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  1. Just created and then Tweaked my small-midsize SSTO my goal was simple keep the performance and reduce the part count.
  2. As a name Pathfinder is is a good rover name I can use it thanks but I do need a name for my Landers they are like the a small version of the SpaceX BFR. I mean the mothership carries them to the planets they go out and land do their stuff and come back for a dock.
  3. Check my last post I have found the reason two exactly same RCS trusters (same stats same model isp etc) one is creating massive amount of heat and other is not problem solved still thx for your input.
  4. Oke I just made another test and found some stranger results but also a solution too there are two "5 way RCS" trusters in my game and one of them is the problematic. 1) 5 Way MK3 RCS Truster 2) Heavy 5 way RCS Truster If I use the first one I mean the one named "MK3..." RCS trusters are not generating any waste heat on the other hand if I use the second one the problem I talk about happens. Its strange because these two RCS trusters stats are exactly the same.
  5. Oke now I just made another test but results are more confusing. I just removed the engine but kept everthing in place. Now RCS is not creating any heat its just acting like it should be. So I can confirm that when engine is attached thats when heating starts. But its still confusing because even I put the engine that engine is off. Also I made three tests while and seen strange results. Test 1: Engine full throttle creates heat thats perfectly normal I know I need radiators heating is stable and couple good radiators can handle it perfectly. Test 2: Engine is off Rcs is on ship
  6. Here is how you can replicate the situation just put a command pod put monotank 5 way rcs block electric generator dusty plasma reactor and dadalus engine after that use try using the rcs (engine is off) and see how much heat your ship will get from just rcs trusters. TEST SHIP FOR YOU TO SEE WHATS HAPPENING JUST ENGAGE RCS AND TURN AROUND YOU SEE !
  7. I am only using monopropellent. I just dont understand the same rcs blocks and same rcs fuel on normal ship and there is no waste heat caused by rcs but whenever I stick reactors my ship begins to act like a sun its not the engines its not the reactor RCS can actually blow my ship into pieces I mean wow By the way I am using dusty plasma reactor (sorry for saying it otherwise) and what I notice whenever I use RCS my particle count gets lower for short amount of time.
  8. No no no I am not complaning about my reactor waste heat I can handle that the strange thing is whenever I begin to use RCS it creates insane amount of waste heat I know it sounds insane but thats actually whats happening right now. Thats why I am forced to put tiny Rcs on my huge mothership and 5 umbrella radiator to stop it beign overherated. The problem is so insane that using RCS trusters can actually produce like x5 more heat compared to my dadelus engine. Think it like this a mothership with good engine and reactor the heat management is good too even with engines are on and maximum.
  9. I know its gonna sound weird but whenever I put a reactor on the ship and then I use my RCS it creates waste heat (a lot of it) I mean RCS can make ship blow up in space so whats going on is that a bug ? How to Replicate: Use dedalus engine with particle reactor and electric generator after that just do some turning with RCS (while your engine is off) and see what happens use strong RCS trusters and witness your small RCS can create X100 heat compared to your massive engine...
  10. I can confirm that this mod causes my game to behave really strangely if I try to modify some stuff I lose all my stock buttons at the left and even the menu which come out when I click escape everytime it happens I need to restart the game...
  11. Oh by the way I need to find a cool name for my Rovers so anyone got an idea plesae right it down I know what to call my landers but my rovers are just called Rover I dont like that maybe a nickname or maybe a specif one like MPPV (Multi Purpuse Planetery Vehicle) something like that...
  12. AURORA ADVANCED SYSTEM EXPOLORATION PROGRAM Hi there folks today I wanted to talk about a space program I put together in the past 3 weeks. Its an advanced space program so dont expect to see starter ships I mean I have already went to duna and used nuclear engines etc so this one is gonna be little bit sci-fi style but not too far fetched. My main goal is simple create a mother ship which can carry landing ships and make countless trips to anywhere you without refuling it for a very very long time in order for me to do that I need 500k DeltaV or maybe more think this as a build and fo
  13. I am using heavly modded version of a KSP so its normal for it to crash once or twice in a day but it begin to crash like in every 20 minutes therefore I need to fix this situation asap. Surely its because of a mod but I am not just sure which one thats why I have included my crash logs in the thread have a look and see if you guys can find anything. Note: I managed to pinpoint one mod which is causing too many "Exceptions" named as K3SP and removed it but I am still having crashes especially when I am in VAB but it also happens randombly as well. Crash Log File: https://filebin.net/kksg
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