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  1. Just like any of you I am also eagerly waiting KSP early acsess to come out. But there is one problem I keep seeing in every and KSP trailer and thats the frame rate of the gameplay. I mean its always looks like lagging. I tried to ignore it a year ago thinking that its a very early developlent build preview but its still there and even in the lastest PC Gamer interview it can cleary be seen and as far as I know those footage was kinda new. I hope that wont be the case with the early acsess. I expect to see lots of bugs and encounter many problems and missing features and its normal thats what early acsess actually means but a game running at 10-15 fps is not something I can play. I wish devs are not planning to make us play KSP 2 with that lag can you give me any information on that?
  2. Just created and then Tweaked my small-midsize SSTO my goal was simple keep the performance and reduce the part count.
  3. As a name Pathfinder is is a good rover name I can use it thanks but I do need a name for my Landers they are like the a small version of the SpaceX BFR. I mean the mothership carries them to the planets they go out and land do their stuff and come back for a dock.
  4. Check my last post I have found the reason two exactly same RCS trusters (same stats same model isp etc) one is creating massive amount of heat and other is not problem solved still thx for your input.
  5. Oke I just made another test and found some stranger results but also a solution too there are two "5 way RCS" trusters in my game and one of them is the problematic. 1) 5 Way MK3 RCS Truster 2) Heavy 5 way RCS Truster If I use the first one I mean the one named "MK3..." RCS trusters are not generating any waste heat on the other hand if I use the second one the problem I talk about happens. Its strange because these two RCS trusters stats are exactly the same.
  6. Oke now I just made another test but results are more confusing. I just removed the engine but kept everthing in place. Now RCS is not creating any heat its just acting like it should be. So I can confirm that when engine is attached thats when heating starts. But its still confusing because even I put the engine that engine is off. Also I made three tests while and seen strange results. Test 1: Engine full throttle creates heat thats perfectly normal I know I need radiators heating is stable and couple good radiators can handle it perfectly. Test 2: Engine is off Rcs is on ship is turning around with fuel is monopropellent and this actually creates more heat compared to full throttle engine I mean wow. Test 3 : Engine is off RCS is off there is no heat problem only minial amount generated. So basicly for whatever reason when I use RCS while I have an engine things got out of hand. About radiators well in order to cool ship like this couple big radiators are enough but in order to cool the ship when RCS is on I was forced to use 7 full size umbrealla graphite radiators. I am basiclly trying to save my ship not the engine heat or the reactor but the heat generated by the RCS trusters while they are making small maneuvers for 10 seconds. So to sum up this problem is not about cooling the engines beacause thats easy to solve it is about cooling the ship when using RCS with this engine setup while the engine is off. Note: Please replicate the ship I made and see it foryourself cooling the engine is easy (couple radiators will do) try to cool the ship with while using RCS and you see what I am talking about.
  7. Here is how you can replicate the situation just put a command pod put monotank 5 way rcs block electric generator dusty plasma reactor and dadalus engine after that use try using the rcs (engine is off) and see how much heat your ship will get from just rcs trusters. TEST SHIP FOR YOU TO SEE WHATS HAPPENING JUST ENGAGE RCS AND TURN AROUND YOU SEE !
  8. I am only using monopropellent. I just dont understand the same rcs blocks and same rcs fuel on normal ship and there is no waste heat caused by rcs but whenever I stick reactors my ship begins to act like a sun its not the engines its not the reactor RCS can actually blow my ship into pieces I mean wow By the way I am using dusty plasma reactor (sorry for saying it otherwise) and what I notice whenever I use RCS my particle count gets lower for short amount of time.
  9. No no no I am not complaning about my reactor waste heat I can handle that the strange thing is whenever I begin to use RCS it creates insane amount of waste heat I know it sounds insane but thats actually whats happening right now. Thats why I am forced to put tiny Rcs on my huge mothership and 5 umbrella radiator to stop it beign overherated. The problem is so insane that using RCS trusters can actually produce like x5 more heat compared to my dadelus engine. Think it like this a mothership with good engine and reactor the heat management is good too even with engines are on and maximum. Then you press R and make a small RCS move (monopropellent) and your waste heat just skyrocket !
  10. I know its gonna sound weird but whenever I put a reactor on the ship and then I use my RCS it creates waste heat (a lot of it) I mean RCS can make ship blow up in space so whats going on is that a bug ? How to Replicate: Use dedalus engine with particle reactor and electric generator after that just do some turning with RCS (while your engine is off) and see what happens use strong RCS trusters and witness your small RCS can create X100 heat compared to your massive engine...
  11. I can confirm that this mod causes my game to behave really strangely if I try to modify some stuff I lose all my stock buttons at the left and even the menu which come out when I click escape everytime it happens I need to restart the game...
  12. Oh by the way I need to find a cool name for my Rovers so anyone got an idea plesae right it down I know what to call my landers but my rovers are just called Rover I dont like that maybe a nickname or maybe a specif one like MPPV (Multi Purpuse Planetery Vehicle) something like that...
