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  1. Thanks for the answer ! Will give it a try, although he's got a long ship list so may take a while. He's also started a new career game and is almost up to where he lost the last one so it' s maybe less urgent now.
  2. Hi, My son is playing KSP Enhanced Edition on PS4 (with the Breaking Ground DLC) in Career Mode. He's now unable to load any of the ship's he's saved through the 'load ship' dialogue box in the VAB. The green progress bar at the bottom of the dialogue box freezes at about 80% complete and the dialogue box then becomes unresponsive to any controller input except quit. The old ships can all be loaded on the launch pad and new ships can be created and added to the save list in the VAB (but not opened again once saved). Reverting to a previous save does not fix the problem. The bug only occurs with this one career. Is there any fix for this short of starting a new career? Thanks for any help