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  1. My first thought was making history style missions! They're gonna have to do at least one character now! haha
  2. I see what you did there Well said though, I definitely wasn't trying to start another "circular discussion".
  3. I'm forgiving of small studios for sure. Even for KSP2. Am I disappointed at what we got? Yes. Would I abandon or get frustrated just because it was a big publisher or judge them differently? No. Just a thought experiment I suppose. The discussion could go on forever.
  4. Definitely sounded like a pat on yhe shoulder. Not quite right in the fact that the landscape has changed since then. But today, the way KSP1 was released? I dont think it would've survived.
  5. There was an absolute gold nugget from him about EA in an article too ""Now I wonder if I were releasing KSP again, now, if it would've gone well. The general feeling towards early access has changed so much. People expect a more polished and finished product."
  6. While I agree with your hypothesis, it should be KSP[2] (imagine those are absolute value lines
  7. Agreed! I'm a newbie to the jool system, and didn't look at my velocity when I set my Pe at 30,000m, I ended up crashing at 1400m/s haha. Didn't realize Tylo was so big lol.
  8. Just made it to Tylo for the first time last weekend, I almost thought it was a bug, it's pretty expletive bright.
  9. Same here. But everytime I say Minmus it sounds like minn-uh-mus
  10. Using that tool works for me on the current patch. And what I would assume is a standard mid-course correction burn.
  11. I have no idea. A few weeks before KSP2 released I got my first asteroid intercept, but it was only 700km from Kerbin and I managed to get it into orbit. I managed to fly by Duna in KSP1, but never could do anything better. Perhaps I should go back and see if I can repeat everything in KSP1. With all the bugs etc, I'm not sure how, but I swear KSP 2 is "easier". I thpught Jool was for super experienced players and I never get there, but lo and behold haha EDIT: I do have to mention though, part of exploring new places I haven't been to in KSP2 is the music alone. It's been very exciting to get to orbit and hear the soundtrack for whatever body you're orbiting.
  12. I get bored, and then I push myself to visit all the places I haven't. My firsts in KSP2 vs KSP1 so far: Landed on Duna Landed in Ike Landed on Eve Landed on Dres Orbited Jool then attempted and crashed into Tylo.
  13. Not sure where the appropriate place yo post this is. I've done some searching on yhis and haven't come across anything. I first expiernced this post patch 1. Started at Duna and Ike. I get into a low orbit and lower large landing legs, one inevitably falls off like it been decoupled, no explosions. If I load a save before that they all come off. Tried again on a brand new campaign today with med legs. But they stayed on. This was around the Mun. However, they both do the same thing after that and after a time warp. After extension there is a weird pitch/roll moment, and after a time warp to Pe my orbit immediately turns sub orbital. On Large legs this can lead to the entire thing exploding.
  14. Duna is amazing compared to KSP1, Ike is pretty impressive too. I avoid looking at Pol screenshots because I want to see it for myself, it seems the most overhauled/complex to me.
  15. Count me in on being ignorant to a newcomer to all of KSP as well. If you're brand new to KSP, nope, absolutely not, KSP2 isn't a great place to start. Science and career is what really drew me in as a new player. I'm someone who needs goals and things to do outside of my limited KSP sandbox imagination. To me that's important fpr a newcomer. I had KSP before those and never played it much.
  16. Did you retrograde after you saw the star icon and reloaded? Or was that when things became uncontrollable? In what direction did you burn originally?
  17. Dakota said the F/O button on the tracking station doesnt do anything but was a spoiler. Maybe it means full orbit after you exit the SOI?
  18. Now all we need is @Nate Simpson to hop in and say "you'll never get there, it's too far"
  19. I more meant like spawning a vessel way out or something. Amazing mission report! I'm still convinced there's more to see! Best of luck! And thank you!
  20. Wish I was that far out, I'll dpuble check when I get home, but I'm pretty sure I'm at .2 c! My maneuver node says 22 thousand years if I place it on the bubble.
  21. I have yet to figure out doing screenshots here. I'm really interested in seeing what happens if someone can cross the SOI for the Kerbolar system. I swear the game will just shut the computer down or you'll magically find debeb. I have a hydrogen ship that got krakened out from Kerbol orbit at arpund 60k m/s, I'm pretty far away from the entire system. So how's this, let's start a thread to see who can get to the SOI without cheats. Something HAS to happen!
  22. I've found the music is a big part of discovery right now for me. I can't wait to hear and see the new visuals when i get there, and ill orbit around until im sure ive heard the complete track while admiring the revamps. I'm not good enough yet to get past Duna And Eve. I love Dunas music, I managed to land on Ike this weekend, no spoilers, but the music is good and interesting compared to everything in kerbins SOI.
  23. I didn't realize we all needed to go buy immersion coolers just to load the main menu!
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