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  1. Yeah, I should have done a stationary test case right away, sorry about that. Was too busy trying all the new things at that time, I guess. And too hyped to think straight
  2. While I said in an earlier post that a smaller leak seems to exist even with PPFX off, that turned out to be wrong. Memory was increasing slowly, but apparently due to something else. Prompted by your request, I did some more tests with a stationary contraption (craft file) that I left running on infinite fuel, and found no leak with PPFX off. I also found something else: When PPFX are off at the time the flight scene is loaded, and turned on afterward (i.e. during flight), the leak doesn't seem to happen either, despite the craft being all glowy. It only happens when PPFX are on while switching to the flight scene. My specs: AMD FX-6300 (6x3.5 Ghz) GeForce GTS 450 (1 GB VRAM) 16 GB RAM Windows 7 x64
  3. I found this interesting, because this is also used for the glow effect in the temperature gauge overlay, so I re-tested the save from my earlier post with PPFX turned off: memory usage still goes up, but much slower than with PPFX on. So it would take a much longer time to hit the 4 GB crash barrier. With PPFX on, it takes about 6 minutes from loading the save to the crash. EDIT: It seems that, with PPFX off, the memory usage increases due to something else, not the heat gauges. Maybe it's just the PQS rebuilding the terrain mesh during re-entry. Stationary tests show memory only leaking with PPFX on. Sorry for getting that wrong.
  4. Here is a save file that should help to reproduce the crash reliably: A space plane on the start of a very shallow reentry that takes long enough to crash the game. Just keep the wings level with occasional roll inputs, and let it glide in on its own. For me, the game crashes once it hits about 3.8 GB. Turning the temperature gauges off prevents the leak, and thus the crash. My specs: AMD FX-6300 (6x3.5 Ghz) GeForce GTS 450 (1 GB VRAM) 16 MB RAM Windows 7 x64
  5. Yes! I had really hoped for that! Switching focus away should probably do the same, instead of turning SAS off.
  6. If it requires internal knowledge to use a tool in the editor, I'd say Squad did something wrong.
  7. Strange how it's instant crickets wherever I ask that question
  8. Some really nice surprises here. This is shaping up to be the mother of all updates!
  9. Man, you're picky, but rightly so! Although I found that 0.007 is a better offset. I added that to the first post, too.
  10. The z-fighting is not the real problem here - the part just sits too far in its parent. In SP+, it aligns properly. It's probably just an ill-placed connector or something.
  11. So far it works fine for me in v0.25. With latest Toolbar and ModuleManager, of course.
  12. Had this as well. I figured out that changing the settings and re-applying them fixed it. So I went and deleted settings.cfg just to be sure, and set up everything again. According to the Economic Boom FAQ, there's some known issue with old settings files.