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  1. Having participated since the very beginning, this project has given me many great memories. From participating as KLA, Blue Streak, and Pioneer, thank you apempathy.
  2. Congrats on starting a new era of Kerbal and Real Solar System scenery! Will be following all the way.
  3. Go At Throttle Up is on indefinite hold as I have limited free time and would like to await future mod developments to continue. Thank you to everyone who followed until this point.
  4. Hello all, I apologize as once again there will be a delay. I am currently very busy with my personal life and I expect to have 51H by the end of the week, however further missions may not be published until the next week. Thank you for the support, and I will make sure future missions are exciting.
  5. I have returned! STS-51D will be uploaded ASAP, likely tomorrow pending my schedule, and I'll hurry with 51E and 51F to make up for the absence.
  6. I will be away for this week and will post the next missions next week.
  7. @Talverd Very cool thread, looking forward to what you make. What did you happen to use for the IUS tilt table? It looks rather nice.
  8. @Soft Walnut The configs are included in RO and RP1 as of the latest releases, it just requires the Photon Corp mod to be installed
  9. @pTrevTrevs The vertical stabilizer I use is from Space Shuttle System mod as it has the other tile variants, and the SOCK rudder does not work very well in RSS/RO. The SSMEs come from ROEngines which I believe use the SSTU model.
  10. @pTrevTrevs Thank you! Yes it is using TUFX Bloom set at very high values, along with the included engine lighting.
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