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  1. There's a download link to the crafts and mods in the description. Just be warned, the lag will be ungodly unless you have something like a NASA supercomputer.
  2. I know for a fact that there are not many mods with a flying brick fuselage type like that of the Avro Arrow, so I would like to know if there are any addons out there that would help with such a thing. the Blue Steel mod doesn't help much, so any and all help is appreciated.
  3. @hemeacWell the Avro Arrow wasn't the only flying brick out there you know.
  4. I mean we have the intakes, but i can't get the alignments right, nothing i do is satisfactory, even with B9 procedural wings!
  5. Okay, now i feel kinda disappointed, i was hoping that i would be able to construct a somewhat-accurate Avro Arrow with these parts, but it isn't possible...
  6. How do i get the jetwing to work? I can't put a kerbal in it in the editor.
  7. Poggers! Anyway, the MiG-29 looks great, but when i tried replicating it, i couldn't even get it to fly
  8. This is entirely theoretical for the time being, so stop going on about all the DRM stuff.
  9. Any good game needs anti-piracy measures. However, just putting in an ordinary anti-piracy screen or warning/error message would be boring. I'm thinking of something creative, such as the game seeming to work at first, until you try to launch something and it ends up immediately exploding. Other ideas:Craft will just not work at all, craft will lose all control except for throttle at a random time, overheat temperature would be much lower, craft would not spawn but kerbals would spawn in a secret location with an anti-piracy message, etc. Does anyone have any other ideas?
  10. I'll need to install the mod back and take a video to show what i mean. Edit:This is the second time something like this has happened to me. I say something is broken, but all of a sudden it works again. That was what happened in this case.
  11. There's a glitch in 1.10 where the part select menu is all glitched, and one of the categories (Either engines or fuel tanks) doesn't work at all. This addon needs to be fixed.
  12. Well, i just simply strap them on, but they don't work. Oddly, this only happens with the tracks, it's not an issue with the wheels. I don't know what causes it at all! Edit:Wait what? all of the sudden now they work for me?
  13. Okay, so I'm back again, but this time my problem is that the VTOL engines keep doing this thing where one points down and the other up (Ignore the notification, I didn't realize it was there until now) The thing is, though, it doesn't happen in the editor?
  14. Hey, the VTOL engines are broken for me Edit: nvm i was using an old version
  15. How do i post Gifs here? Need to know so i can post gifs demonstrating this
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