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  1. Yes I am using the same setting for ksp and KER. I have the fuel tanks stuck to each other with a central tank and four partly merged tanks. Now i'm writing this i'm thinking this might be a problem!! I'm new to all this kerbal stuff.
  2. I have an assembly using an LNTR engine and five FL-T800 tanks with liquid fuel. In KER the DELTAV is shown as 11604m/s but in ksp 6285 m/s. When launched and deployed in LKO the ksp figure appears to be the deltav left. Can anyone explain why the vast difference in prediction? Thanx.
  3. Really red faced reply here. Sorry james Kerman for wasting your time. Too embarrassed but all ok now.
  4. Hi guys. sorry for the long gap. thanks for replies.
  5. Yeah sorry, i'm new to this forum. After positiong rocket, i am trying to use mechjeb rendevous. But i am using stock tanks and a Terrier engine.
  6. HI Guys, When staging at an orbit of 150 out of Kerbin, my terrier engine only drains oxygen from tanks and stutters untill depleted. I cannot work out why. Any Ideas. Thanks for reply's in advance.
  7. I have a contract to test a protective shell. How can i achieve orbit and be between 53000m & 54000m at the same time? Hope this, my first question, is not too dumb.
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