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  1. Thanks I’ll take a look into that and write that done.
  2. Yeah it definitely is the lack of practice. I only have like 80 hours ingame. The whole CoM/CoL thing is also complicated for me although I sometimes use Kerbal Engineer Redux. Do you know a mod by the way for 1.9.1 that makes the Space Shuttle Built easier? Or even a mod that is built around a Space Shuttle (or Buran Energija)?
  3. Thanks Guys for the good advises. even tough I keep on crashing because I lose control in the dense part of the atmosphere, I am now able to see the KSC. So I just need some practice and it will hopefully be a success
  4. Ok, I've tried to upload a screenshot for you but it's not working somehow But what I can say is that my Periapsis is 198km and my Apoapsis 206km above Kerbin and I have 630 m/s DV. https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/File:TinyKerbin.png Do you mean I should go down on the desert on the right? If yes, where exactly? The green Island next to it is the island where the Space Center is located (+ the rollway)
  5. Hey Guys, So, my kind of favourite Orbiter right now is the space shuttle. After I found some good ones in the internet that fly reasonably well to orbit, I have problems reentering Kerbin. So I have a few questions. I'm reentering Kerbin at about 2500-3000 Km/h. Where should I do a manuever node to safely land at the "Main Base", you know, the rollway. I'm always missing the rollway for about a few hundred kilometers every time (or I crash). Is there a kOs Script you guys have that'll do something like that? Because I believe the whole landing thing is complicated.
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