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  1. If I want to change the engine fuel and thrust, which file should I change? I had tried to change the data in "GameData\OPT\Parts\engines", but it didn't work.
  2. It can' be use in 1.12 there're too many bugs 1 ALL fairing base size got restricted under 1.5m 2 when you install a part, the fairing base begin to be flicker, and the game fps become so low
  3. Will you add methanes ? It is used in "Cryogenic Engines (released by Nertea)" While I found the mod supported near future propulsion, it is a pity that there's no methane in the editer. SO, will you add it ? Or can you tell me how to add it ? (My English is poor, Hopefully that above makes sense to you )
  4. But in fact there hadn't. will you update it ?Or can you tell me how to add one ? thanks !
  5. Why don't you add a connect-point in the top front of the part "opt KH cargobay 6m/short"? It makes me hard to connect "H mounted nose" with it. But you added the point in all the "KH cargo Ramp varlant" It is strange...
  6. Will you add a localization interface ? And then I can translate it.
  7. How to Disable Stock Scanning ? In fact, I didn't find the button in the setting,....
  8. When wil you update it ? actually I found it still work in the 1.8.1........lol
  9. In fact, this mod is recommand by Extraplanetary Launchpads, and the homepage in the CKAN is link to THIS The title in the web is "infernal robotics", so I fetl confused.
  10. FIrst of all, what's the relatiionship between "infernal RO-Robotics" and this ? I found "infernal RO-Robotics v2.3.1" didn't compatible with "mechjeb2.9.2.0". If I apply the mod, MJ will disappear. My game version is 1.9.1
  11. cool ! I have a question. why "Near Future Spacecraft" needs "near future iva props" to work ?
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