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  1. @Gameslinx that did it! Thank you so much!!! (Setting it to medium and vertex mode was good for me if anyone is wondering.) Another small issue, there are levitating rocks all over the mun. I turned off ground scatter in KSP settings but they're still there.
  2. Hey, having a little issue. Just before landing on a surface the textures suddenly get darker in blocks and it absolutely kills the performance. Like it goes from 50fps to 20fps and the game goes into that physics slow motion mode. Any idea what could be causing it. Attached a screenshot and modlist. https://imgur.com/a/EfN7r3V modlist - Pastebin.com
  3. Having issues with Waterfall FX. The plume appears as a giant blob.
  4. Hey guys! Such beautiful plumes make my heart flutter! One small issue with Vessel Viewer, it shows the plume as a giant blob rendering vessel viewer useless. I am guessing because waterfall is mesh based vessel viewer can't distinguish it. Just wanted to let you guys know.
  5. Okay so haven't extensively tested but Mars doesn't seem to have parallax and Ganymede is all out of whack in 0.7. Is it supposed to be like that or have I missed something?
  6. Hey, awesome mod! Love it to bit! One question/request, can I somehow turn off parallax for Kerbin?
  7. Hey guys, Planning a new playthrough with this and BDB. Tweaking it a bit here and there. Got AVP clouds to work with this. Amazing mod! Do you guys think the sky becomes dark too fast? or is it more realistic? I feel like 4000-5000m is too low for the sky to become pitch black. Your thoughts please. I'm used to playing KSP with AVP. Thanks
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