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  1. This is the reason I posted my response. What KhanRa did is correct, but not how he described it. If anyone stumbles on this post and gets a better understanding of orbital mechanics or conservation of momentum from it, then it was worth it. That KhanRa himself was only active on this forum for six days is completely irrelevant to me.
  2. I just spent some time browsing through this thread in search of any reply that was against the integration of Kerbal Alarm Clock. I couldn't find any. KAC is developed by David Tregoning (a.k.a. TriggerAu), one of the Lead Programmers, so proper integration should be possible. I honestly don't see why it isn't being integrated after it has been recommended in the first post that startet this thread and there is only positive feedback (as far as I could tell). Has TriggerAu written anything about the matter? I would love to see KAC added to stock. For me it makes me feel in charge of a real busy space program. I like TheFrizz's idea (see below) of only making it available after some upgrades to the KSC, most importantly the Tracking station, but maybe also Mission Control (quest giver). I could imagine that the functionalities would become available in tiers. At first you could only set raw time alarms, then maneuver node alarms, and only later the transfer peroid* planner would become available. There should of course be the option in the settings to just have it function, like it does now, so that stock and mod version don't need to be split. * I know that most people call it transfer window, but the transfer window is technically the span of time each day when you can directly launch from a rotating body. The launch period depends on the phase angle between your departure celestial body and your destination with regard to the central object both bodies orbit (e.g. the Sun / Kerbol). Many launch windows may occur during a launch period. (For example: A launch period might be three weeks in July and the launch window might be from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. every day.) Just so I – newbie – have also added my 0.02$: I don't think that KER and especially MJ should be added to stock. I'm sure they are great in what the do, but especially new players shouldn't be overloaded with information and automation should definitely not be an easy option within the base game. Once you are an expert, sure, go out, grab the mods!
  3. Yes, I'm perfectly aware of that and was when I made my reply. I'm doing so on the forum to a game that is nine years old and still played and beloved by many. This isn't some EA Sports game that becomes irrelevant after one year after all. The fact that I found this thread in a websearch is enough evidence that other will find it too. Why should it be better to start a new thread, instead of reviving an old one Indeed, I totally missed the point of the centripetal force. Makes sense when I think about it. Now that I do think about it, it is the "same" technique that I employ when I want to get back from -- say -- the Mun. I accelerate when I am in between the Mun and Kerbin (pointing retrograde with regard to my Kerbin orbit). Thanks for enlightening me!
  4. If they really did it exactly as you described here then it was most definitely in a fiction book. You should rather eject the stage you want to deorbit backwards / retrograde, not downwards (radially inwards). I recommend this great video on the topic (l among other things:
  5. I took a paragliding course in 2018. Sadly, I haven't had a chance to practice this wonderful sport anymore since. I haven't really done a terrible lot in the game yet. My playstyle is a very slow one. Only three of my craft have left the Kerbin system yet, one SENTINEL satellite and two probes to the Eve system (not intended for landing), one of which is a scientific probe, the other one of which is a relay satellite. I have constructed an orbital station around Kerbin with a crew capacity of 38 Kerbals (in truth I docked two stations together after the bigger one could already support 22 Kerbonauts), I also have stations orbiting the Mun and Minmus. I launched orbital survey satellites to both moons which launched four lightweight surface probes each. I set up a surface outpost on the Mun which contains a deployable Science station. Recently I dabbled in ISRU by setting up a mining outpost conaining a small Convert-O-Tron and some small mining drills on the Mun. I sent some rovers to the Mun on a quadlauncher (just a rocket that conained four identical rovers in one fairing. During my first few days ingame I stranded Jeb who was flung out on an elliptical orbit with an apoapsis higher than Minmus', but I decided against loading an old savegame as setting up a rescue mission (actually two rescue missions, because I forgot an adequate antenna on the first craft) provided a nice goal to work towards. I use Kerbal alarm clock and I couldn't do without it. I try to always launch some mission and I try never to warp more than a few hours at a time. I love building and testing spaceplanes - although space is the one domain where I haven't gotten a plane yet. It is surprisingly easy to build amphibian crafts which are capable of not only landing in but taking off from water. One of the next things that I will do is subjecting some Kerbals to a training program, so that they will gain some valuable experience.
  6. I want to keep this topic very concise and to one simple point. I love the EVA parachute system for Kerbonauts. They recently saved the day when I brought the rescue craft for two Kerbals stranded in Munar orbit piloted by Jeb back to Kerbin. When I descended through the upper atmosphere I wondered why the parachutes didn't show up in the stage stack. Well, the craft was mainly designed and launched to stay in space and be a shuttle in the Kerbin system - no chutes on that thing. But on to my point: Kerbals lean their feet the wrong way when steering. As of version 1.9 Kerbals lean their upper body left when making a left turn, which is fine, but they stretch their waddly legs to the right, which is wrong. A paraglide can be steered by shifting one's mass. This is done by bending the whole body to the left or right, depending on the intended direction. This problem should have a very quick fix: Swap the leg animations for left and right turns. This is my first post on the forum, so feedback is very welcome. I started playing KSP just one month ago and have played it for 300 hours since.
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