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  1. Truly incredible mod, will go down as one of best mods for KSP1!
  2. Yes once reborn is fully stable I will update configs for it with a modern and retro style, other pads will be updated to fit realism ,and colliders are only and issue at the SLF but I will figure out a fix for it. Edwards and Vandenburg are on my list to get working
  3. Skylab 7 | SLM-6 | STS-5 - February 8 - 13, 1982 Crew: Ken Mattingly William Lenoir Story Musgrave Vance Brand Shuttle: Columbia After completing the test flight phase of STS, Columbia is ready to conduct her first operational mission consisting of launch/rendezvous to Skylab for remote control of TRS-1 to grab the Multiple Docking Interface Module (MDIM) and attach it to Skylab granting the ability for Columbia to dock with the Workshop. This will be Columbia's second visit to the station and the first crew inside of Skylab since 1974. The MDIM built by McDonnell Douglas includes 5 APAS-75s that were originally used on ASTP (Apollo Soyuz Test Project) and an Apollo Probe for attachment to Skylab, the "front" APAS-75 will be used for Orbiter dockings and future modules if needed, the side APAS-75s will be used for other spacecraft and the planned Spacelab modules by the European Space Agency. After the crew docks to Skylab they will have a rest period before entering the Workshop, once prepared the crew will start to install new kits and supplies into the Workshop they will also remove older kits that are no longer needed, Skylab 8 will install the last remaining kits and new showers for women. This will also be the final mission for TRS-1 which has been a historical success with the possibility of more to come as plans raise at NASA for more orders of the TRS spacecrafts due to some Astronauts deeming Canadarm too risky for the future modules. Columbia waiting for her mission on LC-39A Go for launch Crew arm retract GOX Arm retract T-2 Mins T- 10 Seconds 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. Liftoff of Skylab 7! Roll completed Columbia on track SRB Separation On track with Skylab Trajectory MECO Clean separation from the External Tank Circularization burn Payload doors opening revealing the MDIM Columbia, Houston, You are looking clean for rendezvous Rendezvous burn Rendezvous with Skylab TRS-1 Docked to Skylab awaiting remote connection Fly around Columbia preparing to fly TRS-1 for the second time TRS-1 Undocking TRS being maneuvered to dock with the adapter Docked Release of TRS-1 and the adapter Orbiter view of TRS-1 maneuvering to the MDIM Docked with the MDIM TRS-1 moving towards Skylab Docking confirmed Hard docking TRS-1 pulling away from Skylab TRS-1 deorbit after 3 highly successful missions Columbia you are go for docking with Skylab Capture Vance Brand: "We have docked with Skylab! WOOOHOOO!!" After completing rest period and checkouts the crew enters Skylab for refurbishment After a successful refurbishment Columbia preps for undocking Final views of Skylab from Skylab 7 Payload doors closing before deorbit Deorbit Columbia now in its AOA for Reentry. Approach to Runway 22 Wheel stop.
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