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  1. i have everything downloaded but it says its missing the stock textures on startup?
  2. does anyone have recommended buffs for engines if i want to get to interstellar destinations in under a thousand years? i tried getting to alpha centauri from real exoplanets and it was taking me 500+ and i want to make the z pinch and antimatter drives more realistic is this a dumb question to ask?
  3. does restock come with configs for this cause those engines havent been working for me
  4. GREAT MOD! I'm wondering what we can look forward too, is there a roadmap for what your working on?
  5. i have a small question so i try to load up the game and it just says that the mod is not compatiable with 1.11?
  6. oh yeah of course i can KSP: 1.11 Windows 64bit Problem: MOd qwont work, as in there is no scattering and the ocean has no water Mods installed: Most recent versions of avp, scatterer and EVE all nertea mods and bdb Reproduction steps: Simply make a new savegame, and load up the tracking station, then exit it and the ocean is gone Log: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1J2reqlLnan2NpcG-HniCK1TgkXCo--oo?usp=sharing
  7. ok ill see if i can get that to work if there is anything else i can do ill gladly help you out! ok ill see if i can get that to work if there is anything else i can do ill gladly help you out! this should work https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1J2reqlLnan2NpcG-HniCK1TgkXCo--oo?usp=sharing
  8. so ive been having general issue with the mod loading ill get a log now i just wanted to say that edit: link shoud work https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1J2reqlLnan2NpcG-HniCK1TgkXCo--oo
  9. hello, i have a small issue, i recently installed this mod and as i have nerteas fft mod in my gamedata folder i buffed thee fusion engines to make them on par with the fft ones, however when i did so they lost all functionality as an engine and were moved to fuel tanks? help?
  10. hello, i was recently browsing reddit and somebody told me about this mod, they said it was very old and didnt have an update for 1.10, but they also said that somebody made a patch that let it work in 1.10? can somebody direct me to this?
  11. @ImSoBored927, yeah makes sense, and good luck with uni guardian!
  12. YAY, so is a update for 1.10 currently in dev?
  13. so i recently downloaded this mod, and i am wondering how i use my music, ive seyup a playlist config and i have the music i want, but how do i set it up?
  14. ok, im just gonna check to see if what @JadeOfMaarsaid will work, and if that doesnt ill reinstall what i can with ckan
  15. this should work https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1LRpHvvNXyPBiTwnVYo8fM_5lOo6UJCFQ?usp=sharing i only see one modulule manager
  16. im just going to repost this cause maybe it might have been forgotten, ive been having a bug where if i try to launch a ship, the sky turns black here is a log i obtained by looking at all the planets the closing the window:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BRKrOo8c55xMTokzcZxIv8RbDqbJawmi/view?usp=sharing
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