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  1. could you add the MethaneOxi to the stock parts please? or is there anyway i could change the MethaneLqdOxygen to MethaneOxidizer
  2. i use a black KASA flag and when lowering the opacity it turns to grey so i think just adding a black one makes more sense
  3. the TRS would've been launched in a Shuttle and docked to Skylab with the Canadarm, you wouldn't need much parts for it
  4. i cant put embed images for some reason but will this be added? A Drawing of a Teleoperator Retrieval System | S78-23631 (19… | Flickr would be great to have, also that Flickr album has a lot of other images of Skylab if needed
  5. Ctrl + K select the pad you want, hit 'make launch site' name it whatever you want select RP to make it a rocketpad and VAB. any further help go to the Kerbal Konstructs people
  6. Tundra Space Center doesn't add any KK configs for a space center.
  7. it would only mess up rovers/landers on the surface, anything in orbit will be completely fine
  8. there is Parallax configs for JNSQ JNSQ Parallax settings - Bumpy roads up ahead [Version 1.0 ] - Add-on Development - Kerbal Space Program Forums
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