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  1. How does tweakscale make rescaled engines weaker/stronger? More specifically, does it modify the atmCurve and velCurve of an engine when it is rescaled?
  2. I would like to write a patch that modifies the maxThrust and atmCurve of the J-404 Panther engines, but it seems that there are two of the same module in its CFG file; one for dry mode and one for wet mode. I've tested this patch I wrote but it doesn't seem to work like I want it to: +PART[turboJet] { @MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX] { @maxThrust = 74.6 @atmCurve { key = 0 0 2.55 2.55 key = 0.2 0.51 1.58125 1.58125 key = 1 1 0.6125 0.6125 } } @MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX] { @maxThrust = 114 @atmCurve { key = 0 0 2.55 2.55 key = 0.2 0.51 1.58125 1.58125 key = 1 1 0.6125 0.6125 } } }
  3. What is better, the PartRebalancer10x mod that comes with JNSQ or SMURFF? I play with RSS and BDB and it seems like there are no SMURFF configs for BDB, so the only rebalancer mod I am left with is PartRebalancer10x.
  4. Did you just modify the BlueSmurff.cfg file in BDB's compatibility folder? I tried doing this but the BDB Saturn V still doesn't meet the dV requirements to go to the moon (I play with RSS).
  5. Also, the texture select window still appears every time i launch the game. The changes do apply, but it won't disappear even though I have already selected, saved, and restarted.
  6. I've tried doing that but still didn't work
  7. Help why is the night side of kerbin shining like that https://imgur.com/a/BvlGeZV
  8. Great mod. Is there any way I can change the instruments light color for the Mk1 Inline Cockpit? I wanna change it to green to match the HUD.
  9. I don't know anything about coding but I really wanna make this mod work with MAF. What exactly did you mean by this? Do I have to edit MAF's dll file?
  10. What exactly in your design gave the Sidewinder locking issues?
  11. Hello, my sidewinders don't seem to lock on any target. However, they lock fine on targets when flown by AI. How do I fix this? I am currently running BDA for Runway Project 1.4.7 on KSP 1.11.2.
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