock textures? the game bugs out a lot when having just the parallax
  3. ohhh okay not really a fan of the sunflares for Destiny and being able to see them at Janus but oh well
  4. absolutely beautiful mod however when trying to play it with Beyond Home i get these sunflares popping up at Janus, keep in mind i should not be able to see Destiny/Fate from the Kerbol system
  5. anyreason to why the KSC is under the ground in 2.5x scale?
  6. adding onto this, it spawns under the ground https://prnt.sc/xmy6rd
  7. Hello i am getting this on the ground and in this view, it goes away at a certain altitude, any help? https://prnt.sc/xlg9od Modlist: https://prnt.sc/xlga9d
  8. Will you ever add Lunar Starship and possibly update Superheavy to have four landing legs/fins?
  9. Okay, really hope it does this is my favourite planet pack and it feels weird to play the normal one lol but last question, will there ever be RVE64K-alike clouds? and will the Jool clouds be updated? not a fan of them
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