  13. AURORA ADVANCED SYSTEM EXPOLORATION PROGRAM Hi there folks today I wanted to talk about a space program I put together in the past 3 weeks. Its an advanced space program so dont expect to see starter ships I mean I have already went to duna and used nuclear engines etc so this one is gonna be little bit sci-fi style but not too far fetched. My main goal is simple create a mother ship which can carry landing ships and make countless trips to anywhere you without refuling it for a very very long time in order for me to do that I need 500k DeltaV or maybe more think this as a build and forget style of a challange. You can see this thread also as a guide how to produce your own complicated space programs and deal with problems about range and acceleration. I thought this section of the forum is the right place to share but if I am mistaken modarators can move the thread to the correct sub forumI hope you all like it and by the way sorry for my bad English this is the best I can do. Note: I know that if I push enough farm lots of science I can create engines work with antimatter or go for the warpdrive technology and get what I want but I am limiting myself here kinda like roleplaying. Mother Ship - Barbarossa Main objectives of the Mothersip In order to properly explore the Kerbal system go to planets without sending multiple strange looking crafts (and reduce count part due to lag), reduce kerbin launch times and not refuel the craft for a very long time I needed to create a mothership. Therefore by using the assets from KSP Interstellar and the science I have collected so far I have managed to build a gigantic mothership which is capable of exploring all Kerbal system while carrying 4 landers with it. It also has to have lots of rooms for kerbals to live in space comfortably (yeah I am roleplaying this part) and a centrifuge ring to ease of the pain of no gravity in long voyages. Actually creating a big mother ship was not a really hard task (I have done this before a nuclear engine mothership to Mars) but the problems were too many. The sheer mass of the craft was too much (add lander masses it carries adds to it) so my long voyage mothership had low deltaV which made me to refuel it after two voyages to Duna and It also had problems about making orbital maneuvers due to low TWR. Nevertheless it helped me making multiple Duna missions but after that I begin looking for a advanced tech to solve my problems. First Version - Barbarossa TB-1 At first I went for plasma propulsion and this immediately solved my range problem. I had like 300.000+ DeltaV which was enough for me to making countless trips anywhere I want without refuling it for years. But plasma engines had one big problem. Their TWR (acceleration according to the ship mass) was too low because I had to carry insane amount of hydrogen with me to have a good range. So even a small burn to get into solar orbit was taking like at last an hour long burn. This situation created multiple problems. - Really long burn times like sometimes 2 and sometimes even 11 hour long. Solved by simply warping during the burns not a big deal for me it still takes seconds I only need to be careful and do the stuff manully not mechjeb etc. - Due to really long burn times and low TWR if a ship starts to burn at the apoapsis when its burn completed it already reaches the periapsis so in order to correct the situtation burns has to be made piece by piece or spending more fuel. - Due to really low TWR presicion burns are almost impossible (like getting into stable 200 km orbit of eve) I mean ship can easly enter the orbit with a long burn but making good orbits was taking too long. Again refering to the problem above in my tests I needed to make like 20 seperate burns just to put the ship in a stable 250 km orbit of a body. - All those plasma engines and reactor creating soo much heat so I had to put like insane amount of radiators on the ship which increased the part count and resulted a lag when mothership carries landers. Second Version Barbarossa - TB2 So as you can see from the problems a listed above TB1 version simply failed. Although it had really good range due to TWR issues and part count its not practical to use it. Therefore I started from stratch and first reduced my part count. Secondly I begin to look for a new engine which can give my ship really good range without suffering from TWR. Lucky I was also doing other missions with less capable crafts so I had like 20k science to spare. So I went for a fusion engine called Dedalus and this immedietly solved my TWR and mass problems. Its very fuel effiecent the range is insane like 2 million DeltaV (yeah wow right) TWR is great especially if engine size is tweaked to x2 or more. The fuel also can be caried in only one tank and its mass is really low compared to others. But this new design also had its flaws. The new engines were using Fusion Pellats as fuel. Now add the cost of the Fusion Pellets, double or even triple size Dedalus engine and the other ship parts well the cost of the ship skyrokected to 76 million or above. Also engines consume lots of megajoules to work during their burns so my new design again created me lots of problems. But this time I was able to solve it and here is how I do that. - In order to supply to engines with enough megajoules during full throttle I needed to pick a good nuclear reactor and power generator. It sounds easy but picking right stuff without increasing the mass too much is harder than it sounds. It took me like a 10 hour trying out diffrent reactor and generator combinations but finally I was able to create a system to sustain my ships megajolue needs. One reactor double size and 2 generators was able to supply my Dedalus engine (twice size) enough juice to work at %100 without depleating my megajolue supply when I am at constant %100 speed. - By tweaking some other stuff and playing around I was able to bring the cost to 28 million. After that I just made some other missions and gathered enough money for the ship and its launcher. I needed a good launcher (old school lquid fuel and solid boosters) which can put the ship in kerbin orbit (2 million km) cause I cant use fusion engines near Kerbin (forbidden due to pollution). So in total of 29 million I was able to create both the ship and the launcher and it has been put into orbit in one big launch. The Succesful Creation and Result To sum up here is the ship I put together. It costs 28 million and has more than a million DeltaV If I carry four landers with me the range and TWR drops down like %20 but its still decent. Any kind of orbital manaevur is really easy its not time consuming and range is still massive. Actually I have made a emtpy ship test and saw that with enough time that monster can reach lightspeed pretty quickly (compared to normal engines of course) so its definetly a beast. The picture of the monster I created is below (without landers) for me the engine section looks bit odd and my old ships looked cooler but hey ship mass ratio is perfect and it can go up to millions of DeltaV so who cares it gets the job done plus with my new beatiful landers its gonna look cooler. Next time I post I am gonna talk about the landers and their challenges thank you all for reading. Note: In order to get rid of the insane lag I had to reduce the part count. My old designs each had like 250 parts but this one only has 92. I had to do this or my game become unplayable...
