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  1. Once I watched a KSP video of an author. Every time he finds a dark green Squad stele (just the same as one outside KSC) on an planet, he will be given a random new technology that he hasen't unlock at the research centre. I don't know whether it is because of a mod or a setting in the difficulty. Anyone can help? I think this give me more prolulsion to explore other planets.
  2. Though I know very little about mods and codes and I don't understand most of things that you said above, but I would like to thank you very much for your help! and also I dont know what would hapen to those vesseles which I have used Tweakscale on them if I uninstall Tweakscale
  3. Why there is no oxidant in my cyro tanks? I've installed it on CKAN and installed all the dependencies, including B9partswitch
  4. That's really kind of you! This is a screenshot of Gamedata file
  5. Well I didn't installed TweakableEverything but I installed TweakScale, and I have installed OPT-legacy, OPT-reconfig and FAR. I also have Airplane plus but I think that have nothing to do with OPT, so could you tell me how to solve my problem?
  6. Hello! I like OPT parts really much, it looks just the same as I want. But I'm facing some problems using it, generally speaking the OPT wings generate no lift at all, no matter how big it is. and the lift generate by the body(the tank and cargo bay) is strage too, is seems that only cockpit generate lift. It appears both when FAR working and not working. Please tell me how to solve it cause I really want to build cool SSTO with OPT. PS,I'm using 1.9.1