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  1. check around... 3 pages back? I remember it being talked about a while back...
  2. the alt f12 also can clear input locks. its in the 2nd category i think?.
  3. Praise linux the guru gamer for all the mods he kept alive!
  4. I'd actually love to have an inline puff
  5. this made me remember how the single bell poodle look like a ... ehm nevermind
  6. So I noticed something weird with the rigid legs, when I press G to toggle them on, theres no animation and they just instantly go to the open state. But the retract animation is fine. idk how to get logs but if u guys need just tell me how. And heres the gamedata folder of mine (+ modulemanager 4.1.3 but its not showing here)
  7. save up on pc upgrades. Or strike a deal with ur parents if ur still in school or something.
  8. Does this work for 1.9.1 if theres a kopernicus for 1.9.1? I saw that prestja updated kopernicus for 1.9.1. edit: heres the link yall.
  9. Followed! I havent gotten to modelling or mod making in general, but I've always wanted more adapters so that I can put clusters of small engines in a bigger tank spacex style. How bout u try that?
  10. My 5m fuel tanks are missing and after checking the files, possibly some of the adaptors? My ksp version is 1.9.1 and ive downloaded from spacedock. How do i fix this?
  11. So I saw this from reddit, and idk which realism mod forum to post it in so I just put it here. Idk if it would add much since from my understanding u experience the boom only if youre not the craft thats going supersonic and I rarely fly another craft when I'm going supersonic for obvious reasons but it would be cool for those using multiplayer mods and those that do fighter jet showdowns.
  12. i have this problem where the nuke engines would have one of their shrouds in place even though i never put a decoupler under them. The ship was in flight already when I downloaded the mod and opened the save. I did use the original modulemanager (from the modulemanager forum page) instead of the bundled one and tried to delete the modulemanager and all the config stuff under it to be replaced with the bundled md but still there. Is there a way to fix this? I saw in a post somewhere that seemed old as well that I could do something with the save file. edit: Heres the link of the shroud thing I found I checked my save file: and i found that the nukes had the fairingR in the top activejettisonName but the second jettisonName was empty. I put in fairingL for them all but i havent tested yet. Will edit again once I get results.
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