  14. I am using heavly modded version of a KSP so its normal for it to crash once or twice in a day but it begin to crash like in every 20 minutes therefore I need to fix this situation asap. Surely its because of a mod but I am not just sure which one thats why I have included my crash logs in the thread have a look and see if you guys can find anything. Note: I managed to pinpoint one mod which is causing too many "Exceptions" named as K3SP and removed it but I am still having crashes especially when I am in VAB but it also happens randombly as well. Crash Log File: https://filebin.net/kksgv4he77wecibi
  15. Like I said in the previous post this topic debete can also be solved by having options. Personally I care about Career mod and never played in Sandox (except testing mod fps) so for me its important but contracts should be meaningul I mean rescue this take that to this no thats plain dumb.
  16. Options give us options to tweak it and just like diffuculty settgins in KSP and it will be fine. For those who dont care they can just shut it down. For those who wanna try it out and have fun can play around with bonuses. For those who really wants to enjoy it well they can put the silder all the way to right and live the real experience.
  17. Here is also the Log file its full of partset errors but I do not think that is the cause of my lag it just increases the load time of the ships (when going out for a flight) at Kerbin. I was able to reduce the amount of some PartSet errors by removing B9 part switcher but regardless as I say lag is there. I cannot go above 300 part crafts without dropping down to 5 fps atm. https://mega.nz/file/5jwHjAqS#eH7gNTdNTBtvuKsCIN7Jav_-21AME39acEnyNdfa2fU
  18. I edited my post above without knowing you that you already answered anyway please check it again.
  19. Oke so here is what I did step by step. 1.Verfied the game one steam just in case any files got corrupted. 2.Started a new sandbox game just in case a savegaeme got corrupted. 3.Loaded a full stock STTO with 600 parts it took like 4 minutes to load and when it does my log file was full of these errors I am not posting all of them cause there are thousands of lines like this. Also my FPS was only 5 it was really bad. If this is the reason for my troubles I hope we can salvage the situation if not then what it is I dont know... Log file is too big so I am uploding it now also I have managed to get rid of some partset problems by removing B9 Part Switch but my log still has lots of entries about partcheck (not as many as before) and my game still lags on big ships even when they are full stock.
  20. But when I install Recall via Ckan it only installs a folder not a dll (its not creating any dll file) and everything about Tweak Scale gets broken unless I manullay add the dll file which I found from my old backups. By the way although I have 999Recall folder in my gamedata my game still gives me a warning about "Tweak Scale not working properly download Recall" etc so I dont get it whats going on. Also Tweakscale is not working for me at 1.10.0 version not matter if I use an old save or create another game (you said its working without Recall). Actually its quite strange tweakscale only works for me when I put that dll file in gamedata it doesnt require the "999Recall" folder only the dll and thats it I just dont get it whats going on ? Edit: I think I got it when I install Tweak Scale as a dependency for another mod from CKAN that dll file is not beign created that is the source of the problem but a manual github install solves it all. Now I am running the game (1.10 version) Tweak scale works fine without Recall I can confirm that. Also thanks for offering me a help about solving my problem I am sure that its not something about Recall but maybe TweakScale or something else I have already posted the details about the log file in my thread. I am just leaving the link here cause this thread is about Recall not my lag problem lets not drag this up in this tread thanks again.
  21. I wanna ask a question about Recall. When I install it via Ckan or manually Tweak Scale is not working. But I do have one dll file in my GameData folder ( I found from my backups) which is named "999_Scale_Redist" if I put that one everything works fine. The only problem is if I put that DLL file in there ships above 300 parts creates an insane lag on my game. So what is that file where does it come from the normal Recall files on github dont include anything like that.
  22. Yeap its something about Tweak Scale and its realation to KSP Recall. There is a dll file "999_Scale_Redist.dll" that one is creating all that problems. But without it Tweakscale is not working anymore and without Tweakscale KSP interstaller also not working too. Even installing KSP Recall via Ckan creates a new folder but it wont create that dll file which again causing some of my mods stop working all together. Still at least now I now what is the problem so if I start new game I am gonna make sure that I will stay away from everything releated to Tweak Scale and KSP Recall.
  23. I thought I found a bug but I was wrong you can ignore my post so I edited it and removed what I said.
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